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  1. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    Missed my point completely...
  2. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    Jaylon Smith is a bad, bad man... but he has nerve damage. The odds of him coming back are slim.
  3. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    Neal was pretty high on those SPARQ rankings and will likely be used as a LB. If we can claim victory with the same rankings then so can The Falcons.
  4. Eh, it's PFF. He got beat like a drum against Arizona, Houston and Washington (I saw two of those games). If he only gave up 20 pressures, then I'm Charlie Murphy.
  5. Check out his statistics whenever he went up against the better DEs in the league. It's a mixed bag. Like I said, he's good but not elite.
  6. Holy fug. I mean, he's good but not elite. Jeebus.
  7. Garrett > Funchess?

    You're the type of fan that jinxes a player from making the 53 man roster. Great job. That is what you've wrought to Garrett. Thanks!
  8. Garrett > Funchess?

    Yes, because Funchess still had the superior college career, and thus far, the superior rookie campaign. I'm sorry but Funchess is miles apart from Garrett in terms of athleticism and versatility. There's a reason why we traded up to acquire one and waited to call one as UDFA. Good god, man.
  9. Garrett > Funchess?

    I think I should slap you with a dildo.
  10. Garrett > Funchess?

    WTF Dude, if anything, Funchess could end up being our number one weapon down the road. We drafted him at 21. He's only had like three years of football experience, and can play inside and outside. Seriously WTF
  11. Game 7

    No one from the Eastern Conference is winning it. Point? Be bitter all you want. We still own you guys. Deal with it.
  12. Game 7

    I never doubted them. Wade is a killer in the playoffs and Whiteside shows up to play more times than not.
  13. Game 7

    Meh. I didn't post when we won Game 6. Either way, while I love B-Ball, my attention was on the draft.
  14. Game 7

    This series lasted longer than it should have but at least Miami was consistent when it mattered the most (that three game vacation was inexcusable). Good series, Charlotte, but deep down y'all knew it would end like this. Better luck next year.