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  1. Would NFCC game still be enough for you?!

    If the NFC championship game is here in Charlotte and we lose I will at least think it was a great season.  But I have to say I think we are Super Bowl bound.  
  2. You might as well have posted something in Japanese. 
  3. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    I really want to play the Patriots again in the Superbowl. 
  4. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    How about a pic of the shirt. 
  5. yo girl how bout dis panthers d

    Oh I get it.  The D stands for Dick.  
  6. Before we get all happy

    Debbie downer award.  
  7. Anyone watch Narcos?

    Bloodline is good if you stick with it. 
  8. Anyone watch Narcos?

    I also binged watched in 2 days.  The way Escobar takes that entire country hostage is terrifying. 
  9. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    I don't see why the mods don't just move the threads.  On the other hand I don't see how someone could become that enraged over something so trivial on a message board.  
  10. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    Wow. Someone needs a timeout.   
  11. HVAC Question

    Turn the heat off upstairs when you go to bed.  You will save money and not burn up at night.  
  12. Spread Update

    Ha ha I called it. 
  13. The man even smiled for his photo after his car wreck last year.