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  1. Sexting

    Pshhhh, both are above 20. I'm not going to jail over pie and booty. There are too many fine chicks in the world to just pick one that's underaged. Hell to the no.
  2. The reason EPL will always be better than La Liga

    Oh no, I definitely concede on that part. The EPL is richer and more popular, but that's exactly why it's viewed as extremely overrated by most hardcore fans. La Liga is a three horse race but two of the world's top three teams reside there. Perhaps but I'll post the article when I find it. I remember 60m was awarded or something a couple days after the 2014 UCL final. Well, that's the thing. If these clubs are in this much debt, then how are they operating at such high capacity legally? Of course, I'm willing to bet that these clubs are doing a lot of backdoor deals that make these clubs look like corporate banks instead of athletic institutions.
  3. Sexting

    If she doesn't Kik me back then no worries. I got me a white girl with booty who I've been chatting with on Kik in last 2 hrs. Thank you Tinder and POF.
  4. Sexting

  5. The reason EPL will always be better than La Liga

    - Real didn't get 11m in 2014. They got somewhere in the range of 54.7m to 60.3m for the CL win. I could link you directly to the article stating so if I do some digging. - That's funny considering Mallorca qualified a few seasons ago but fell off due to 15m in debt. Yet, Real apparently is 474m debt, but continue to buy players for about 80m and still qualify? Yeah, I'm not buying it. I'm addition, that Fly Emirates deal helped by 350-370m according to the reports and that's not even adding the new 'name' for the stadium which apparently add another 200-300m. Then there's the deal with Audi... I could go on. It appears Real's money troubles are greatly exaggerated. - Since when? England can't hang with Spain, Germany, France or even Brazil. They flop at every major tournament. Spain had the Golden generation with Xabi, Puyol, Xavi, Ramos, Torres, etc. Now it's Germany with Lahm, Gotze, Ozil, Hummels, Reus, etc. I'm talking about domestic talent, not imported talent. Again, there's a reason why teams like Sevilla are becoming powerhouses. Coaching is only part of it, Spain is overflowing with talent. - Well, it's Real, Barca, Bayern... and then the rest of the world in terms of talent (with the exception of maybe Chelsea). If these squads were in the EPL, then teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham wouldn't even sniff a league title. The gap is that big at the moment.
  6. The reason EPL will always be better than La Liga

    What financial issues? They just recently got approved to build a new stadium lol, and this win will likely add another 60m. Then there's the merchandise revenue (Madrid still leads the world in sales). If we've got financial issues, then so does Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc. The EPL has never struggled to buy a player for 50m. That isn't the issue at all. For all the physicality that the EPL is known for, the EPL is not as tactical as La Liga or even the Bundesliga. In addition, Spain along with Germany has more talent than England. That's why Sevilla, Atletico and Valencia are emerging out of the darkness.
  7. The reason EPL will always be better than La Liga

    Real and Barca are the biggest clubs in the world. Sevilla, Valencia and Atletico are playing catch up but are gaining ground at a rapid rate. La Liga teams have owned EPL teams in European tournaments.
  8. Sexting

    I could but she wouldn't be this hot... Yeah but I already tried a third party app and it didn't work for Kik.
  9. Sexting

    I guess she wants the D? Naw, I only get like 9 smileys for Kik. So I had to crop the peach/tongue pic from Google and send it to her. The only 'naughty' smiley I've got is devilish grin. That's it lol I don't know about eating ass. That ain't my thing. It could be if Bene Girl is into though haha
  10. Sexting

    Bwhahaha, oh well. She first responded to me at 5am. I responded back at 11am. If that ain't enough, then I'm moving onto the next one. I kik'ed her the peach, tongue and devilish smile. I don't play games.
  11. Sexting

  12. Sexting

    There were 3 aubergines/eggplants. That was it lol I already messaged her back.
  13. 2015/16 UEFA Champions League

    11x European Champs! Suck it, Barca!
  14. Sexting

    For real. I was blown away. There's no build up or intellectual talk anymore lol
  15. Sexting

    I'm 27 and even I'm shocked as to how far it's evolved. It's gone from "Hey there ;)" to Aubergine/Eggplant emojis. Any of you bastards fluent in it? I'm better at deciphering Twitter and Instagram gibberish.