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  1. HUGE viewing area for Packers game

    Manage to have a Sunday off for the first time and weeks.  Expecting to be able to watch the Panthers game.  NO.  Huntsville is one of the only freaking places in Alabama not showing the Panthers game....Hopefully that changes. 
  2. Falcons @ Panthers on SNF?

    The current game scheduled for Sunday Night Football for week 14 is the Seahawks @ Ravens.  Barring a complete melt down from either the Falcons or Panthers.  I think its very possible our game at home against the Falcons could be flexed to SNF football over the Seahawks @ Ravens even if we do lose a game or two between now and Week 14. 
  3. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    That's 21 fantasy points sitting on my bench....
  4. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    He's coaching like his career depends on it!
  5. Game Grades - Panthers at Bills

    Unrelated but i can't start posts.   One positive today is that our 12-7 loss to Seattle isn't looking half bad right now since the Seahawks are currently beating up on the 49ers 22-3.   Doesn't help today's loss, but its something positive.