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  1. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Lol that's cute. You're forgetting we also have a legitimate top-5 defense to go along with our top scoring offense. You Bronco fans like to conviently leave that little tid-bit of FACTUAL information out of your "analysis". A defense that isnt far behind the self proclaimed greatest defense of alltime in Denver. A defense that is actually better in a few key statistical areas than Denver's. How is your below average offense going to manifest and sustain any drives. You will need to put up at least 27 points and your defense will have to play their best game of the year to have a shot. It isn't going to happen.  You can keep talking about your defense all you won't but the real matchup, the one that will actually impact your chances of winning more so will be the success your offense has against a very good defense. The best turnover creating defense in the league. The Panthers have the best linebacker core in the league. Period. Considering Manning's throws come in the middle of the field with short and intermediate routes because of his non-existent deep ball and your sub-par running game I like our chances. The game might be close, score wise, but it will never really be in doubt. We are a far more superior team.  You will need us to turn the ball over multiple times and formulate and execute your best game of the year in addition to that to squeak one out. Good luck.  The Super Bowl was won last week in Charlotte.
  2. PU is a mod. Either that or a alt of another  respected and well known poster. You guys haven't figured that out yet? It's painfully obvious to me.
  3. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    My biggest issue with their opinions is that they believe that their defense, while great, is going to shut down our offense and that's their key to a win. That's not even the key match-up. They are forgetting their mediocre offense is going to have to play against our top-5 defense on the other side of the field. How in the actual fug is their offense going to maintain and sustain any drives for points? Even if our offense puts up 17, that should be enough to win. It's laughable. All they want to talk about is how we haven't seen a defense like theirs. fuging idiots. You're about to play a team with a legitimate top-5 offense AND defense. A defense with the most takeaways in the league going against an over-the-hill QB who (who has twice as many INT's as TD's) throws wounded ducks into the wind. Our opportunistic defense is going to feast. I don't see any way we lose this game unless we turn the ball over. That's the only way. Our running game is going to punish and slow down their pass rush and open the play-action up. Expect Olsen to have a huge day.
  4. This Is Sportscenter: Cam Newton...

    Yeah never been to Iraq. Been to Afganistan twice. Once in 11 and again in 13. 11 was terrible but 13 was quite boring which wasn't a bad thing I guess.  
  5. This Is Sportscenter: Cam Newton...

    Afghanistan is amazing. Would love to go back. 10/10. Would deploy again.
  6. Rawr Rawr Rawr. He's back!   FTR, for whatever reason I was not able to embed the video. If a mod wants to fix my guest.    
  7. Panthers are 4-0 against top 5 defenses in the league.

    I don't know. The Broncos defense is pretty damn good. Easily the toughest defense we will have faced this season. One of the best overall defense over the last half decade. I don't care what you say. Watch them. They're nasty. The matchup to watch is their offense vs our defense. If we can get up by a couple scores early, Denver has no way of crawling back into the game with that offense. I'm not predicting a blowout. I think we win 24-13 or so with the game never really in doubt.  If they double Olsen, and contain Cam then they have a very good shot to win.
  8. Unofficial - Enemy Fan Forums - Arizona Cardinals

    Use a proxy or a span. Just google "proxy websites" and copy and paste Arizona's URL into the proxy and it will be fine.
  9. Can't Sleep? This WON'T Help

    I'm in South Korea. It's 530PM here on Sunday. Game time is 3AM locally but thankfully we don't work tomorrow so I'll be able to watch it on my 24 inch TV. 
  10. I care what he thinks. I think it's beyond hilarious that Cam's dancing and celebrations piss him and others off so bad. Cam knows this and it's a big part why he continues to do it. Plus you can't stop him. People are really jealous of CaMVP and he makes a lot of males feel insecure about themselves because they can never be that badass. 
  11. Lol I made that prediction just to piss you off and it obviously worked. You guys are way too insecure.
  12. Where Are You Watching The Game?

    Pyeongtaek, South Korea. 3AM on a 24 inch TV.
  13. Stop. How about you go over to your little board and tell your "fans" to stop predicting 38-6 wins. But you won't because that doesn't fit your fairy tell narrative. As far as Cam, get used to it! That's who he is and I LOVE that it pisses you and everyone else off when he dances. It's hilarious. It's not a Dbag move. It's Cam being Cam.   Carolina 27 - Seattle 16.
  14. Seahawks fans overlooking Minnesota and watching.... YOU

    LMAO. Navy Seal Delta Ranger Sniper
  15. Seahawks fans overlooking Minnesota and watching.... YOU

    Yes you can. Are you signal?