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  1. Delete me

    Why did the toilet paper roll down down the hill? To get to the BOTTOM. We got the side boob pic earlier. If I knew how to do it, I would attach anice rear end shot.
  2. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    BBQ Ribs, Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob, and homemade Mac n Cheese for Supper. (Yes Supper) My army of Panther Fans, (Grand Young'uns), are coming over to eat and watchthe game with me. During the game, I've bought a ton of Junk that kids will like. (Wings, Chips and Salsa, Oreos, NutterButter, Famous Amos, Pigs in a blanket, and a Chocolate Hershey Cake with Super Bowl 50 on it) My daughter-in-law is letting the 7 year old grandson miss school tomorrow because hanging with me during the most important Game in our history is so important to him. Super Stoked for the game. Go Panthers!
  3. Awesome video. Great work. Thanks
  4. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    Much appreciated.
  5. What Colts Fans Are Saying

    I agree. Overall I was impressed with their football knowledge. Even in the Cam Verses Luck thread, mostactually gave Cam credit for being special.
  6. Nice post. Coleman does not get the credit he deserves. Thanks for making his contributions more apparent to anaverage knowledge fan. (Me)
  7. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs

    Great work. Thank you. The shots of Delaire were awesome. Cam is a Beast.
  8. It's a Trap!

    Statisticallythere is zero direct correlation between a fans thoughts and feelings to a players thoughts and feelings. You are correct. i do however believe fans can have a positive effect on player motivation during critical portions of a game when they chant "Keep Pounding".
  9. Along the Sidelines - Texans at Panthers

    Much Appreciated.
  10. Huddle Podcast: An Hour with Shaq Thompson

    Enjoyed the podcast. Thanks.
  11. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    Looking forward to the game regardless. I try not to worry about the score in preseason. (Obviously I like it when the Panthers Win) I'm always excited to see if one of the new guys can earn a spot on the roster. I hate that KB is done for the year, and I know it doesn't count, but it's still Panther Football, so I'm happy.
  12. How does this photo make you feel?

    Excellent post. At first the picture made me angry, but after reading the thread and your thoughts, I agreethe past doesn't really matter. Thanks.
  13. Today's Practice Skirmish

    ​Maybe I missed it in the thread. I know you didn't see it, but who was involved in the first incident? Was the same two players both times?