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  1. BigBoss added a post in a topic NFCS 2015 Projections - SI   

    Well we were pretty awful last year! Lol
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  2. BigBoss added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    14 is pretty fair and awesome. For those claiming he should have been top ten, 14 is still very high respect and quite fair.
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  3. BigBoss added a post in a topic Hannibal   

    Seasons been great, I have no idea what the complaints are about. It's the exact same show it has been for the past two seasons, actually no, it's been far more focused on the plot, now that case of the week has been dropped.
    Episode 2 and 3 were a little weak, but 4 and 5 were the show at it's best.
    The hunt is on! I love the direction they have taken Alana's character and man is Jack awesome.
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  4. BigBoss added a post in a topic Recasting Game of Thrones... with Panthers players...   

    Kris Jenkins as Robert Baretheon. Really awesome when he puts his effort into it, but usually just being fat and lazy.
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  5. BigBoss added a post in a topic Thank you Hendo!   

    Thanks Henderson, you gave us your very best! Acted classy and you've been awesome. Good luck!
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  6. BigBoss added a post in a topic Zeller being shopped, Kaminsky the target at 9.   

    LOL already admitting we made an absolute horrible pick last year what are we the browns? I knew Noah was garbage Nd for sure so was Cody but oh we just now know after wasting two years of draft picks. Forever garbage, we are the worst team in the NBA. Ugh
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  7. BigBoss added a post in a topic YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!   

    Fact; Duke is the best team in the nation.
    Fact; Duke is better than every other team.
    Fact; Duke has the best players in the nation.
    Fact; Duke has the best coach in the nation.
    Fact; Duke is the champion
    Last fact; It feels great to be better than everybody else!!!! AHHHHH
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  8. BigBoss added a topic in College Basketball   

    Duke is in the final 4!
    What a season man! Feels great to be on of the best teams in the nation. MSU is gonna be tough!
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  9. BigBoss added a post in a topic SELECTION SUNDAY THREAD   

    If you agree with what I said, then my post isn't directed towards you.  You shouldn't be offended if we are on the same page.
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  10. BigBoss added a post in a topic SELECTION SUNDAY THREAD   

    WAHHHH duke has it sooo easy wahhhhhh. Lord help me.
    Utah is number 8 on Kenpom, including a top 10 defense and 25 offense... and they are a 5 seed in our bracket, likely going to meet them. If not them, Stephen F. has one of the best offenses' you probably haven't seen.
    Gonzaga has the best team they've ever had and Oh duke has it SOOOO easy.
    The volume of salt in this thread is quite toxic. UNC just can't catch a break with Duke paying the NCAA can they?
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  11. BigBoss added a post in a topic North Carolina vs. Notre Dame ACC Championship Game Thread   

    Congrats to the Irish, boy they earned it. They are a really good team. Now comes the dance.
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  12. BigBoss added a post in a topic ACC Tournament 2015   

    Congrats to the Irish, they brought the thunder and duke brought the dookie. I wish we played solid consistent defense. Good 3-point defense is our weakness, it's teams with guards that can go. Our defense is our heel.
    Bleh losing sucks.
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  13. BigBoss added a post in a topic ACC Tournament 2015   

    What a huge win for the tar holes. 4 seed locked for sure. I think they will win this tournament. Unreal how good they played, their defense looked fantastic.
    two things....
    Brogdon is such a stinking beast, what a great get by Tony.
    I don't know who's choice it was to put the ball in Justin Andersons hands on that late possession is dumb. If Tony called that, I don't know what he was thinking. How do you not give Brogdon the ball at that point is beyond me. 
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  14. BigBoss added a post in a topic ACC Tournament 2015   

    Just saw some stats, Duke has actually done it, in 2002 and 1999. May have done it some other time but it's been done.... but by some very stacked teams.
    I'm sure UNC has done it a few times...
    Doesn't make it easy though.
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  15. BigBoss added a post in a topic ACC Tournament 2015   

    Gosh I don't know who I want to win between UNC and Virginia.
    On one hand, beating a team three times is very difficult in basketball. But in Duke-UNC I don't know that 3-0 has EVER happened in a season, and while we could do it, it's hard to fathom we'll do it... then again if you beat them twice already, obviously you can do it again. But, ugh, ultra tough....
    and then on the other hand, Virginia probably has not forgotten about Duke ending their perfect season, like duke did with State last night and they are very, VERY good.
    I guess Virginia. I'd like our chances to beat them more than UNC, plus to watch UNC lose tonight would be great.
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