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  1. Ace_Aladdin

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    CAP & CJ heavy dose with mix of CMC CMC is essentialy full time WR that will take RB snaps.
  2. 2 TE set ultimately prevail and solve all isssues, yes even world hunger.
  3. Ace_Aladdin

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    I wouldn't mind poaching NO or NE staff
  4. Ace_Aladdin

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Throw in Justice Roberts and its still about the same balance. If they fug it up Dems can always change the # of SCOTUS Justices to 11.
  5. Ace_Aladdin

    Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS

    Not a bad pick for Trump’s standard. Let’s see how he does in the senate? Conservatives have no real moral values they are piece of poo like everyone else , but they just think their poo smells good.
  6. Ace_Aladdin

    North Korea Summit

  7. Ace_Aladdin

    libs 2 years after the election

  8. This guy is worth it ! Brandon Bryant, SS, Mississippi State: There are always spots in the NFL for talented athletes with exceptional physical traits. That's why scouts were paying close attention to Bryant as a prospect after he earned recognition as one of the most explosive college football players in 2016 and '17. Despite failing to perform up to lofty expectations during his pro day, Bryant posted respectable numbers for his position (checking in at 5-foot-11 and 207 pounds with 4.45/4.52 40 times, a 34-inch vertical and a 10-3 broad jump) in front of representatives from 14 teams. On tape, Bryant flashes decent movement skills, range and toughness, but he isn't a playmaker in the back end. Although he tallied five career interceptions as a Bulldog, he snagged three of those picks in 2015 and didn't make much of an impact after his initial success. With questions surrounding his work ethic, discipline and attention to detail after his on-field (blown coverages) and academic struggles, Bryant is likely to be a seventh round/priority free agent prospect on most boards around the leag
  9. Ace_Aladdin

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    @Jeremy Igo Yo can we have this thread pinned at the top on the lounge! IMO it's Huddle's HOF thread worthy!