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  1. Trent Dilfer thinks that Denver will win because of "magic"

    So did Keyshawn Johnson. You guys can praise Shula but Cam is the one making him look good.
  2. Guess what I just dug out of my drawer!

    My Steve Smith Superbowl jersey!!! I haven't worn this jersey in years. I forgot about it until we won the NFCCG. I've been trying to find for several days.
  3. Stephen A. Smith

    You thought yesterday was bad... LMAO Today was worse. Don't watch. Apparently the topic was The LeBron James comparison.
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Never have heroes, bro. As much as I love Cam the player, he's bound to have his 'human' moments. It's a sad reality but I don't view highly paid athletes and celebrities as average people or joes. 95% of them have ginormous egos and are masterpieces of the PR machine. It's a very cynical perception but I'm one jaded mofo.
  5. Meh, this is normal. I felt okay after I got into a car wreck... until the following morning. I had a headache and my neck was sore as hell.
  6. Favorite Carolina Panthers Opening Night Moments

    The media jacket is already sold out????? WTF!
  7. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    I don't care. I'm buying it on Friday.
  8. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    Deion is a little bitch.
  9. Superb Owl Push

    Anything for more @BlauOzean content. Here, here! I'm in, gentlemen. 
  10. Richard Sherman dropping truth bombs while coming to Cam's aid

    I don't know why this fanbase hates Sherman and Wilson. They'd beloved if they were on our team.
  11. N.Y. Newsday: Beason was there for the Panthers' lean years

    The way carries himself and articulates on almost any topic from scouting to tackling mechanics to protein shakes to micro vs macro management speaks volumes. I love his choice of suits too. The guy has a very bright future after football.
  12. Chess Match: Manning vs Kuechly

    I still remember that one time Luke countered Matt Ryan's audibles at the LOS and after the play was over just he'd look confused as to ask 'how the fug did he know what I was calling'?
  13. N.Y. Newsday: Beason was there for the Panthers' lean years

    Beast deserves to be on our sidelines for this. I hope he gets a job with the Panthers. Him and Gross are highly intelligent (coaching careers might be on the horizon).
  14. Wade Phillips

    Don't underestimate Denver's LBs. They're fast too. My guess is Wade will want to test Cam in the pocket first. He'll preach containment. If Cam is on the money with his passes, then he'll tell his edge rushers to go nuts and force Cam step up into the pocket. If he sees his defense getting gashed, Wade will send a few disguised blitzes up the middle. 
  15. D'Angelo Wlliams Sorta Bad Mouthing, Not Giving Cam Credit; A Bit Salty?

    DWill is a soft, whiny bitch. I started to really dislike him two seasons ago. Glad we got rid of him. What a punk.