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  1. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    I was with KissMyConverse and Free Fua. There were several other Huddlers there but now I can't recall if I know people from the Huddle, Twitter, or IRL. The all blend together.  
  2. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    @Montsta was at the Welcoming Party and didn't holler at me? Weak....
  3. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    No apology needed. I'm sorry you guys got bad information. 
  4. Want To See The Super Bowl 50 Crowd Firsthand?

    No it wasn't. 65-35 at the most and I still think that's high. There were definitely more Broncos fans but Panthers fans did a fine job representing considering it was more of a logistics challenge to travel.
  5. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    Yeah Anchor had three of those nice trailer porta-Jons right next door to the beer garden. 
  6. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    No bathrooms? They were right next door to the Anchor beer garden 
  7. Official Super Bowl Program

    Ha...don't be. The content is great in it. The thing is thick as hell. 
  8. We were outnumbered for sure but I don't think it was as bad as people are saying. Here are my thoughts on it.... 1) orange is much more noticeable. Lots of Panthers fans were wearing black so it was tough to tell on TV (or in the stands from afar) 2) we didn't have too much to cheer for. There were plenty of chants for the Panthers but let's be serious, no one was pumped up the way the team was playing. We tried though.  3) I thought the stadium was definitely geared towards the Broncos. Three times the field announcers came on the screen to discuss the game and ended with a "what do you think about that Broncos fans". They did it zero for us. 
  9. Enemy Territory Panthers Bar Representing

    Anyone seen me there before? 
  10. What makes the Huddle so special?

    Why am I never invited to be in these?
  11. When did you 'know' this team was Superbowl bound

    At Seattle was when I knew the chance was there. 
  12. Super Bowl Roll Call

    We got a private bus taking us down there and back. I've got a tailgate pass but not sure if I'm going to use it or not.
  13. Super Bowl Roll Call

    Thanks to @thebigcat for setting me up with his friends and getting me some more reasonably priced tickets. I'm taking off in the AM. See you all out there. 
  14. Roaring Riot Events in San Fran

    We've got just a few bus seats left. Here are the details... Leaving st 930a from our venue in SF $100/person Includes: everything for the bus (roundtrip ride, tax, tip, parking pass) and booze in the bus. The bus has a bathroom on it too We were going to just take the express shuttle for $55 but the schedule is pretty tough, there are a ton of stops, you can't booze, and you'll be mixed in with Broncos fans. The extra $45 is a no-brainier IMO.  I think we have 4 or 6 seats left.