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  1. wareagleflyboy added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    The first games I remember going to my Dad with would be Hornets/ UNC basketball games when I was in the 5-7 years old range (22 now).  From what I've been told I went to games before that but don't really remember them.  I believe I went to my first Panthers game around that same time maybe a little it later.  My first game I really remember going to is probably MJs last game in Charlotte as a Bull.
    Personally I was already addicted to basketball and sports in general at that point, and I was the one normally begging to stay when my dad wanted to leave!
    I don't have any kids of myself yet, but I'll definitely be taking them a lot of games at young age.  I think it's a great way to bond, and one of the ways that I still bond with my dad.
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  2. wareagleflyboy added a post in a topic Shedule: next 6 weeks   

    VS Wizards - W (at home Wizards should beat the Wizards again they are @ Atlanta in between)
    @ 76ers- W
    VS Pacers- W
    VS Pistons- W
    ***** ALL STAR WEEK **********
    VS Thunder - L
    @ Mavericks - L
    @ Bulls - L
    @ Celtics- W
    @Magic- W
    VS Lakers- W
    @ Nets- W
    VS Raptors - W (We own the Raptors, even the year we went 7-59 we beat the Raptors at least twice)
    @ Pistons- W
    VS Wizards - W(We have owned the Wizards as of late)
    VS Kings- W
    VS Bulls - L
    We probably lose one of the Wizards or Raptors games, and at least one other game we shouldn't, but I could see us being around 33-31 or at least above .500 by the time Kemba comes back.
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