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  1. Red Zone added a post in a topic Did Benjamin's injury help Cam become a better QB?   

    Not having KB has probably expedited his ability to get to his 2nd and 3rd reads quicker.
    Cam is a naturally "gifted" athlete with a strong desire to get better, so I feel like he will continue to improve regardless of the situation. It's in his DNA to try and be the best. That's what makes him special.
    I want Cam to be surrounded by elite talent as much as the rest of you guys, and I trust G-man to get us there ASAP. In the meantime, successfully facing adversity builds character. The determination Cam has exhibited during these first 4 games has been phenomenal. Anyone who questions his growth and leadership is a dumbass and a hater.
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  2. Red Zone added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs   

    Great work. Thank you. The shots of Delaire were awesome. 
    Cam is a Beast.
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  3. Red Zone added a post in a topic Bersin four catches for 54 yds   

    I realize he's not a Pro Bowler, but he catches the ball consistently. I don't understand all the low ceiling stuff. How is anyone on this forum qualified to say that or know that. I'm greatful no one looked at me early in my career and just decided he can only go so far. 
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  4. Red Zone added a post in a topic Biggest Surprise through the first Quarter of the Season   

    Voted Oher. Very pleased. Almost went with Ginn. He has stepped up. Go Panthers!
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  5. Red Zone added a post in a topic It's a Trap!   

    Statistically there is zero direct correlation between a fans thoughts and feelings to a players thoughts and feelings. You are correct.
    i do however believe fans can have a positive effect on player motivation during critical portions of a game when they chant "Keep Pounding".
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  6. Red Zone added a post in a topic It's either Saints week or somebody farted on this airplane   

    One of your best. Thanks
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  7. Red Zone added a post in a topic Of Periscopes and Sitting Ducks: how to torpedo the New Orleans Saints   

    Excellent read. Thanks 
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  8. Red Zone added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Texans at Panthers   

    Much Appreciated.
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  9. Red Zone added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    Had sausage egg, and cheese burritos this morning with hot sauce.
    Placed a boneless chuck roast in the crockpot this am. (Marinated in "Dales" sauce all night) Plan to have mashed potatoes and mac n cheese as sides. I could think of better sides, but I don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen.
    Grandkids usually join me for the game. I am creating 3 more Panther fanatics.
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  10. Red Zone added a comment on a blog entry Panthers @ Jaguars Preview   

    Excellent write-up. Thanks
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  11. Red Zone added a post in a topic Huddle Podcast: An Hour with Shaq Thompson   

    Enjoyed the podcast. Thanks.
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  12. Red Zone added a post in a topic No claims on cuts   

    Not everyone wants Bersin cut. I don't.
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  13. Red Zone added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    Bowling Ball isn't going anywhere. At least not this year. That's just my opinion. Next year could be a different story.
    I figure G-Man and Rivera will find a way to keep both Ward and Wegher if they feel they are included in the "Best" 53.
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  14. Red Zone added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    Looking forward to the game regardless. I try not to worry about the score in preseason. (Obviously I like it when the Panthers Win)
    I'm always excited to see if one of the new guys can earn a spot on the roster. I hate that KB is done for the year, and I know it doesn't count, but it's still Panther Football, so I'm happy.
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  15. Red Zone added a post in a topic What are your top 3 areas of improvement you want to see Saturday?   

    Most has already been covered.
    1) Execution - I want to see a sustainable consistent drive down the field by the first team offense. Not looking for any trick plays, or 40 yard passes, just mix it up and move the ball.
    2) Shaq - Excited to see him play, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I hope he gets reps, but if he isn't ready yet, wait for game 3.
    3) Forced Turnovers - I suspect if the D-line improves play, we could see some takeaways in the secondary.
    Lastly, I am not too concerned about the DE position. I think we have a ton of talent on the field, and I don't have an issue with a rotation opposite CJ. Addison continues to improve, I have faith that Frank will come around, and I think the Huddle's expectation of Kony's development is unrealistic. (It's year 2)
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