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  1. Good Analysis of Our Run D

    That offensive line of Dallas is MIGHTY good. They will be a very stiff test for us today.   Thankfully, we are pretty good also!
  2. MVP debate

    Our receiver core right now is better than theirs (while edleman is out). Our o-line is FAR superior to theirs. Our RB situation is a lot better than theirs.   Both QB'S are extremely worthy.
  3. I believe and I may be mistaken... but it's possible Thomas dare I say it... was making a joke?
  4. Peyton's records will be short-lived

    He will not break Peytons records. He will have a GREAT career in his own unique way, but let's be real he isn't breaking the passing record.
  5. Harry Giles Watch

    Eat our dust UNC! Yet another big one for Duke! Kid is a serious talent! Love it baby!
  6. And how sorry our running game has been most this year. With Cams yards, we are second in the league in rushing. Without Cams yards we fall to 22 in the league in rushing Stewart is not having a pro bowl year rushing he is roughly 14th in the league in rushing even though he is 7th in the league in overall attempts We average the most rush at 33 in the league, but Cam takes 9 of those. So not only is he the sole reason why our passing game does anything (cause the receivers are hardly helping) but it's mostly Cam's doing that our running game isn't completely mediocre at best. Our line also had a slow start to the season. I'm curious what the PFF reports would say about the run blocking of Remmers and Oher, because I know our guards rank quite high. I know stewy has had two good tough games, but when we talk about "is Cam an MVP candidate?" Let's appreciate how little of nothing he has around him.
  7. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    He's good at rebounding? Um... If he's so good at it why did he end up on our team?
  8. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    Looooool MJ trying to win every game this season UNC style. Oh this team....
  9. Thank you Hendo!

    Thanks Henderson, you gave us your very best! Acted classy and you've been awesome. Good luck!
  10. Zeller being shopped, Kaminsky the target at 9.

    LOL already admitting we made an absolute horrible pick last year what are we the browns? I knew Noah was garbage Nd for sure so was Cody but oh we just now know after wasting two years of draft picks. Forever garbage, we are the worst team in the NBA. Ugh

    Fact; Duke is the best team in the nation.   Fact; Duke is better than every other team.   Fact; Duke has the best players in the nation.   Fact; Duke has the best coach in the nation.   Fact; Duke is the champion   Last fact; It feels great to be better than everybody else!!!! AHHHHH
  12. Duke is in the final 4!

    What a season man! Feels great to be on of the best teams in the nation. MSU is gonna be tough!

    If you agree with what I said, then my post isn't directed towards you.  You shouldn't be offended if we are on the same page.

    WAHHHH duke has it sooo easy wahhhhhh. Lord help me.   Utah is number 8 on Kenpom, including a top 10 defense and 25 offense... and they are a 5 seed in our bracket, likely going to meet them. If not them, Stephen F. has one of the best offenses' you probably haven't seen.   Gonzaga has the best team they've ever had and Oh duke has it SOOOO easy.     The volume of salt in this thread is quite toxic. UNC just can't catch a break with Duke paying the NCAA can they?     l.o.l.