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  1. Glad to see another great player like Luke get locked up for years to come McMichael83 (twitter handle)
  2. Rookie Camp MVP - Damiere Byrd

    What is the possibility that Cotch is cut in order for someone like Byrd to make the team? Everything you hear from DG or RR about Cotch is his leadership and vet presence, but nothing about production on the field; is the roster spot really worth it for just that? Olsen and Kalil offer that on the field, don't need someone who isn't productive eating up a spot when there is youth and talent to be had.
  3. Would like to get crowder with one of the comp picks (at the earliest) and see what he can do in the return game... have to find someone to fill that role because Ginn won't be there but for a year or two.
  4. Totally agree... its one thing to be modest, but to go one step even further, to even sound surprised is kinda concerning... hope it works out
  5. Patriots ineligible receiver play is out

    Every play, the offense is required to have 7 players on the line of scrimmage. Typically, you will have 5 of them being players with ineligible numbers (5 Olinemen) and the other 2 with eligible; this is to make things easier on the defense and officiating crew to pick out the 7 players. New England moved one Olineman off the line of scrimmage and put a RB up there, in his place; they lined him up in the slot though, outside the OTackle to that side, but covered by an outside receiver (thats what made him ineligible). If this isn't picked up (Baltimore didn't), the defense has to account for him in coverage, essentially creating a disadvantage by making it 6 total receivers, rather than 5. Anyone who knows the rules would have seen that outside receiver and known that the slot receiver was covered and not eligible, regardless of whether they heard the announcement or not (that was Harbaugh's gripe).
  6. Steeler Doc Says CTE "Rare Phenomena"

    As a current youth football coach, looking back over 11 years of doing so, I can only count the major injuries, including concussions, on one hand. Even coaching at the 8th grade level where the boys have gained some body mass and speed, I still didn't see the "big" hits that many parents now think happen. The emphasis on CTE and concussions by the media has put a huge swing on the numbers in youth football for the negative. It's a shame.