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  1. Giants game

    You don't want to sit with that guy 
  2. New England Panthers Fans

    I really, really want a Panthers bar in New England. We also play there in 2017 and you know we're taking the Riot up there. Help these guys get it going
  3. Giants game

    I know it's going to be freezing cold. 
  4. Mile High Cats - Denver Panther Fans

    Ask for Derek and/or Jesse and introduce yourself. They're good dudes. 
  5. Mile High Cats - Denver Panther Fans

    Man...5 years and you JUST found out about the MHC? I was in Denver one afternoon with a Panthers hat on and had 5-6 people tell me to go to Shelby's.  Youre in for a treat - it's a good time. 
  6. Atlanta Dome Takeover 2015

    Here's the info. There's a tab for pricing on there too
  7. RR on the news

    Yep I knew being realistic was going to come back to haunt me with all the psychos (and it has)
  8. Just to be clear, when you see other players dab ...

    An Entertainer and an Icon.             and to think many of you were mad when he said that...SMH.
  9. I've got 4 extra tickets for the game in New Orleans next weekend. We're in section 126 row 14. They're $150 each (what I paid for them). 
  10. Unfortunately there are always a-holes no matter how you act during the game. But generally if you're not one then you'll be fine. 
  11. Also...during the incident a personal item fell off the guy. The security guard scooped it up. My buddy went and got it from the security guard. So if anyone is able to identify this guy then my buddy has his item
  12. Just spoke to my buddy who sat two rows behind this guy (you can hear my friend yelling in the first video). He said the guy was with him mom at the game. He was starting "keep pounding" chants most of the game because there were a ton of Panthers fans in that section (145). At the end of the game he held up a sign that said 11-0. That's when the security came down and made him leave.  That's what really happened.
  13. Ha....well it's true. I can guarantee you that if he was with our group then 1) he wouldn't have gotten out of line enough to get escorted out. We would have nipped that stuff.  And 2) he wouldn't have been wrongfully choked out (if that was the case). 
  14. Another reason why you should travel to away games in in numbers.