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  1. Biggers had zero D snaps yesterday. Pretty sure those 17 listed are all from ST. If he makes it it's only in that capacity.
  2. My Project 53 Roster

    Yeah...designated to return. Won't see him until week 8. I mean...he's sure as hell won't be ready for San Fran and they can't waist a secondary restore spot waiting on him.
  3. My Project 53 Roster

    Really feels like Elder is headed for the IR. He hasn't played at all. Can't imagine they keep two FBs. Gano isn't getting cut.
  4. It's done because Mularkey likes one preseason game to be in the heat so the players can, you know, get acclimated to what it's like playing in September at 1p. The game actually started st 2p not 3p. So it's a benefit to the Panthers and their preseason training. The first game was scheduled for Wednesday because the PGA was in Charlotte.
  5. My fiancé

    Congrats - that's good stuff
  6. @Panthers

  7. @Panthers

    Don't pie me, give the guy a shoutout and a follow. You can beer me, however.
  8. @Panthers

    I debated whether or not to start this topic for quite a while. Dan (the man behind @Panthers) has taken a new job and today is his last day. I'm sure the organization would prefer this to be a transition that goes unnoticed, not because they don't respect Dan, but because successful social media accounts have managers that take on the life of the brand and most of the time the followers don't know who is behind the curtain. I get that - and that's why I hesitated. But....not only has Dan been an amazing social media manager for the Panthers he's legit one of the nicest guys I've met. He genuinely cares about the team, its fans, and clever social media smack talk. I respect the guy completely and we will miss him. I feel like having him leave Charlotte without a proper sendoff just isn't the right thing to do for someone who has been such an impact in the Panthers community. So...I'm hoping that you all will get on Twitter and give @TweetsByDanno love he deserves before he heads of to NYC. I started by RTing some of the classic @Panthers moments that he's put together. Dan - thanks for all that you've done, my man. We're going to miss the hell out of you. We wish you a ton of luck back home and we'll absolutely be following along.
  9. The separation he creates from the defenders on his breaks is real. I don't care what the situation is. He's doing it consistently and on players at all D positions. Yes that's something to be excited about.
  10. Why aren't other players doing this then?
  11. Guys guys guys....this is only practice. He needs to do this in a real game. This is totally unfair to the LB. What did I leave out?
  12. Dumbass

    https://www.facebook.com/sportingnews/videos/10156919288933018/ This is amazing. Click it
  13. Plus Wesley Woodyard graded out as one of the top LBs in coverage last year. It's ok to be excited. "The kid's got shake"
  14. Not to mention the one handed grab at the end. Just, wow....