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  1. Good that it was found before it wandered down to Vick or Shembo's house in Atlanta
  2. Just amazing that people in Cam's hometown aren't snapping up those exorbitantly-priced PSLs. All these wonderful minor details that draw attention away from the consistently poor Sunday afternoon main attraction.
  3. Panthers Release Boykin

    I remember when the Huddle would get mad because they thought the rookies should get more playing time. There was too much "vet loyalty". Now the Huddle is mad because a vet got cut for rookies. It's official. The Huddle is the psycho ex-whatever of message boards
  4. Teaching vs. gimmicks

    Jeremy has put up some good content of Ricky Proehl teaching Keyarris Garrett during this rookie minicamp, and how Key chose to come here as a free agent because of Ricky. Thankfully, the Stains are taking a different approach. http://theadvocate.com/sports/latestsports/15790894-113/hand-yoga-has-become-michael-thomas-secret-weapon I think hand yoga is what they practice in the massage parlors of Thailand. The topic on the Stains board has some appropriate responses http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/saints-secrets-hand-yoga-has-become-rookie-receiver-michael-thomas%92-hidden-weapon-355295/ #5 hmmn.... Hand Yoga? When I was a kid my grandmother told me I'd go blind if I practiced hand yoga #12 So many people negate the mental aspect of the game which is just as important if not more important than any other aspect. If it gives the kid reassurance and confident then by all means Yoga away. So what nickname does this deserve? Michael "Happy Hands" Thomas? Michael "Happy Endings" Thomas?
  5. Elliot Harrison's Top 5 Panthers of all time

    Gonna be a lot of new names on that list in 10 years
  6. Hope these DEs step up more this year. We really need to find a way to replace Jared Allen's 2 sacks and Dwan Edwards' 1 sack. They ain't walking back in that door, people. And without them, how are we going to rank #6 in sacks again? 44 sacks was good for #6, but 41 sacks only gets us #11. And don't get me started on the 115 hurries we had last year, which was #5 in the league. Oh, the humanity
  7. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    Big difference between a 1 day workshop to teach toughness vs. having a head coach born and raised on different Army posts around the world, living in the military culture of toughness and teamwork everyday, and who instilled and maintains that culture in our lockeroom, mixed in with his experience as an NFL player. Falcants aren't committed to toughness long-term. That's why their Super Bowl is beating us in the regular season. 1 playoff win since 2005 is the proof.
  8. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    Amen to that Also, TE Jake McGee did not come out for practice #2 after icing his hamstring in practice #1, and WR Jenson Stoshak has returned for practice #2 after a foot/ankle injury in practice #1, per Voth at BBR
  9. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    Low man on the WR totem pole, WR Jenson Stoshak, the other UDFA WR we signed, has a foot/ankle injury per Jonathan Jones
  10. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    CLT Observer photographer Jeff Siner got a hat tip from Monotone Joe for spotting Charles Johnson doing sprints alone on the practice field this morning before the rookies got out there. Small Money wanting to come back hard from his hamstring problems last year.
  11. Well, I like this kid already.

    Wish I had a front yard like that to play on at my house Anywho, start making Ben Jacobs and/or Trenton Robinson afraid for their j-o-b
  12. Panthers honor Steph Curry today...

    The Bomb Squad was broken up, Nortman's in Jax. Graham's trying to start a gun club with the RBs. Graham "Gun"-o bringing a BB gun. Tolbert's bringing the heavy artillery
  13. Hope AceBoogie comes up with something better. Big But stinks
  14. Prescribe yourself some chill pills, Doc. Or better yet, move down here to Florida, open a pain pill mill, and hook me up. Thanks in advance
  15. No such thing as jinxes, Doc. Besides, we lost Benji last year and look where we ended up. Stop de-railing the thread. This is about the big Butler, not Fun-Fun.