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  1. Definitely should have Delaire on the field tonight.
  2. I think so. But mainly because of the legends that Cam and Keuchly will become. Also the fact that Rivera was on the 85 Bears squad will add some swag.
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Im sorry you had a bad experience OP. I just hope you consider that the celebrity status is extremely taxing Im sure. Hell I work at a bar and I honestly can't stand people sometimes. I'm sure Cam has his moments where he just wants to be left alone in whichever way he rationalized it in his head. Nobody is perfect. But I will not deny that is a shitty thing to experience. I just hope you don't judge his entire character on it.
  4. Met Josh at the draft party. Talked with him about the toughest WRs he's faced. He said Jones and Smitty were the best. I also told him how I thought it was complete bullshit how the refs fugged us in SF playoff game and he agreed it was a rigged game.
  5. Cam Newton Josh Norman. Even though Apollo isn't real
  6. Chess Match: Manning vs Kuechly

    I always thought Mannings mind was his biggest asset and his own weakness at the same time. He tries so hard to control everything that when it doesn't go his way he loses his ability to simply play within the game. And since he has physically deteriorated he doesn't have the arm to force throws anymore.
  7. Spoiled Youngsters

    When I clicked on this thread I was thinking it was going to be about all the Panther fans who are kids and teenagers. That plus fake ass bandwagoners.   Hell back in my day Biakabatuka was all world and Ray Carruth was bottom line 89.   That has to be an amazing experience as a rookie. Hopefully it shows them what it takes to get there throughout their career.
  8. Sherman to Carolina for vet minimum.
  9. What makes the Huddle so special?

    All of us here know we have the coolest fuging team in the NFL.
  10. Haha wow this fat slob has never stepped on a football field or probably even his own backyard to know what grass feels like.
  11. Welp. We're out of the Pro Bowl for sure. :)

    They still get probowl recognition right?
  12. Broncos to Wear All White

    Gotta give the black unis some love.
  13. 89 Panther 4 Life! Bottom Line

    You Smitty is jealous as hell
  14. I agree OP. It's a bunch of bullshit. Cam has been top 15 since 2013 easily. The biggest difference this year is that he actually has a good oline. He's been a great QB for a while. I will say though his game has been nothing but exceptional this year.