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  1. Gameday Menu

    Cool. Glad to have you.
  2. Got a job offer..

    That is a very nice problem to have. Congrats!! Please do not let anyone here influence you!! Good luck with your process...it sounds like you would like your current company to step up with benefits, and I hope they do.
  3. Cam Not Talking to Media

    So, is the 1st quote from you and example of your "reasonable conversation?"
  4. Gameday Menu

    Welcome. How did we get a Huddler/Panther fan in Glasgow?
  5. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Perfect?? Can you read?? I said he should have made some progress. Your comments are asinine.
  6. Cam Not Talking to Media

    He is 28 yrs old and in his 7th year as a professional football player. He should have made some progress toward adulthood.
  7. Cam Not Talking to Media

    1. My employer is making money off of me too. That is why we have a job. 2. Cam has filed no action claiming his duties are unlawful or against his moral code. Note...they have not been before now. 3. Sadly...that has been the knock on Cam since he has been in the league. I am done with it.
  8. Cam Not Talking to Media

    It is in his job description to speak to the media. (By the way...he makes a hell of a lot of money off of the NFL...nice try trying to make him a victim of the NFL) Are you employed? Do you have a job description? What happens if you refuse to perform your duties? I do not think that expecting an adult to be responsible comes from a high horse position. I think that is what is expected of all of us.
  9. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Full story??? Blame Cam. He needs to explain himself.
  10. Cam Not Talking to Media

    Cam needs better advisers. He seems to be unraveling. He is becoming a distraction instead of a leader. Whatever his reasons..he is not acting like a franchise QB...or a team captain...or a leader of any kind. Plus...he is not doing his job. How many people here can skip the parts of their job they do not like. Unfortunately....whatever the issue is here....there is a bigger issue.
  11. Gameday Menu

    Just got a fresh dozen duck eggs. I will start my day with a nice omelette...asparagus, mushroom, and a couple of cheeses. Will get back to you on what happens in the afternoon.
  12. Did not think that is where his threads came from.
  13. Used car price haggling question

    That does not work. You negotiate by having solid information on the value of the vehicle..what others have sold the same thing for. If you are looking at a $50k car but have a $30k budget...you are on the wrong car. Saying what you can afford does not change the value of the car.
  14. Used car price haggling question

    What is the year, model, trim level, and mileage?
  15. Used car price haggling question

    True Car now lists used cars. Use that info...dealers hate that web site. Dealers make more money on used cars than they do new. Stick to your guns. If they do not bite...wait until the end of the month...managers get desperate then...will make better deals. Plus...do not mention you have your own financing...they are planning on making money from you there too. Just tell them the amount that is in your budget. Hold all the info you can as long as you can. https://www.truecar.com/#/