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  1. Where did you get your PhD in whataboutism?
  2. Jakob

    UCF-LB Griffin

    I know a lot of fans probably haven't done there homework and think this guys just a feel good story, but he's honest to god the outliner. His lack of a second hand does not impede him in ways you'd think. He's even learned to use it to his advantage in some ways.
  3. Where to begin... I honest to god question what type of defect you must have to not see the irony in attacking refugees on Easter Sunday. Look at the pictures. This is mostly women and children who just are looking for asylum the LEGAL way. I know each and every one of you is an adult with the brain to comprehend the difference between terrorists and criminals illegally entering our country, compared to legal asylum seekers, so don't give me that bullshit. You're just racist and xenophobia.
  4. Jakob

    Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    Every time a potential owner pops up you IRL idiots google whatever bumfug city or state the guy's from and create a thread about how you can't believe the team is moving to that city or state.
  5. Got a 10/10 hangover and this is the first thread I read this lovely morning...
  6. The kid's clearly rough around the edges, but explosive as hell. Needs as much playing time as he can get. He reminds me of a young Kemba in many ways.
  7. Out with the trash...in with the trash.
  8. Jakob

    TD’s replacement?

    Not even joking.. Griffin can play ball and the lack of a left hand might give him a next level peanut punch.
  9. Jakob

    Hear that sound?

    Only about 5 things in this are even newsworthy. If this is all the FBI has, it's really, really sad.
  10. I'll take one Paul Richardson, please and thanks.
  11. Jakob

    Cho OUT......NOW

    Yeah, he's actually out right now.
  12. If it's not Hurney, you have to assume extending Rivera and whoever we're about to hire as GM has been approved by the parties looking to buy the Panthers.
  13. Jakob

    If they trade Kemba..

    As bLackpANTHER just said above ^, maybe Cho couldn't make any big moves and the idea from here on out is to play more of Monk, Bacon and Hernangomez so we can have a better draft pick for the new GM while testing out our young guys?
  14. Why in the hell did the Knicks make this draft after Kristaps went down? Wow.
  15. Jakob

    Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    Really like the trade, but it makes no sense at all if you play on keeping Dwight/Cody around.
  16. When we drafted him the Huddle acted like 700-800 yards from scrimmage would be a good rookie season. He had 1100 and now folks act like he had a dud season. All he did was steadily improve and I'm sure better play calling next year won't hurt.
  17. This forum is a fuging joke at times. Why would the NFL allow one of their most stable and profitable teams to move?
  18. Lmao, please make sure you post this on twitter.
  19. Jakob

    NYT: Trump JR. and Kushner indicted on collusion charges

    Beats team for 4th time in about 15 years: "OH WOW, WE fugIN' OWN 'EM!!!11!!!1!!!1" At least when UNC and Duke trash talk each other they have the wins and banners to back it up.
  20. I'm staying hopefully neutral on Norv. So far he's talking the talk.
  21. Jakob

    One Carolina

    Alright boys. Time to shame Clemson until they do it!
  22. Jakob

    One Carolina

    fuging seriously? Gad damn..
  23. Jakob

    One Carolina

    Pro tip to NCST: Literally fug off.