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  1. We're at a point where a cliche has become a dark reality. Doubling Funchess could put us in a world of hurt if we have to play another game without Olsen.
  2. Coming from a dude that's fanbase pipes in crowd noise that plays in a stadium where you can loudly hear "LUUUUKE" chants by the third quarter.
  3. Hornets vs Hawks

    Few thoughts two games into the season: I think it's realistic that Howard could average 18/13 in this system. This is an ideal team for him in many ways and Clifford knows how to get the best minutes out of him. Kaminsky is still prone to boneheaded mistakes, but I'm really high on him. Marvin Williams talent is waning and might be best suited to play on the bench if he keeps playing like this. Not worried about Monk yet. Kemba is still Kemba. This team will have a great season if they get healthy.
  4. Mayo is lost?

    You would be wrong.
  5. It's like he got caught in a time loop and hasn't aged since he left.
  6. Time to draft a QB?

    "I should visit the Huddle" Oh, hey guys, what's goi... *slowly walks away*
  7. A history of (mainly) sad

    Am I the only one who didn't know Richard Williamson died?
  8. A really good video about how to debate Nazis

    I can remember a time when the Fox News crowd would've grabbed a jar of mayo and circle jerked to a nazi getting punched for days. Now they're some innocent poor soul who deserves their platform and time to speak?.. What a time to be alive.
  9. I think all that needs to be said is that out of all the years that the Huddle and SaintsReport have existed, this is the first time that SaintsReport even admits their team fuging blows.
  10. Making every possible XP and FG = Butker is bad?
  11. Buffalo: What concerns me

    This is somewhat off-topic, but I visited the Bills subreddit and their forum today. Why the hell are they acting like their squad is the 85 bears? Christ.
  12. CMC Observation

    That's what I'm hoping McD does. If he can get 85 yards with that much attention, I'd love to see what he can do with more 1v1 situations.
  13. I'll be going over the film shortly to get a better idea of how many times it happened, but I noticed there was a handful of snaps where the 49ers defense doubled or even triple teamed McCaffrey. Hell, even a few instances where half the defense had an eye on him. My question is, was this the 49ers being overly cautious of CMC or is this something we can expect most teams to do? What were your observations? I can't imagine how dynamic the offense could be if this is the treatment CMC will be given.
  14. He's probably never even watched CMC play a game.