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  1. oh man....Goose Island and Shock Top will taste great in there.
  2. He's still a rookie - unless he just comes out blazing consistently then it doesn't seem like a big deal bringing him off the bench.
  3. And he actually picked him
  4. I love you all. Even Chuck. Edit: not that Northpowell or whatever dude. He quit last year.
  5. You'll be missed Scot - you're one of the good ones on here. Best of luck to your family.
  6. I'm torn between thinking with all their coaching changes and the SB hangover that there's no way they won't regress, to thinking that they're returning everyone to a team that had a ridiculous offense and a D that got much better towards the end of the season. I don't think they'll fall like us to 6-10, but maybe around 9-7.
  7. Would be a sick second squad if it stays that way.
  8. i could live with Kemba - Monk - Nic - Frank - Howard Sessions (ugh) - Lamb - MKG - Marvin - Cody
  9. I honestly don't know enough about him. Edit: but guessing that means we would be packaging those firsts to move up. Which is good
  10. I don't hate DSJ at all. But you can't have him and Kemba out there at the same time. Yeah Monk isn't huge either but he's a definite 2
  11. Nic does a lot for this team and Kemba....he just doesn't need to be the #2 scoring option. He would be a fine at 3 with Frank/Marvin at 4 IMO
  12. I wouldn't mind that. But having Monk at 2 and moving Nic to 3 does more for them than drafting a backup PG at 7/8
  13. Now give 31 and 11 to move to 7/8 for Monk and I'll drink to that.
  14. I don't want Kennard. At all