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  1. TPanther920

    1936 Stalin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Constitution

    Do you understand what "effective" means? All taxes added together. High VAT, high corporate, high payroll, high income. Not just personal income. The harder I work the more poo for brains like you want to punish me. fug that.
  2. #1....I would love to see something like Miami did with significant emphasis on the structure increasing or amplifying crowd noise like Seattle. #2....About time. Looks like an out of town semi-pro team when they practice in a hotel #3....Tepper will leave Spartanburg the minute that contract expires #4....Don't care. Watching Foot Fairies is boring #5....Not an option. He has to. But any expectation that "hey, I'll go take it up with the boss" from someone deep in the bowels of the organization is B.S. and unrealistic #6....A new stadium is an enormous undertaking. With all the immediate physical and organizational needs being addressed I don't think it will happen. #7....Tepper will push this. The described facility will take precedence over any new stadium. Too much money to ignore. NC will be behind the curve though. #8....Maybe. But eventually it will be moved to another location within the complex. SJWs will not be bothered by having to enter another gate. Hell most of them will walk by just so they can complain. #9....I wonder if both NC & SC would play at BoA? Maybe an interstate championship? #10....Fire Hurney now...Get it over with. If Rivera doesn't learn, and learn quick, that the NFL today is about scoring he will be gone Will Bank of America Stadium remain BoA Stadium?
  3. Our line, particularly the left side, is more about the lack of available talent in the draft and our selection spot, and the cost of a legitimate LT/LG in free agency.
  4. TPanther920

    1936 Stalin Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Constitution

    you do the math $138,000.00 minus 60%
  5. I believe there are European Nationalist, I hope... There should French , British, German, Japanese, Korean....Nationalists. Each nation should be made up of those that believe in their nation first. Hell if you are Ethiopian then you should be an Ethiopian Nationalist. Do you really not see the difference in todays "immigrants" and those of past generations? Best friend is greek. When his grandparents moved here. NO one was allowed to speak Greek except in the home. They are American Greeks now. They are fiercely proud of their Greek heritage and customs. But America comes first now. Todays immigrants demand that the host nation change laws, abolish customs, and refuse to learn the language of the country they seek help from.....and some, not all, are here for the bennies. Gimme gimme gimme. Hell an entire industry has arisen to get these people signed up for "Safety Net" programs. The economies of the nations they abandoned would collapse if they stopped sending money back. They invade to conquer. In Europe they have won.
  6. you don't want a "functioning" society. You want a nation of governments dependents waiting on freebees and for their betters to tell them when where and what to do and think.
  7. nationalism 1: loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness (see consciousness 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups So yeah I'm an AMERICAN NATIONALIST
  8. to you there is no difference. Anyone that believes in the constitution, self control, personal responsibility, personal accountability, and independence is a racist white nationalist
  9. TPanther920

    Leftist bickering goes here

    I am sure Amazon or Barnes and Noble can provide an endless list of History on WWI and WWII and the nation states arising from the eventual partitioning of what was previously lands inhabited by nomadic peoples.
  10. See you can't . By Court Order. Adults and juveniles can not be housed together....understand that part? Easy. Good. You cross the border illegally or at the wrong point of entry for asylum seekers your are going to be arrested. Got that. OK good for you. Now You get arrested. A judges says you and the child can't be housed together. Who's fault is that? AND yes . not shitting in the streets, murdering my daughters, or fuging goats makes me better.