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  1. Protesters

    I’m a citizen and not a convicted felon easy....I qualify
  2. Protesters

    BS are you required to have liability insurance for freedom of speech? Words have and will continue to result in more deaths than the right of an individual to own a gun are you required to show mental fitness to vote? Hell no. The library I vote at had bus loads of the mentally handicapped voting under the guidance of “helpers” actually I can and would qualify to own a fully automatic weapon affording it a different matter
  3. Protesters

    No tell me which other “Right” requires any of those
  4. Rae Carruth Letter - breaking the silence

    Justice....?? Rae Curuth should have been dead long ago if there was justice
  5. Protesters

    No, no, no, no , and no
  6. Protesters

    Tell us what reality is
  7. Protesters

    Americans aren’t Brits or Aussies. Do you really think gun owners will bow down to forfeit their right to bear arms? Have you really thought about the consequences, intended and unintended. Do you actually know the men that will be ordered to enforce a ban? Wanna place odds on how many will refuse?
  8. Protesters

    I have an idea....maybe the kids and the rest of the family could help their needy family members
  9. Protesters

    Driving is not a "right". Being an illegal alien in the US is definitely not a "right".
  10. Trump is Killing It and Them Overseas

    Well it worked for your Muslim friends. They killed iver 3000. I imagine there will generations of Americans that hate Muslims and rightfully so. I've hated the rag heads since that morning. Kill 1 American we should kill 100. kill 100 Americans we should kill 1000s.
  11. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    geeeezus f'n christ. Bunch of helpless whiney asses. "Pay for my education so I can fulfill my dreams, pay to move me where I dream of living, pay for my house, pay for my transportation, my food, my utilities, my healthcare, my children. Just what the hell do you think being an responsible, productive, self supporting contributing member of society requires of you.....oh yes that's right, nothing.....hold out your fugg'n hand, cry big tears and whine "life isn't fair somebody else should pay for everything I want....god damn friggn useless pieces of poo.
  12. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    Then you go and pay 67% taxes on you income. Maybe they will help pay for your move
  13. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    My family got dry milk and brick cheese in the early sixties. The shift to Food Stamps and SNAP cards was about pride. Don't want to contribute to low self esteem and all that.....
  14. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Any comment from Gettleman on the hire? I can't believe DG would support this.
  15. No. Over a 16 year period I have authorized thousands in settlement because some gutless, law school eunuch didn't want to fight baseless claim because it was cheaper and the CEO said pay it. Me....if you are right you frigg'n fight if it costs you everything. F a bunch of money grabbers.