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  1. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Pat Kirwin and Jim Miller on Sirius NFL radio said the do not think any team will pay Brees 20 mil to play in 2017.
  2. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

  3. credit card problem

    I do but this was not a Wells Fargo Card.
  4. East coast SB....good for our fans. Saving up.
  5. Probably Good

    Are you serious?? More blame that the killer???? Really???
  6. Olsen is a pro's pro. What else can you say?

    If the Panthers could get back to having 2 good TE's (well...1 great and the other pretty good) watch out world.
  7. credit card problem

    I did think about But I have not been at either in quite some time.
  8. credit card problem

    Chip technology is supposed to prevent this. Problem so many merchants do not yet have it so have to swipe the card. Found out today that the same thief went to same convenience store chain in the next town, tried to spend $185 but it was declined. Good fraud detection. Too bad it did not decline the 1st one.
  9. credit card problem

    So, I stopped at Lowe's after work and tried to spend $40. My credit card was declined. Impossible. I figured the chip was malfunctioning. Called the credit card company. Seems my card was used in Tyrone, PA today for $154.56 at 131pm. They must have detected fraud. No...they did not call me...just let me get declined. (I was in NC all day...card in my possession). I called the place it was used. It is a convenience store. They do not do transactions by phone. The clerk remembers this transaction because it was unusually large for them. Said a guy named Tyrone bought 20 packs of cigs (thus the fraud alert) and some other stuff. His 1st card was declined. So he pulled out another with my account # and his name on it. Clerk said she checked his ID because they have had problems there. Also said the card looked funny. They do not have a chip reader so he just slid the card. I will not have to pay this of course. Just wondering how this poo happens. Also funny....did you catch that Tyrone used this card in Tyrone?
  10. Philly Brown is a daddy

    He is a great looking young man!
  11. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    Why did Norman not sign? He was hinting a hold out??? If he thought so much of the family he would have signed right away. He wanted big money....he got it. Why is he complaining?
  12. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    All Josh did was run around talking in the media about how he wanted to be the highest paid corner. GM gave him a chance to remain a Panther at least 1 more year. If he wanted to be a Panther that much...why not sign the damn tender? He now has the $$$$$. Not sure why he is complaining. He should be very, very happy. I guess, be careful what you ask for.......
  13. I did it I bought PSL's

    Good for you. congrats!
  14. Canada Wildfire Vid - Escape from Ft. McMurray

    How close to the flames. Lucky to make it out looks like. So many people have lost everything.