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  1. Hi there

    I just got knocked out of a poker tournament on the SECOND HAND OF THE TOURNAMENT. So I got that going for me.
  2. https://twitter.com/josephperson/status/962008062394380288 Damn why didn't that embed?
  3. I was trying to lead you all to the answer by saying you should read the info that's out there regarding just this bit right here. It would fill in all the gaps. But you said it didn't matter because I didn't understand NC employment law. Which is hilarious considering what I do know. When I come in here I try to share info when I have it and can share it - it's usually in All Pro because more people can handle it there. Sometimes it's vague but can be pieced together. But really there's no gain for me to share it and when people would rather argue about it it just gets exhausting. So carry on with the law lesson - I'll just get out of the way.
  4. Haha....great point. I should have phrased that differently.
  5. I used the term "wrongful termination-ish" because, yes, I don't know what the exact suit would be. It wasn't meant to be a literal legal term. Good lord. This is why I don't post info in the main forum anymore.
  6. The Panthers' front office may show so signs of incompetence, but I seriously doubt their legal team doesn't know the consequences involved.
  7. Really? Ok....I'll stick with the horse's mouth on this one though my man.
  8. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    How is Howard the problem? I don't see that at all.
  9. Maybe you guys should read the sources that I read.
  10. When the withdraw comes after a judge denies the motion for protection it sure feels like there's nothing there.
  11. Unless.....he was no longer in a temp position *mindblown.gif*
  12. I really think the Rice comparisons are totally opposites. Rice was on tape hitting his wife. Ms. Hurney was turned down by a judge because there wasn't enough evidence. I can't find one similarity. The other side of that coin is if it's true that he's done nothing, then the Panthers open themselves up for a potential wrongful termination-type suit. They're in a lose-lose situation really....
  13. I'm starting to lean this way, but won't be Hurney.