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  1. If You Bank With Wells Fargo

    I had my debit card stolen once and Wells cut it off after  2 swipes totaling about $50.  They know your spending habits.  I have never purchased cigarettes and that was apparently the 2nd thing the thief purchased.  That security system is amazing and kept my bank account from being drained.
  2. Getting ready to change jobs

  3. Getting ready to change jobs

    Been where I am 3 years.(car sales) Things were going well for a while but have steadily declined since we got a new GM a year ago.  I think my income there has maxed and will go down.  Need to be going forward.  I have stumbled onto the world of RV sales.  Does not sound all that appealing but there seems to be good money to be made and their season is about to start. Anyone in that business?  I am likely going with a big company.  Work environment seems good and they seem fairly laid back. (I have a friend who has been there 10 days.  Someone else I know works for them in another state and raves about the business, the latter previously worked where I am now). Also, hours are better..latest I would have to work there is 6pm....8pm where I am now. I don't make changes frivolously.  Have been looking for months.  Wanted a job with good money and banker's hours.....that opportunity has not come forth.  So, this seems to be the hope of better money and a bit better hours.  Commission sales are always risky.  Where I am not they do not seem to be driving business, and of course they blame salespeople. The RV people seem to be salivating about the thought of spring being around the corner. So, let me know if you know anything about the business.  This is helpful for me in just talking about it.
  4. Anyone had a pet diagnosed with osteosarcoma?

    Sorry to hear that.  It is a very tough decision to have to make but it sounds like you did what was best for your dog. I understand though that it is a tough loss.
  5. Braylon Beam Appearance On The Ellen Show Today

    Big time props to Ellen too!
  6. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Need the D to score here. Luke??