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  1. Saints. Assuming they're truly the best team in the NFC, we're going to get them at some point. Why drag it out? Worst case scenario is that all the players remain millionaires and I get to stop watching football a couple weeks early.
  2. *Pulls pin, lobs grenade*

    Christian Onion, so yeah, fake news. That said, if anyone could get 89 back in the building, it would be his BFF Furtick.
  3. (Vince McMahon) If you can't beat them...

    As Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, the first female GM in NFL historys tearfully hoists the Lombardi, the taxpayer-funded Jumbotron goes black. What's happening? Terrroists? Is New Orleans hosting another Super Bowl?! No, no that was years ago, before Katrina, maybe after, who knows, the place was a dump either way. What's going on, what is... Then they light up! Bah god it's the Y2J countdown timer. That's Chris Jericho's music!
  4. Fine, Carolina Oprahs sounds better anyway.
  5. 10 Photos - Packers at Panthers

    The handshake comment got me. Actual lols.
  6. How do you guys tell Aikman and Buck apart? They sound exactly the same to me.
  7. Two strides after the catch... "Hard to say guys. Really close. Could go either way."
  8. Who is wearing the Colin Jones jersey today?
  9. Found this on reddit. I don't know what this show is because I don't watch sports analysis tv shows, but it was basically a live D'Will twitter rant. He also yells about people claiming Gronk is HOF-bound, then later says he thinks Gronk should go to the HOF.
  10. That Manhertz drop is our season in a nutshell.
  11. It's time to put Shepard out of his misery.
  12. Stains are already getting sour.