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  1. O-Ther added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    So a backup retires and costs us no dead money on the salary cap. He was a waiver wire claim, not a free agent signing.
    This only hurts if there is nobody in North America that can be one of our backup tackles.
    No cap hit.
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  2. O-Ther added a post in a topic Planning on coming to my first Training Camp   

    Huddlers going to Spartanburg training camp then the Jax game in September will be begging for Spartanburg conditions when they get here to Florida.
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  3. O-Ther added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Defensive tackles   

    ^^^^ this
    I think the Huddle has a knee-jerk reaction to the salary cap every year. They're having difficulty accepting the future we're heading into where penny-pinching won't be necessary and we'll be able to afford to keep our players.
    CJ and Kalil's salaries are set to drop by roughly $5 million and $2 million respectively next year, then CJ's expires and Kalil's becomes very cut-able the year after, precisely when KK becomes a free agent and our 5th year option  on Star kicks in.
    Gettleman has this balanced out beautifully.
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  4. O-Ther added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    Side bitches aren't for having dinner with. They're for having dessert with. And some desserts are worth more than dinner. :)
    Btw, side bitches should be like tp. Soft, strong, able to handle all the sh!t we'll give them, and most importantly, disposable.
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  5. O-Ther added a post in a topic Big Frank, Big Frank, Big Frank!   

    OP lost me at metric. I'm a 'Merikan. I don't metric. That poo is for foreigners, just like soccer.
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  6. O-Ther added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    All their draft picks will contribute simply because they had such a crappy roster last year. Their lines still suck and I'm not buying into Jake Matthews and Rashede Hageman becoming sophomore season All-Stars after being rookie season failures like most Falcon nuthuggers are.
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  7. O-Ther added a post in a topic Team Leader- KK?   

    Cap-wise, CJ and Kalil have this year and next before their contracts expire. Coincidentally (maybe not), Star and KK's rookie contracts will be expiring, too. We'll effectively be shifting money from CJ and Kalil to Star and KK when we keep all 4 players in that off-season. No worries.
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  8. O-Ther added a blog entry in Black Paws & Blue Claws   

    Questions at OTA media day
    "Coach Rivera, how was Cam able to bypass security and leave no trace evidence or fingerprints behind at the Blank mansion when he stole those diamond-encrusted iPads?"
    <deadly Ron stare>
    "That's a completely base-less allegation. He's been here in Charlotte for several weeks working hard and attending all practices to prepare for the upcoming season. What's your name and what media outlet do you work for?"
     "My name's Bo Bersin. I work for the Mecklenburg Disturber. We present news fairly unbalanced. We report. You decipher."
    "Never heard of you. SECURITY!"
    "Hey, hey, whoa there Coach. I've got permission to be here. <whistles loudly> Hey Brenton!! Are we going to Jerry's for dinner tonight or meeting him at Mom and Dad's?"
    "Bo, it's the second Tuesday of the week, so we go to Jerry's. Jeez, you are such a retard Saints fan."
    "Go cut your hair Goldilocks! So Coach Rivera, are you saying it was in fact Cam's dad that stole those iPads from Mr. Blanks mansion since Cam was here when the crime occurred?"
    "I'm not saying anything of the sort! How are you coming to these conclusions?"
    "Well the Atlanta PD always investigate Cam's whereabouts when a laptop goes missing in the city. He has such a fake smile that they believe he's a thug, especially since he didn't want to become a tight end and catch passes from Matt Ryan. They seem pretty resentful that Cam has as many playoff wins as their golden lady-boi."
    "Hi Shaq, Bo Bersin, Mecklenburg Disturber. Why are you here at the Panthers training facility? The Panthers are an NFL team, Don't you need to be down the road at the Time Warner Cable Arena? Btw, I thought you'd be taller. Much, much taller. But I loved you in Kazaam and those Radio Shaq commercials."
    "Umm, that's the old guy. Hello, I have hair. I'm here to play linebacker, chew bubble gum, and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum."
    "Oh that's right, you're the foreign exchange student from Canadia. Well you speak-a very, very good-a Engrish. Wait, you're here to play linebacker?! But we already have TD and Luke playing the 3 linebacker spots. How are you.....wait...that means you're here to replace TD, right? WOO-HOO!! I finally got a scoop on Seanathon Stones and that RavensInsider guy!!"
    "Charles, would you mind letting me do the Peanut Punch so I can describe it to both our readers?"
    "Sure. Just hold the ball like you're running toward the endzone."
    "Actually I was hoping to do the Peanut Punch, so could you hold the ball and I punch it out?"
    After hearing how Bo Bersin had punched Charles Tillman in his tricep and tore it, Don Gettleman arranged a special private interview that Bo could not refuse. The last thing he saw was Andrew Norwell's smile......
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  9. O-Ther added a blog entry in Black Paws & Blue Claws   

    Shaq's possible first day of OTAs
    So Shaq finally escaped confinement at the University of Washington and was headed to Charlotte on a red-eye last night to escape re-capture by Washington State's finest. That made me wonder about how scared, resentful, and jealous Seahawk fans are of us.
    They have seen plenty of Panther football in the last 3 years. Most of it was nerve-wracking for them. We've played them tough in Charlotte. In the playoff game, we gave them more than a couple moments of high pucker factor. They know we're good and getting better. One of their defensive ends, Michael Bennett, even said he wanted to date us since we looked like his sister or cousin or something like that. Me, I don't see any resemblance to the typical moose they have a fetish for up there in Canadia, but it could just be the street pharmaceuticals he bought in Browntown. All part of the movement to Keep Seattle Weird. Huh? Wut? That's Portland? Pffft, same thing. Wait, seriously they're different? Oh yeah, one is in the USA. Meh, same smell.
    Shaq will immediately notice how the air smells clean and not like a few thousand homes were burning weed in the chimney. Bye bye contact highs. Make sure to adjust your watch to Eastern Standard Time now because the coaches live just down the street and will make you run extra for calling and waking them at midnight now. Time to get serious about a game and apply those skills to terrifying the Offensive Coordinators around the league. That's the real reason he couldn't make it Charlotte before today. The State of Washington is upset with us for setting parameters for Russell Wilson's deal that will force them to face the reality that all those young stars that are going to want to get paid are all in the last year of their rookie contracts. And now we've taken a player from their own backyard that they know has the potential to be very special. That's ok Seahawk bandwagoner fans. Just rip the 2 off those brand new 12 jerseys and wash them about 75 times to dull that bright green to a process blue and you can still be a bandwagon fan of a team that's going deep in the playoffs.
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