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  1. Or skip Google and just go straight to the website we paid to build to answer these questions love you
  2. We have a group is Sydney
  3. This really means that Smith should be super thankful that Norris’ toe hurts
  4. RoaringRiot

    Unique Panthers T-shirts

    Thanks @CarolinaNCSU 704Shop is great - PinkSocial is great for ladies. Both good friends of ours. I’m wearing this new one to DC
  5. RoaringRiot

    Lighten Up....

    I was in Denver for the game with the MHCs and it was fuging awesome
  6. We have 300 in the lower level all together for Washington. It’s going to be loud AF - can’t wait.
  7. RoaringRiot

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Skins won’t win in the Dome
  8. RoaringRiot

    Panthers bar in uptown Charlotte?

    We go to Draught
  9. FYI - he told me earlier the next question to Rivera was about Byrd to which he responded “we’ll just have to see who is out there Sunday”.
  10. I don’t think it needed a thread either. And I’m not saying he’s right - he’s been wrong plenty. But to suggesting he’s on the outside isn’t accurate. Not many know that we are at everything. That’s all I meant.
  11. Fun Fact: Josh is one of two media members outside of Panthers.com to go to every practice, event, and game. Jourdan is the other.
  12. RoaringRiot

    Thursday notes/pressers

    No he’s out there
  13. RoaringRiot

    Wednesday notes/pressers

    Interesting read
  14. Did you get played by an old Tweet?
  15. RoaringRiot

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Reid has never been afraid to talk to the media. Let’s not make this a thing because some dude named Marc on Twitter said so.