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  1. Going to take a huge effort to keep or build on this lead, but I have faith.
  2. You are the worst type of fan.
  3. Only down 113k now. We can do this!
  4. Couldn't find a thread on this, so please delete if I missed it. With less than 48 hours to go, Olsen is only down 125k (was 132k when I started this thread) votes from first place, which would win him 25k for his charity. http://www.nfl.com/manoftheyear We were in this exact place last year and pulled it out right in the end. If a few more people could join us in spamming the twitter hashtag #WPMOYChallenge +Olsen, we can do it!
  5. Thought Sabates would be a good candidate, but he's out of his mind with some of these statements.
  6. If you're a sane person, you probably thought the Buccaneers had no chance to beat the Saints, thus making our game somewhat meaningless. I feared that would weigh on the minds of the players and coaching staff going into the game. Meanwhile, we went into a division rivals house with their backs against the wall in a must-win game. That's not a recipe for success. You could see many Panthers looked disinterested and it only got worse as we had some brutal non-calls by the officiating crew. So, here's the thing... It's probably not a bad thing that we got downright humiliated in the last game of the season. It could be the fuel we need to finally overcome the Saints. The anger we saw in Cam, Luke, and Greg can be used to our advantage. If we can overcome the Saints, we're probably facing the Nate "Who the fug is this guy?" Sudfeld led Eagles. If we can overcome the Eagles we'll probably be playing the Vikings, a team we already have proven we can beat. If we overcome the Vikings it's on to the mother fuging Super Bowl. When you have elite talents QBing the offense and defense like Kuechly and Cam, ANYTHING is possible. Any year can be OUR year. This could be OUR year. Remember what the Falcons did to us in 2015? Keep fuging Pounding, bitches.
  7. In my world, reality, not selling out a 30,000 seat soccer stadium is pretty disastrous for the Chargers and the NFL. How in the sweet, sweet fug are we comparing fan support to an owner's misconduct in the first place?
  8. The NFL is just now realizing how disastrous it was to move two poorly supported teams to LA, but would move the Panthers, who sell out every home game even in during the bad years? Not happening. The NBA already made that mistake.
  9. In recent years it has become a glaring issue that the NFL is starting to lack elite players at the quarterback position, and sadly, I spent a lot of time thinking about that. Some say it's college not producing the right style of QB and some say it's the "play it safe" GM's who sign the Brock Osweiler's of the NFL world to huge contracts. Regardless of what you believe, I like to think about what the quarterback landscape might look like after the 2020 season. It's not far-fetched to assume that most of these following quarterbacks will be retired or considering it by the end of the 2020 season. Tom Brady (44) Drew Brees (43) Josh McCown (42) Eli Manning (41) Carson Palmer (41) Phillip Rivers (40) Ben Roethlisberger (39) Aaron Rodgers (38) Alex Smith (37) Joe Flacco (37) Matt Ryan (36) Let's play devil's advocate and say ALL of these players have retired. The elite QB's still playing would look something like this. Matt Stafford (34) Kirk Cousins (33) Cam Newton (33) Russell Wilson (33) Tyrod Taylor (33) Carson Wentz (29) Marcus Mariota (28 Jared Goff (27) When you put it on paper it looks like at least 20 teams will be looking for a new franchise QB in the next 4 years, unless you believe in the likes of Case Keenum and Paxton Lynch. How many franchise QB's can the draft produce over the next 4 years? Do we have more drafts like the ones that produced Eli, Ben and Phillip or will we soon see an NFL where only 12 teams have serviceable quarterbacks? I wanted to keep this short because I'm more interested in hearing what you guys think will happen, instead of what I think will happen.
  10. NOLA is 19th in Rushing Yards and we're #3. What fuging drugs do you people take? Ohhh, my god.
  11. We're at a point where a cliche has become a dark reality. Doubling Funchess could put us in a world of hurt if we have to play another game without Olsen.
  12. Coming from a dude that's fanbase pipes in crowd noise that plays in a stadium where you can loudly hear "LUUUUKE" chants by the third quarter.
  13. Hornets vs Hawks

    Few thoughts two games into the season: I think it's realistic that Howard could average 18/13 in this system. This is an ideal team for him in many ways and Clifford knows how to get the best minutes out of him. Kaminsky is still prone to boneheaded mistakes, but I'm really high on him. Marvin Williams talent is waning and might be best suited to play on the bench if he keeps playing like this. Not worried about Monk yet. Kemba is still Kemba. This team will have a great season if they get healthy.