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  1. #Gettlemagic oh wait.........
  2. Ok, so Rodgers got hurt, missed 8 games, came back for 1 game, wasn't hurt in that game, and is now going on IR Sounds legit
  3. Heard on NFLN Good Morning Football during TD suspension talk that Shaq is expected back this week Not real insider info, but it ain't Darren Newsome either
  4. no way the other 31 owners approve sale of a team with a troubled owner to a former owner with a past history tied to bribery in the gambling industry
  5. Go back to your room Susan Lucci
  6. Congrats on your win!

    Your tears are making your cheese curds soggy and extra salty
  7. The panthers on each side are awesome. Could cut those off and put them someplace else, like along the path to the practice field, entrance to City Hall, Heath Evan's front yard.....
  8. Just remove JR from it and replace with TD
  9. With Beckham's past history with the Rams in 2014 and the Bills in October this season, the suspension should have been 2-6 games. Josh is right. Odell is Two-face. Wrote a blog about this
  10. What Giants Fans Are Saying

    Not worried about our run game. Their LBs don't have the speed to match up with Thor. They won't have the speed to get to the edge on read option or pulls and sweeps after our interior 3 manhandle the middle of that Band-Aid and bubblegum makeshift DT position. Their LBs will have to stay home to try to stop the bleeding inside, leaving the edges vulnerable in the second half, after they've gotten gassed. Or we'll shock them out of the gate since there's little tape of 2015 Fozzy for them to study.
  11. Congrats and welcome back! Hope you didn't take any of Pele's volcanic rocks. That's epic level bad juju. Think of the children undefeated streak and mail it back if you did
  12. I'd save the Star Wars analogies for the playoffs. Facing the Giants, Falcons, and Bucs is more like SpaceBalls.
  13. Lack of depth on Miami's D-line had a lot to do with Good Eli showing up. Suh, Vernon, and Philips were gassed. Eli had all day to throw in the second half. Our D-line has depth and can keep the pressure on the whole game.
  14. What Falcons Fans Are Saying

    To me, it looks like they try to play a 4-3 defense with 3-4 personnel. It's as confusing as their front office flow chart. The command structure between Blank, GM Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, and HC Quinn makes as much sense as Hitler's command structure of the German Armed Forces. Quinn has some of Dimitroff's power and reports to Blank independently of Dimitroff and Pioli. Meanwhile Dimitroff reports to Pioli about some things while Pioli reports to Dimitroff in others, and both having to defer to Quinn on some things while still having to report to Blank. Hope they keep it up and they probably will. PSLs aren't selling for Arthur's new stadium, so I imagine Blank will want to sign some big money players to bring some excitement, and rev up PSL sales instead of tearing down the front office and doing a real re-build, which would lead to a ghost-town on opening day of the 2017 season.