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  1. Jakob added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    I feel for any female that uses this forum, because if you take away football all that's left is alcoholism, circlejerking and cat calling.
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  2. Jakob added a post in a topic We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)   

    Whoa, stop. I don't think the huddle can handle these facts.
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  3. Jakob added a post in a topic Hornets Resigning Elliot Williams   

    Are you actually mad that we are bringing in a guy who won't make the team and his sole purpose is to be a camp body?
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  4. Jakob added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    You're only speaking the truth. It's something I've always done, but I'm very serious about and my desire to get out of town grows every day. I just need to lay out a plan and execute it. Wherever I end up, CC will be one of the first things I do.
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  5. Jakob added a post in a topic How do You Just Pick up And Leave?   

    Just to clarify: I want to be a writer, so I'm looking for a degree in journalism or creative writing. Thanks for the replies.
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  6. Jakob added a topic in The Lounge   

    How do You Just Pick up And Leave?
    So, where to start? I'm 21 and my entire life I've lived in or just outside of Greensboro NC, spending the majority of my life living in the small town of Reidsville. For many years this city has worn me down. The people, the way of life, and the lack of ambition in people is disheartening. There is barely enough jobs here to support half the population of the city and if you're lucky enough to get a job you're earning minimum wage. It's become clear to me that I need to get away from this place, if I want to better myself. I'm interested in moving to Seattle, Charlotte or Portland, in that order. The problem is, I have absolutely no clue how to go about moving halfway across the country, or even across the state. Where do I start? How do I plan? I have a limited amount of cash to work with and I need to form a plan. I'm not looking for a solution, just decent advice to aid me on my journey of leaving home in search of a better life and education. 
    PS: fug the Saints.
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  7. Jakob added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    Chuck got to meet him? This is why god isn't real.
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  8. Jakob added a post in a topic Sooooo, Space Jam 2   

    Any great basketball player will draw comparison to MJ and LeBron isn't helping things along by trying to be like mike...Same thing with Gretzky in the NHL.
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  9. Jakob added a topic in Charlotte Hornets   

    Sooooo, Space Jam 2
    It's probably going to feature LeBron James. Can't we have Kobe, Duncan, Davis or Curry? Why can't LeBron just create his own legacy instead of copying Jordan? Space Jam was my favorite movie as a child and I don't want to see the second one mucked up with James being in it. I'd rather see Adam Morrison's mustache take the starting role.
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  10. Jakob added a post in a topic Anyone need a ..........   

    Welp, I feel better about myself now.
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  11. Jakob added a post in a topic Anyone need a ..........   

    That can't be right?
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  12. Jakob added a post in a topic PTSD is a motherfuger   

    Nobody can truly understand what PTSD is about unless they experience it...I couldn't imagine what it's like to suffer from such an affliction. It's sad that so many misconceptions surround it.
    I truly enjoyed your poem.
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  13. Jakob added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    I'm a millennial and you better watch out before I beat your ass with all my trophies. 
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  14. Jakob added a post in a topic Tell me what stat the Panthers will lead the NFL in this year.   

    Most beers drank by Panther fan, Jakob.
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