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  1. 1st round :TE 2nd round: RB 3rd round: S
  2. Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    It’s gonna be Bezos of Amazon
  3. Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    We can have both lol, double dip like DG does.
  4. TE2 is getting worrisome

    Can't ignore this, if Panthers have any dreams of wining the SB.
  5. TE2 is getting worrisome

    TEs depth should be good as the LB corp or the DL.
  6. TE2 is getting worrisome

    Need to sign Luke Wilson and pickup either Fumagali or Hurst in the draft.
  7. Damn can we sign Smitty to a 1 year contract?
  8. Dude is built sort of like Smitty, I like this guy!
  9. It just means Panthers aren't drafting a WR this year. RB > TE > OL > S > DE
  10. We should definitely sign Wilson , it's clearly a BPA philosophy move in "Free Agency".
  11. Tidbits from my source

    Panthers somehow always gets fugged, need to turn this around into a good situation ASAP! We need more LUUKEE!
  12. Secondary...

    Draft a CB & SS in the mid rounds. 1. TE 2. RB 3. CB 3. SS 4. OL 5. DE
  13. Y’all wrong 1-2 is going to be either RB, TE or OL