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  1. Would rather the Jags than the Pats or Eagles
  2. He's doing it for Insta and Twitter. Just wants to start over with his accounts. Cam is Cam.
  3. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    You mean the one that got fired for not wanting to extend TD and Olsen. Bro...call me if you want me to explain what's happened in our GM history to you.
  4. Hurney is "the worst GM in the NFL"

    People really still think that was all Marty's doing?
  5. London 2018?

    Only two more helmets fitting on that table - Panthers are out.
  6. London 2018?

    Yeah I heard none at Twickenhan this year
  7. Except the average parking will be $50 and there are 10 games. And that number is greater than $0 by a lot.
  8. That graphic is fake @Trev_GFC
  9. This is definitely a typo. She's already corrected it
  10. Dorsey was almost fired last offseason but RR went to bat for him and Shula both. What has Dorsey done to improve Cam's mechanics?