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  1. If Smitty ever came to the Panthers again (I don't think he will) it wouldn't be GMan's call. It would be the Big Cat's.
  2. I was hoping to see a pic of Smitty and @Montsta with his face blurred out in this thread.
  3. didnt he retire to be at home work his family? Doubt he's looking for a job.
  4. click click click click click click click
  5. Wasn't Berry tagged last year? You're hearing he's going to get tagged again?
  6. know the dude quit his website, right?
  7. Ha....yeah that's pretty much it.
  8. I don't think so, sir. What do we gain if ATL wins the SB?
  9. I like @Captain Obvious.
  10. Just don't step over to my side of the line and we are good ;)
  11. Fixed it. But take it easy on Coke - no reason to get carried away here.
  12. fug ATL - Matty Ice - the GA Dome - "Rise Up" - Samuel L Jackson - that dude that hit Cam in the head - Mike Vick - Home Depot - fake crowd noise - Chick Fil-A - new butt Dome. All of it....
  13. Back was 5a and I was reading with one eye and thinking with minimal brain cells. Yeah I fugged that up. They actually got robbed and should have won. I'm praying for a typical ATL playoff meltdown, but this year feels a little different. Can you imagine Dallas vs ATL in the NFCCG? fug man.... Truthfully GB is really the only team left in the NFC I can stomach.
  14. This. Wonder if something like this could actually help force the NCAA's hand?