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  1. Mass shootings, explosions in Paris... Dozens killed

    I don't see the situation in France  ever improving. These attacks will get worse and worse and become more and more common. The best solution for a Frenchman is to relocate to a country with different immigration policies (Switzerland?). Islam is the future of France. All you need to do is look at the facts. Look at the number of mosques going up, look at the number of immigrants and look at the birth rates. Islam has no space for secularism. Once Muslims can use democracy to further push their views (which are mostly anti-democratic) then that will be that.
  2. Harry Giles Watch

    Duke is the place to be these days.
  3. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    What lanky skill players like Kaminsky ever find success in the NBA?
  4. Brandon Ingram

      Austin Rivers shouldn't even be in the NBA or the Dleague. His last name is the only reason he's went anywhere. The fact Duke took him in is the embarrassment, not their failure to be successful with him.   Parker hasn't shown anything in the NBA but he at least was a solid college player. That team had depth issues. If Parker and the other kid who's with Utah didn't have a big game, no one else on the team could step up.Sulaimon and Cook were not too reliable to pick up the slack that year.   Either way though, Duke has 2 championships in the past 6 years so I don't see how anyone will complain about that. UNC is still living of the Sean May glory.
  5. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      There's a reason for that. Physical dominance and aggressively attacking the basket. Better athletes get more free throws.   Winslow is a beast, Cook and Jones are smart guards who know when to slash and Allen has an amazing first step. Then you have Big OKafor who is horrible at free throws and guys try to foul.
  6. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      Reminds me of when Duke lost Brand and Maggette. Next year could be tough for Duke but at least they sealed the deal while they had the freshman this time.   If Duke loses Okafor, Jones, and Winslow and Cook and Plumlee are graduating... Allen will have plenty of opportunity to develop lol.
  7. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      I really thought Amile should've defended him all game but Amile is dead weight on offense. Really it helped that Okafor got in foul trouble. Kaminsky was much less aggressive anytime Okafor was on the bench. Duke's much faster defense made it tougher for Wisconsin to move the ball around. Jefferson and Allen make for a really fast defense when compared with the slower M Jones and Okafor.   Wisconsin had a 9 point lead and we're careless. They had this game. It is very difficult  to come back from a 9 point deficit in the second half of a game.
  8. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Well, I called it.   Duke has better talent. Jefferson and Allen are better than every player on Wisconsin aside from Frank and maybe Decker. Allen's first step, which I brought up in the NCAA Thread, go back and fact check that if you want, was the difference in this game. Jefferson straight up defended Frank. Frank is good but he struggles against quick long defenders like Amile.   Okafor wasn't special tonight but he made two huge plays late in the game.   Tyus Jones is clutch.   This Duke team just had a ton of character. Down 8 points, Okafor in foul trouble, Winslow in foul trouble, Okafor not producing, Winslow not producing, Cook not producing.   Talent usurps experience. Tyus Jones and Allen took this game over. Frank and Decker were supposed to take this game over, this was their time but Jones and Allen would not be denied.   All the haters will point to Mercer and Lehigh. Well I point to Butler and Wisconsin. Every college in this country would sacrifice their children and 401K to get two championships in a 5-6 year span.   Coach K is the best. GTHC
  9. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Refs won't decide the game but they might give me a heart attack.   Duke needs to calm down and take it out the refs hands. Wisconsin is all threes, second chance points, free throws and Kaminsky. Duke is out there getting layups and dunks. K needs to settle them down, put them in good position and let them just play basketball - they're clearly the better team, hell Jefferson and Allen look better than every player on Wisconsin aside from big Frank in their relief roles.
  10. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    The first half showed Duke is physically dominant to this Wisconsin team. Kentucky gets all the hype but Duke is blocking their shots like pros playing joes at the YMCA. Every time Duke had momentum they either were called for a foul or gave up a second chance rebound.   Duke has a solution to win - don't foul, rebound. Wisconsin's only hope is the zebras.
  11. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      Excuses? They put Duke's two best players in foul trouble. And call nothing against Wisconsin despite Duke attacking the basket and being better athletes.   Kaminsky can push hack all day and refs just slow clap for him.   'We can't get them to foul us' -Coach K   Oh, they're fouling you coach, we know. Refs just can't blow their whistles is all.
  12. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    I thought the second foul on Winslow was perfect defense and the second foul on Okafor was perfect defense and when Winslow attacked the paint it easily could've been a foul on Kaminsky.   Easy to see why these championship games are always close.
  13. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      Winslow got a personal foul for playing defense apparently. Ball ain't lying though.
  14. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

      It's pretty obvious they're not going to call any fouls on Kaminsky tonight.
  15. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Duke's defense is pressuring but Wisconsin is getting second chance points. Guard help rebound and this becomes a 10 point lead.