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  1. HVAC Question

    Turn the heat off upstairs when you go to bed.  You will save money and not burn up at night.  
  2. Spread Update

    Ha ha I called it. 
  3. The man even smiled for his photo after his car wreck last year. 
  4. I would expect that line to move in our favor as the rest of the country laughs and takes the Panthers and the points. 
  5. Cam giving away the Balls... At some point..

    I keep waiting for a fist fight to break out between two dads.  
  6. And to think a week ago I had no idea what dabbing was.  
  7. I lost my job yesterday

    It will hurt for a while but you will be much happier when you get a new start and find a better job. 
  8. Jared Gets Sentenced...

    I doubt anything happens to him.  He will be put in protective custody with the other kid touchers. 
  9. Woman Wears Spaghetti Colander

    Where do I sign up to join this religion?
  10. Keep posting the stats KB.  If they don't like it they can go read Panthers United threads.
  11. Youngins at the games.

    You might as well carry a really expensive glass vase in.