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  1. Brian Snitker promoted to manager.
  2. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    @Jeremy Igo Honestly, are you trolling on twitter right now?
  3. Draft or Hornets?

    Hornets on the TV and Draft on the iPad.
  4. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Post of the year right hurr
  5. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    Hoping for that CB Jonathan Jones so we can cause mass confusion at the observer.
  6. I hope PP also knows his worth is 49-15
  7. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

    We've got quite the list going.
  8. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

    I got that title back in the day for poo posting.
  9. Last time we did this was two years ago to the day and it was very successful, so I figured we should do it again considering we have so many new members now. Basically just post your Twitter handle and I'll put it in the OP. Jakob: @JakobNarbei Dick the Butcher:@keithcushman_ Nate Dogg:@NateDOdblG Crazydounut:@LittleDPackBro Darth Biscuit:@teh_biscuit uncfan888:@TSeagroves83 Soul Rebel: @ BryanPalmese Moose Hoover: @moosehoover Jase:@jaseinthehole Nick_81:@mrnawalters L-TownCat:@pantherfan1983 Cary Kollins: @iamChapy jdpanther5: @Justin_Pollard PFFC:@rjhunter1964 Leeroy Jenkins PhD:@law1984ecu Omega Atrocity: @OmegaAtrocity Daeavorn:@daeavorn Jimmy:@BraffordJimmy Cover2Safety33:@Po3ticJustice19 SCP:@95KeepPounding Kuhndog94:@kuhndog94 PantherAZ:@lukejones78 Ruff:@beardsonfire Jump Zone:@JumpZone24 KJ89:@mr_dr_j sharkkiller:@caseylooper Jamos14:@jamos14 jbeachbum24:@jbeachbum30 PntherPryd:@renocarolina CoastalCat:@CardiacCat bLACKpANTHER:@PropedUpPanda
  10. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    Well, that's fine, but coming to your opponents message board directly after a playoff loss and expecting to hear nice things is hilarious.
  11. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    I hope you realize coming into this thread and getting upset at someones immediate reaction is like sticking your nuts in a hornets nest.
  12. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    I'm talking legit clinical depression. I can feel it.
  13. Hornets vs Heat, Game 1 PLAYOFF GAMETHREAD

    The Panthers, the Heels and the way this playoff series is going might make me the first person to get depression via sports. Fuuuuuck.
  14. If Michelangelo himself designed the perfect RB for the Panthers it would be Derrick Henry.
  15. Recommend a beer

    I've heard Miller high life is quite the beer.