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  1. This level of naivety should be impossible in the age of the interwebz, yet there it is.
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Same guy you yourself documented in the Huddle 2015 Camp Updates as having the worst hands of the WR group up until August 4, when he ripped his ACL and went on IR? Hope he uses Garrett's tennis ball method between now and camp
  3. Bottom 5 last year and dead last this year. I guess consecutive Superb Owls and Executive of the Year awards ain't happening?
  4. An offensive tackle getting drafted #15 overall kind of implies he'll be a LT. And if a tackle is a tackle, try having Strief play LT and Armstead RT. That would be fun. We'd like that. BTW, props to Deuce for giving Will Smith a shout-out. That's class
  5. Who's Peat taking over for this year? Strief, Lelito, or Evans's old spot? Kind of de-values Peat as a 1st rounder since he isn't going to play LT, now that Armstead got paid
  6. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    What's 118 + 77 + 31 + 22? That's how many millions of $$$ Gettleman dropped on 4 guys last year. You might have heard of them. Newton, Kuechly, Olsen, and Davis. Saying Gettleman is cheap is st-st-st-stoopid.
  7. The higher the monkey climbs the tree, the more of his huddle he shows. Or something
  8. Offensive Line

    Yeah, it's make or break year for him. He's accrued 2 seasons, and players with 3 or more can't go on the PS. His international exception applies to the 10 player limit, but can't override his accrued seasons. Normal waivers apply right now. Any player released with less than 4 accrued seasons goes through waivers. 4 or more don't. It's after the trade deadline in the regular season that every player released goes through waivers no matter how many seasons they accrued.
  9. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    Another article from same website exclusively about Garrett. Explains why he'll need plenty of coaching and patience. http://www.thebackyardbanter.com/reception-perception-keyarris-garrett-is-a-unicorn-in-this-draft-class.html He lined up only on the right side of the field. He ran slants the most, then curls and nines. While the combination of nines and curls is a good 1-2 punch of vertical and short threats, he needs more diversity in his routes or it will be easy to defend him. Slants were the route he ran the most, but he had a below average score on that pattern. Garrett doesn't display elite quickness, causing sloppiness on that route, which hurts his production on slants. He does well against man and press coverages, but tends to get lost in zones, not finding the correct spot to sit down in. He also is easier to tackle than someone his size should be. The good news is, setting up defenders to miss tackles, finding spots in zone, running a more diverse route tree, and lining up on the left side are teachable skills. Bad news is, it won't happen overnight, so anyone hoping Garrett will be an instant #2 WR will be sad.
  10. Beau !!

    in before "can he play corner?"
  11. LOL Replaced.

    Not even a giggle? I gave myself a concussion typing that question for you.
  12. LOL Replaced.

    I thought Miles was parked next to a phone in Chicago to turn in our picks? Who's really issuing these numbers? ANSWERS ARE DEMANDED!!!!!!!
  13. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Sometimes, a number is just a number. Like Freud said, "Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar" I guess the real question is which of the 3 draftees is going to be Zod's regular guest on the podcast now?
  14. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Like drafting CA-P and giving him #34 last year?