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  1. It does not make him a hero...but a decent human being. What you do Huddler is exceptional and you too are a decent person. Not everyone gives of their time in such a selfless way. I applaud you and respect you. I respect Wes Horton too. I am glad the Panthers have such high character players. I am glad you do what you do to make a difference.
  2. This is a prediction that I believe is based on lack of interest in the Panthers by the media or just plain laziness. Easy to say the pattern continues. Takes a little more work (but not much) to look more closely at the team. Barring some major injuries...this is a playoff team at least. Hope ESPN article is clipped and placed inside of every locker.
  3. He spoke at the funeral...likely a public event. I bet a family member or friend of the family tipped this off. If he wanted publicity, there was plenty of time to tell about what he was doing long ago.
  4. Wes Horton's devotion to this young man is impressive. A lot of NFL players spend some of their Tuesdays during the season visiting hospitals...but this is a lot more than that. I have so much respect for Wes as a person after reading this. You should read it all. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article213437254.html
  5. ladypanther

    $20 wins you $600

    Where can you make these bets online? Bovada is where I made some money during our Super Bowl run...but they do not have much in the way of futures bets up now.
  6. The more weapons you can use effectively, the less predictable the offense is.
  7. ladypanther

    So, I asked Gil Brant about Norv

    No...called before. Last time I talked with Gil was right before the NFC championship game in Charlotte. Unlike others...he said the Panther secondary was up to the task against the Cardinal receivers. Thought the Panthers would win the game.
  8. ladypanther

    So, I asked Gil Brant about Norv

    Have you ever listened to the guy? He is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the game and the players.
  9. On Sirius NFL Radio Late Hits they wanted to talk about coaches...I called in and asked what we could expect Norv's impact to be on our offense. Gil said he has known him since Norv was a college QB. Raved about how smart he is, hard worker, etc. I liked these 3 things: Said he calls a lot of screens (some Panther fans may not recognize that play) Said 2 or 3 times that he is a great play caller Mentioned that he is a developer of QB's and quoted Aikman as saying he would not have been the player he was if it were not for Norv. I am very excited about our OC. Some of you may have already guessed that....lol. This will be a very good year.
  10. He could make occasional spectacular plays. But how many drives have been stalled because of the above...or running the wrong route? Sadly, does not sound like he has learned anything from being traded. Blaming the Panthers will not help him become a better receiver.
  11. ladypanther

    DJ Moore is smoove

    He looks like will be a real difference maker for this team. I am excited about this offense.
  12. ladypanther

    The Norv difference

    My fellow Huddlers.....we have been waiting for Norv for years. He is a mediocre HC and a great OC. I believe he will deliver us to the promise land. I am looking forward to another NFC championship game in Charlotte. Where is the next game??
  13. ladypanther

    The Norv difference