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  1. A Giant Debacle - Straw Grasping in NYC

    With Beckham's past history with the Rams in 2014 and the Bills in October this season, the suspension should have been 2-6 games. Josh is right. Odell is Two-face. Wrote a blog about this
  2. We're the heels of the NFL now

    They're not going to be ashamed. Odell made New York look like the center of the world even more being a megastar so quickly. Thing is, Eli is just as mediocre as Matty Ice Up Son without a great defense. Odell shows up and starts inflating Eli's numbers. Of course Eli is going to hug Odell's sack. Tom Coughlin is on his last legs in New York missing the playoffs since 2011. Odell is his only shot to keep his career alive, so he's going to lick Odell's sack while Eli holds it.
  3. Can/Will the NFL suspend Norman?

    They couldn't find the evidence that Houchuli told Cam he was too young to get that call, so why would something turn up? That's IF Josh did say anything. It's just Odell's word that he did, and his credibility is shot. Look, it's New York. They deny, deny, deny. And if the evidence is overwhelming, such as clear video proof that most of the nation saw live, then deflect, deflect, deflect. Odell earholing Josh is undeniable. So the only thing they can do is write up these character assassination hit pieces to try to salvage some silver lining out of the wreckage. It won't work. Josh will probably get a fine, but he's playing the Falcons in 5 days, unless the concussion doctors say the earhole shot he took puts him in the concussion protocol. Incognito was texting Martin and that was the evidence to suspend Incognito. I'm sure if Josh had been texting taunts to Odell, that would be used as the proof of harassment instead of being frightened by a bat and alleged slurs.
  4. Fiction writers write fiction stories. What would you expect?
  5. Josh Norman should be fined $50k?!?

    CBSSports is headquartered in New York. Spin cycle activated to protect the apple of the Big Apple's eye, aka the golden thug. Expect more character assassination hit pieces like this. New York, where all the news is printed to fit.
  6. Odell timeline

    A LOT of talk going around today, and lots of relevant info is falling thru the cracks because the center of the media world, New York, is driving the conversation. The only way we were going to come out of yesterday's game squeaky clean is if we would have just played by the rules, been a good little small market team, and lost to the mightiest of the big market teams, the New Jersey GJeiants. So mighty they have to time-share an out-of-NYState stadium with another NFL team. Anywhoooooo............ Odell was a rookie that missed the first 4 games last year, fighting hamstring injuries iirc. In his 7th career game, he breaks twitter with "The Catch". Since it's New York, all kinds of positive press and butt-kissing comes. He understandably gets his ego stroked bigger and bigger. Signs of this show up 4 games later in the week 16 game vs. the Rams. Odell talked plenty of trash and got Rams players so wound up, a fight erupted and players got ejected. Throw in a taunting penalty after a touchdown, and the seeds of becoming a WR diva were sprouting. Cue the offseason. 9 months for the fledgling diva to gestate and grow. Thanks to the New York media, everyone knows the rookie and lavishes him with flattery and praise. How can someone not love the attention and being the most popular kid in the multiverse? Hear "You're the greatest ever!" from enough people and it becomes the truth in your mind. Now this season, on October 4 vs. Buffalo, Odell is caught throwing a punch on Bills Safety Duke Williams and is fined by the NFL. Bills players accused Odell and other Giants players of throwing a lot of cheap shots to get the Bills to retaliate, since it's the second guy that gets noticed and flagged. "It's what he does, it's part of his game. He'll get away with it. he's the golden boy of the league." As the season progresses, the Giants lose more and more games in the final 2 minutes. Whispers start about the coach, QB, and WR. Maybe they aren't as good as the fans hoped. Why aren't they running away with the NFC East? Shouldn't they be scoring more? Cue the game vs. Washington on November 29. The headline of USA Today says "Odell makes another astonishing one-handed TD catch." Doubt erased and the love affair commences again. December 6 vs. the co-tenant, cross-stadium rival Jets. Winner should get the New York media love, but Darrelle Revis is inactive for this game. No big match-up of the century. Odell scores a 70+ yard TD coming out of the slot, but another questionable coaching decision in the 4th quarter costs the Giants the lead 2 and sends the game to OT. Jets kick a FG to take the lead in OT. After a failed 3rd down conversion, Odell kicks the ball in frustration. He makes up for it on the next play converting on 4th down, but the Giants kicker misses the tying FG wide left, his first missed FG of the season. Giants lose. No match-up vs. Revis. Frustration builds. Couldn't prove he's the best. "Well, well, well. There's Josh Norman on the schedule in 2 weeks. Josh is being crowned the best CB in the league. Hmmmmmmmmm. I couldn't face the legend, but I do get to face the Dark Knight. That what Josh calls himself, right? I wonder how I can get in Josh's head.............." Next week vs. Miami during pre-game warmups, what appears on Odell's feet but Joker cleats? "Yeah, start thinking about me Josh. I'm coming for you in MY house next week. New Jersey, I've made it there, I can make it anywhere, New Jersey, NEW JERSEYYYYYYYYYYY." Odell makes an amazing TD catch with toe drag swag caught on camera by Pylon-cam. Odell is definitely feeling the love from the New York media. The tension builds in Odell's mind as gameday gets closer. "So close, so close. I can do this. I'm gonna beat Josh Norman and show the world I own this league." As they say on Broadway, the stage is set. But the Panthers didn't come to watch a play. They came TO play. And they weren't playing. They did bring a bat like previous games. Thought the game was in New York. They've played football games in Yankee Stadium before. "Should we take it out there? Well, it was CB Bene Benwikere's gimmick. But he broke his leg last week vs. Atlanta. Yeah, let's take it out there to show Bene he's still a part of the team. Hey look, Odell's heading this way. Starting early with the trash talk, huh? You must have missed the memo about doing that. Julio Jones tried that last week. Or did you hear about it and want to try it, too? Why you scared, Odell? You've got pads on and that guy with the bat doesn't. And you've got a stadium full of witnesses. Come back. Please. We love hearing how you're going to whip us." Josh didn't back down, and on the first series of the game, Odell knew he was gonna have to work and use every trick to beat Josh. "Whole world is watching. Greatest match-up of the century of the week. Gotta show I'm the greatest. Everyone tells me that I am. I must be. Damn, I can't shake Josh. But I need to shake Josh. I'm the greatest! Everyone on TV says I'm the greatest. I AM THE GREATEST!!. Shut up, ref. This is my house. I'll do what I want. Shut up, coach. I'm the team. Everyone in New Jersey knows I'm the whole team. You hear me, Josh? I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!!"
  7. Too bad Josh was mic'ed vs. Falcons. I don't think the NFL mic's up players in back-to-back weeks. Anywho, #1 highly questionable our boy scouts would say that mess #2 if the NFL couldn't find proof of Hochuli calling Cam too young to get that call, I don't think they'll find that mess either
  8. We're the heels of the NFL now

    New York is the media center of the world. Even if we had whipped them 35-7, the bat thing would've come out because the New York media would use it to sell newspapers and get clicks/views, saying how poor Odell felt intimidated and how we used to employ Greg Hardy, and how we beat up every team we've played this year and cause so many injuries to our opponents. We'd be painted as villains anyway. But Odell flipped that script in our favor by changing the narrative they had to run with. Btw, any talking heads mention ODB's 2 punches thrown at Finnegan's head? Exactly. Nobody tells the whole truth in the media, just what will get the most eyeball attention.
  9. Fug Gmen fans

    They've definitely earned the nickname vaGiants
  10. Beckham suspension pie!

    If Odell hadn't punched that Bills player in their game October 4, he wouldn't have been suspended. This is Odell's second offense this season and the punishment was escalated.
  11. Giants fans on Norman

    That's New York sports mentality. Only winning matters. No morality or code of conduct. And when I say New York, I mean from Washington, D.C. to Boston and everything in between. They're all the same. Don't expect them to be nice and have rational discussions. That's how they are. Even if we do win the whole friggin' thing, they will not acknowledge us as the champs for this or that miniscule, ridiculous reason. The fanbases up there fight so much with each other that it's all they know how to do. They aren't swayed by a few kind words and facts. Accept it and move on with enjoying our historic season. Because that's how we can really hurt them. Make them feel irrelevant and ignored. We're taking the spotlight they feel entitled to.
  12. Eli Manning calls out Josh Norman

    People talking about ODB being intimidated pre-game by us having a bat and forget about ODB starting this mess with his Joker shoes the previous week at Miami's pre-game
  13. Probably won't suspend ODB. Next week's Giants at Minnesota game was flexed to the Sunday Night game. Need the golden thug on the primetime stage.
  14. My view of the OBJ helmet to helmet

    Deliberate headshot Indefensible I can only imagine how bad Josh wanted to hit back. I know he couldn't have wanted to control himself, but for the most part he kept his cool. Some shoves and throws, but I didn't see any punches or cheap shots from Josh. Well done young man.
  15. He showed his true face behind the mask in their October 4 this year. He was fined for it, so that should escalate the penalty this time. NFL.com article link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000551873/article/odell-beckham-fined-8681-for-punching-bills-safety Commentary about it, punch is at 1:15 mark, Giants are in white, Bills in blue, ODB #13