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  1. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    I love how Ron and DG give Person so much poo. "We won't go there Joe, we just won't ..."
  2. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    We absolutely beat them with Kelvin Benjamin
  3. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    When Cam starts to slow down he will be a lot like Big Ben. We will have a big window for a long time as long as we have him and Luke.
  4. Super Bowl 51 Is Ours

    Another solid draft to replace our aging veteran role players should put us in great position. Having KB is going be fuging huge.
  5. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    We will go undefeated next season with the biggest piece we were missing all year and the piece that we needed the most last night.   Kelvin fuging Benjamin.
  6. Blandino on the no catch call

    It was a  bullshit  call. Just displayed the complete arrogance of an NFL officiating crew not willing to admit they were wrong to change the call.
  7. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    What the hell makes you think that? This team is built to contend for a while.
  8. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Well technically we do have that playmaker. He just got hurt. So we should still be very proud of our team. KB and Funchess +Ginn and Brown will probably be enough for Cam to do whatever he wants next season. But another weapon would certainly help.
  9. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    Tonight just proved the only reason we got to the super bowl was because we had Cam. This was a game we needed Kelvin Benjamin. WR talent was finally exposed. Refs were also ignorant and biased.
  10. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    What pisses me off was that this was not a clean loss. The better team didn't win this game and a lot of bullshit calls ruined the game experience.    The officials are seriously arrogant and biased mother fugers. The only reason that wasn't a catch in the first quarter was because the ref didn't want to be wrong. Complete ignorant bullsht. You're telling me the NFL is going to let things like this happen in the biggest game of the year? It's honestly just piss poor pathetic management by the NFL to call a fair game on the biggest stage in sports. It's seriously fuging sad. 
  11. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    We played like poo but the refs were clearly cheating us out of the game.
  12. The refs are clearly biased and its really fuging sad 
  13. Definitely should have Delaire on the field tonight.
  14. I think so. But mainly because of the legends that Cam and Keuchly will become. Also the fact that Rivera was on the 85 Bears squad will add some swag.
  15. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Im sorry you had a bad experience OP. I just hope you consider that the celebrity status is extremely taxing Im sure. Hell I work at a bar and I honestly can't stand people sometimes. I'm sure Cam has his moments where he just wants to be left alone in whichever way he rationalized it in his head. Nobody is perfect. But I will not deny that is a shitty thing to experience. I just hope you don't judge his entire character on it.