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  1. Jakob added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Explored the Deep Web?   

    I don't think you understand what the deep web really is. Nothing about it is weird horrifying like the videos. It's just like a digital black market with weird poo mixed in.
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  2. Jakob added a post in a topic Are we not better than the Lions?   

    Didn't the Lions have something like 1 sack before tonight? Our DL will EAT.
    The players are tired of the Hawks, the coaching staff is tired of the Hawks and God damn if I'm not tired of the Seahawks. We will go into this game with two weeks to prepare and a massive chip on our shoulder. 
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  3. Jakob added a post in a topic Through 4 games, is Cameron Jerrell Newton league MVP?   

    I want to personally **** slap each and everyone of you who mentioned Tom fuging Brady.
    fug Brady, fug the Pats.
    Saints too.
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  4. Jakob added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    Wait, why in the fug does that still have our old logo?
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  5. Jakob added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    Yeah, but I think we might be overhyping the Falcons. They nearly lost to the Eagles.
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  6. Jakob added a post in a topic Hornets win 1st Preseason Game   

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  7. Jakob added a topic in The Lounge   

    U-Verse and WGHP Fox 8
    I know quite large majority of the users on this forum use U-Verse and get the Panther games through WGHP Fox 8 in Greesnboro, so I was pretty shocked that nobody is talking about U-Verse attempting to drop WGHP. Last Sunday, Monday, and yesterday WGHP was running a banner add saying that viewers should contact U-Verse customer supports and tell them not to drop WGHP. Today they've stopped running the ads, but U-Verse and WGHP are refusing to answer questions concerning the matter. The deadline is midnight tonight and I REALLY don't want to switch to TWC just for Panther games. I'll keep this thread updates, but perhaps someone else has more info than me?
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  8. Jakob added a post in a topic Let's talk about Tampa some...   

    Bucs DNP: LT Donovan Smith, CB Jonathan Banks, TE Luke Stocker, C Evan Smith and TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Losing Banks would be huge because CB Alterraun Verner was benched last game.
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  9. Jakob added a post in a topic Could someone explain why we got rid of James Jones (GB)   

    fugin' eh I tell ya what, u ain't kiddin. Worse den dat time we got rid of dat other fella. 
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  10. Jakob added a post in a topic Charles Johnson Injury   

    I completely agree. Those Norman, Lotulelei and Short fans are just hyping them up.....
    ...Said no one.
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  11. Jakob added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Let's Play Devil's Advocate
    metaphorically speaking, the contracts of Star Lotulelei, Kawann Short and Josh Norman are up, but you can only re-sign two. Who do you choose?
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  12. Jakob added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    When The Taint's Geaux Marching Out
    With a big fuging loss.
    It's almost 5 am and about to settle in for some sleep before we send the Taints to hell, but first I must say....stuff. You might be asking yourself, is he drunk? Well you'd be correct, because I needed to after a week of reading the SaintsReport. Your second question might be... Well.. I  just forgot what I was about to say, but I'm pretty sure it was going to be epic. The amount of beers I've had are in the high teens, which is also around the IQ of the average Saints person fan thingy thing. 
    Now we need to cover so basic facts and questions.
    #1 Was it SCP that left the skid mark on Drew Brees's face?
    #2 The current over/under is that Sean Payton will take 10 Vicodin before the game. I'm taking the over.
    #3 Is it okay that Luke McCown brother is also his father?
    #4 How many times will Muke LcCown be picked off by Nosh Jorman?
    #5 It's factual that we will win by 17+ points.
    I've recently learned how to keep a Saints fan from masturbating. All you have to do is paint his dick Panthers black and blue and he won't beat it for years I saw a Saints fan they other day with half a brain. They called him gifted. Saints fans are actually related to the modern beer bottle because they're both empty from the neck up.  I tried going to the Saints official website for more joke material, but they could string three w's together. 
    I'm going to bed. fug the Saints.
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  13. Jakob added a post in a topic One of the weirdest "Ron Rivera" videos I have EVER seen....   

    Guess who has a new favorite song.
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