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  1. O-Ther added a post in a topic Only 19 million in cap space next year? Is this reliable?   

    We told you in that thread that the $70 million was BEFORE Cam would get re-signed. We also didn't know at that time Olsen, TD Sr., and Ed Dickson would get extensions.
    It was $70 million before we signed Ginn, Oher, Dwan Edwards, Kurt Coleman, and Teddy Williams to 2 year contracts
    It was $70 million before we exercised the 5th year option of Luke's contract at a cost of roughly $11 million for next year
    It was $70 million before we had to sign our draft picks this year
    It was $70 million before we designated DeAngelo as a post June 1st cut and had part of his dead money put on the books for 2016
    We told you the $70 million was before any signings, cuts, extensions, options, the draft, or re-signings, but you fixated on the number $70 million and ignored everything else. A big reason I don't read any thread you make anymore is you ask questions and don't listen to or remember our answers. That's troll behavior and a waste of my time.
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  2. O-Ther added a post in a topic Is it safe to assume Luke's deal won't be until next year?   

    It would give the team an extra year to divide up Luke's signing bonus against the salary cap, i.e. 6 years vs. 5 years to spread the hit out means a lower cap number for every year of Luke's new contract
    On the other hand, Cam didn't get his new deal until after the 4th year of his contract was done and he was going into the last year of his rookie deal. I'd be cautious of bruising my starting QB's ego by signing the defense's QB a year sooner than Cam got his extension. I personally don't know if that's an issue, but it very well might be. After all, we want both #1 and #59 happy here, not resenting each other because of contract timing or money or anything else causing a locker room split and 5 or 6 years of animosity between offense and defense.
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  3. O-Ther added a post in a topic Daryl Williams getting PFF love   

    Funny how Gettleman got hammered by the "pro draftniks" for taking a player with no clear position in the 1st, trading up in the 2nd for a player who was more a TE than WR, and then to top it all off, burned all our remaining picks that weren't comp picks for an OT in the 4th round when he SHOULD have drafted one in the 1st round.
    Just imagine how our season would be looking without Shaq, Funchess, and the BIG mean ugly DWill, not to mention getting fresh back-ups for Stewie and Luuuuuuke
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  4. O-Ther added a post in a topic LOL..... Jags.....   

    Need to call Blackmon to find out where the best happy hours are for our Roaring Riot weekend takeover
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  5. O-Ther added a post in a topic Headcount for JAX (Week 1)   

    Cool I got my own category with RR and Igo *big smiles*
    Seriously I'll be with RR at the game, drive up could be as early as Friday, as late as Sunday morning, don't know yet *shrug*
    I'd tell RR to leave a couple tickets at Will Call for Charlotte Flair and her dad, but she's got a PPV to work that night
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  6. O-Ther added a post in a topic Good lord....   

    This undercuts the credibility Jonathan Jones was building and Joe Person never had with me. The saying about "the company you keep reflects on you" applies to the company you work for, too.
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  7. O-Ther added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    Stick to making threads about how it was terrible that we brought in Boykin for a VISIT and Gettleman needs to be fired for it.
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  8. O-Ther added a post in a topic The Huddle Outage Today   

    I'm calling bs on this
    Volume of traffic caused a hamster to tear it's ACL and the "techs" had to run to PetSmart and sign a free agent wheel-spinner
    And I'm sorry, but I'd much rather have a healthy KB and the Huddle crash week 1
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  9. O-Ther added a post in a topic Reality at WR - moving forward   

    Boykin and Byrd just made the final 53 with Funchess, Cotch, Brown, and Bersin
    Edit: Forgot Ginn so 1 of these 7 ain't gonna make it
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  10. O-Ther added a post in a topic Ealy, Love what?   

    Is there ever a sh!tty bad poop thread?
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  11. O-Ther added a post in a topic Not a good practice today   

    I've heard of trap games maybe this is a trap practice? They practiced hard yesterday, might be looking forward to the Fish arriving and mailed it in today
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  12. O-Ther added a post in a topic Luke's Contract Talks are Heating up   

    Lol I like where your heads at so let's run with this like the folks bashing Gettleman for not signing Cam would.
    "I'm scared Luke won't come back cuz da Gettles kickd da Krakin outs and look at da line suckin it at da Bills and da back a da D is all like rookies and old guys WHY He NO SIGN DA REVIS or MCCORTY?!?!?!  It's cuz the big cat just want da $$$$ say bye bye to Luuuuuuuke"
    Where'd those Huddlers go to? They always gave me a chuckle
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  13. O-Ther added a post in a topic JAX Cabanas Open   

    Ok since you're not getting Huddle Pm, send me a new e-mail so I can find it without digging thru a month's worth of 'em.
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  14. O-Ther added a post in a topic Keep Tolbert as a HB?   

    Tolbert's probably staying regardless of his position title. He's great at blitz pick-up, can catch and run, is a valuable option in the red zone, and plays special teams.
    RB#2, RB#3, FB#1, FB#2, whatever. His title isn't important. Having him on the active game-day roster is.
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  15. O-Ther added a post in a topic JAX Cabanas Open   

    Pm'd you

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