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  1. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    No. Just no. Cam is already "historical". Thus, your argument is invalid.
  2. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    I mean, if people in here are gonna play the value angle then I could easily bring up Norwell, Hoover, Minter, etc. Smitty being drafted in the third round means diddly squat. Honestly, you can't compare the two. Cam IS the franchise and is a dominate force in the league. He's redefining the QB position. Agent 89 (despite being triple covered) never did what Cam did and take the NFL by storm.
  3. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    I'm just bewildered as to how Cam isn't undisputed by this fanbase. Smitty never made our team better (as deadly as a weapon he once was overall).
  4. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    Another 5 years? As much as I love Smitty, he was dethroned the moment Cam won MVP and took us to the Super Bowl.
  5. selects Panther's best and worst historical draft picks

    Yeah, ummmm, no. Cam will go down as the franchise's best player ever. That's damn evident with him winning league MVP and smashing records since his first snap. Smitty is a WR who saw half his career wasted by poo QB play. It wasn't Steve who made up for our deficiencies at OL and WR and still took us to 15-1. It's Cam and that should be undisputed by now.
  6. USA Today ranks the NFL head coaches

    Isn't USA Today the publication that mocked The Panthers and NFL for The Thanksgiving match up against their beloved Cowgirls? Yeah... fug 'em. I could care less what USA Today writes or thinks.
  7. Good lord....

    I'm gonna say they go 11-5. Unless a major injury transpires...
  8. Good lord....

    That's the thing. We assume they lost crucial pieces but Clark is more than ready to take over for an aging Mebane. Then there's Pierre-Louis ready to start along side Wright and Wagner. He's no pass rusher like Irving but he's 10x better in coverage. And finally, Rawls -- that guy looked like Beast Mode 2.0 behind that awful OL. We gotta ask ourselves, did Seattle really lose out? Or are they ready to load up like we did?
  9. Good lord....

    So you predicted that we would go 15-1 and be the #1 offense in the league without Benjamin, and having Oher as our starting LT and Ginn as our starting WR? Yeah, I'm gonna call shenanigans. Having a stronger OL meant diddly squat. Cam took his game to the next level to compensate for our deficiencies. Upgrading our Tackles did not put us over the top. Again, you're basing an upcoming season on no research other than echoing G-Man. Yay! You can mimick like a domestic parrot. Congrats. However, you continue to ignore their strengths (defense, run game). Their key losses don't account for anything considering they've got young talent ready to step up. You sound like a fugging Pigeon, Taint and Suc fan from last offseason justifying why we would finish last in the division.
  10. Good lord....

    Please explain to me in detail how they're on the decline. Sherman, Thomas, Wagner, Wright, Bennett, and Chancellor still run that defense, and Wilson is still Wilson. On top of it all, Lockett, Clark and Rawls are legit. You're still on 2015? Good god man. It's over. Guess what? We're all 0-0. Last year's record is a poo method to measure future success. Hello, we were 7-8-1 before we went 15-1. Stop. There are too many variables here to be playing Nostradameus especially with a perennial playoff contender.
  11. Good lord....

    You're wrong. Watch Carolina-Atlanta 2 and say otherwise. St. Louis has always pushed Seattle to the brink because they've played each other twice a year... FOR YEARS. You can't base your opinion of Seattle just because a division rival kicks their ass every now and then.
  12. Good lord....

    You can't honestly be this ignorant. Outside the trenches, they're us. In fact, their DL is underrated. Their only weakness at the moment is their OL.
  13. Good lord....

    Don't be delusional. It's us, Seattle... and then Arizona and Green Bay. They're our nemesis for a reason.
  14. Good lord....

    I'm a homer but you do realize the Seahawks still got Rawls, Lockett and Clark, right? Their 2015 draft was a big hit. The Seahawks aren't going anywhere. They're going to be a thorn on our backside for years to come.
  15. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    Benji looks in great shape. I hope it translates to great success. I've been very critical of him but that's because he has placed a moderate ceiling on himself in the past. A motivated Kelvin is a scary thought.