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  1. A team from was also at his house so I would imagine they brought gifts for the fam.
  2. Ahhhh....that's right. My man!
  3. Someone owes me $40 but I don't remember who it was.
  4. I don't think he was asking because he didn't know their needs. I think it was more of an anxious question he was asking out loud. Liked that piece by Max. Good behind the scenes look.
  5. This podcast is bound to be a mess
  6. You mean the one who looks like he doesn't like the smell of beer?
  7. On our way buddy
  8. Glad we are weeding through the sissies.
  9. So you're not coming to a draft party because there's a picture of your ex on our website? Is that what I'm reading?
  10. 4.More.Hours. Time to drink....