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  1. You can't ask your QB to do any more.
  2. TPanther920

    Where are you from?

    My Ethnicity Estimate also changed. Less Scottish and Irish and more England, Wales, And Northwestern Europe.
  3. TPanther920

    Early game discussion

    its early but the door to the top of the division is open.
  4. believing that you must prove you are an American citizen or authorized to be in the country is not bigotry. I don't care what ypur name is or what your skin color is. You ASSUME to much. I believe in borders. I believe in National sovereignty. If he can prove he is a citizen then he should be allowed in.
  5. he is out of the league because he isn't a starter and wants to be paid like one.
  6. Your post makes no sense. Did the individuals in the article have all this documentation? If you do not have ID and cross the border you are not innocent.
  7. They are stopping people at the border, read. Cross the border without verifiable ID. Watch what happens, regardless of your skin color.
  8. Hey fugwad.....starts the conversation off well huh? IF someone has an verifiable US birth certificate it is a moot point. They must be allowed in. MY comment " If they aren't US citizens they shouldn't be allowed in." is still valid.
  9. if you claim to be Ed Jones and can not prove you are Ed Jones what are authorities supposed to do until you prove that you are? Go ahead and rush down and take Mr. Jones home with you. Good luck.
  10. actually he did, "conduct detrimental to the league". Vague as its sounds Its in the CBA. If he had kept his mouth closed who knows he may still be sitting a bench in SF.
  11. so we just let everyone in , regardless of their citizenship or ability to verify who they say they are, and worry about whether they should be here after they slit your throat? sounds logical
  12. If they aren't US citizens they shouldn't be allowed in.
  13. not to derail. As a "working man", If you work for someone else, what would happen if, at your place of employment, you acted, spoke, or otherwise expressed yourself in a manner that your employer felt brought unwanted attention or alienated your customer base?
  14. for going away. The owners don't want the distraction. I guarantee there are owners lobbing for settlement as we discuss this.
  15. No. Not until CK receives the check he is after. He can't prove collusion. He and his lawyer are betting the owners will stroke a check to them for less than the check to the attorneys defending the owners. Our CEO calls it being pragmatic when he writes a check for something he believes we have no responsibility for. Its not about right or wrong. Its about how much money was saved. I say BS. Don't pay poo if you are right regardless of the attorney fees. That's why he is CEO and I'm in operations. Ck will never play again, not for the money he is asking anyway. He is looking for a check.