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  1. Bovado has no line up yet...."due to injuries."
  2. Even with Rogers...I'll take that bet.
  3. Have to work. Ticket is upper level in the wheel chair row.
  4. Everyone kindly freak out

    Weather for Morganton at 6 am said rain all day. It is 32 and a blizzard. Even main roads covered. Got home about 1 hour ago and could not make it all the way to my house. Have plenty of chili and soup fixings...and some good wine.
  5. Hypothetical: Hue Jackson

    The Browns are so bad I do not see how anyone could think another coaching change could help. They have to get better before they can blame the coach. Jackson should be safe there....poor guy.
  6. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    Just heard them say on NFL network that Eli stood at his locker today and answered every question the press had for him. He has been a class act his entire career. He deserved better than this. Hope he ends up in Jacksonville next year and rocks on. (Or where ever he wants).
  7. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    Hope the best for him and sorry to hear of his injury. I hope the change becomes a positive thing for him. He just did not seem to live up to his potential here. Sometimes he looked great...sometimes lack of effort. Getting a pick for him a good move, IMO.
  8. Coaching Carousel

    AD may lose his job over this. https://www.seccountry.com/tennessee/report-increasing-pressure-big-tennessee-boosters-force-vols-ad-john-currie
  9. Saints Lose Pie

    Next week too.
  10. Saints going down next week.
  11. Saints Rams gameday thread.

  12. Thank god for 14 non offensive points.

    Good teams score with their D and ST. About time the Panthers joined the party.
  13. Big Vern finally showing up.

    Game announcers said he is a big disappointment. Just reporting.