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  1. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    Lmao!!! Can I help audition women??? Please!!!
  2. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    & Mr. Igo, we need to address the fact that you haven't posted on IG in 24 weeks. A social network meant for pictures & you're not utilizing it? *gasp*
  3. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    Lmaoooooo no chill!
  4. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    I'm only good for posting thirst traps on IG & making people mad on Twitter soooo I'll just observe the greatness lmao
  5. Huddle Awards

    I win lmao!
  6. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Love love love!! Can't wait for the Super Bowl ones :)
  7. Huddle Awards

    It's gooooiiinnnn down!!! Loser buys shots lol ... Just no crown, that's how I ended up here haha
  8. DO NOT OPEN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Breathtaking.

    Bubba Sparxxx is back to makin music? lol
  10. Shula named OC of the Year by PFF

    hell, I had my doubts in him ... I can admit to being wrong & glad I am lol