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  1. Jake Delhomme must bang the drum- Its Destiny

    only if he rides out with a baseball bat and uses the bat to beat the drum. 
  2. DVOA. DVOA. Wherefore art thou DVOA?

    They are like a DVOA Dynasty  
  3. The Panthers have the most ACL Tears of any team.

    I think they are saying we have had 9 since 2013 (out of 156 NFL wide) which would be about 5.6% which is a bit unlucky but not as significant of an anomoly
  4. I have heard this argument made a lot. It primarily based on SOS which in my opinion can be a very misleading stat. For example Carolinas SOS gets hurt by the fact that they are 14-0. Seattles SOS gets helped (even though they lost) carolinas oponents combined record is 86-110 (if you exclude the games where we played our opponents  then it changes to  86-96 Seattles  oponents combined record is 100-96 it moves to 95-87 if you exclude the games where their opponents played them.   yep that still looks like they have a better SOS, untill you remove the panthers and seahawks from each others SOS then its car 77-91  .458 sea81-87 .482
  5. Its kind of interesting that he seems to remember exactly what ball said verbatim, but doesnt specify what obj said. I wonder if there is a reason for that?
  6. Pro Bowl Selections - Bad Omen?

    This has been a year of firsts for the Panthers Hopefully thats another one.
  7. Im not sure why anyone considers that news he called him a ballerina in his post game press conference.
  8. Zod what is this black bat nonsense?

    Im not sure of the attire of the assault bat but Im pretty certain I heard that the person wielding it was wearing assault clothing.
  9. Dilfer/Lewis say OBJ reacted to cheap shots

    The post I quoted said he claimed norman specifically took at least 20 shots at obj specifically. I dont make any claims to the accuracy of the quote.
  10. Dilfer/Lewis say OBJ reacted to cheap shots

    Daniel Jerimiah says norman was only matched up on obj 22 times, so for this to be true norman would have had to cheap shot obj practically every play they were matched up.
  11. Zod what is this black bat nonsense?

    Are you saying you are not pretty?
  12. Zod what is this black bat nonsense?

    I have now heard a new rumor that this wasn't just a baseball bat it was a scary black assault style baseball bat.
  13. Quote from Roddy White about Panthers D

    no you are not I think it was a huge compliment to the defense as a whole while being a slight at Norman
  14. New Panther w/ bat gear

    They could do it keychain size like the keep pounding hammers they used to sell