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  1. Bradberry > Lattimore 24/7
  2. Ace_Aladdin


    Bradberry is developing into a shutdown CB!
  3. That’s happened against ATL last week. Norv needs to consistently run the ball for 4 qtrs every game.
  4. Ace_Aladdin


    Action Jackson!
  5. Come on get Ian some touches!
  6. Ian been open in middle of the field all day
  7. Gaulden should be in the game!
  8. Colin Jones shouldn’t not be in the game , give Gaulden a shot!
  9. Exactly it forces opposing defense to defend all areas of the field.
  10. Colin Jones is still trash!
  11. Ace_Aladdin

    Kudos to O-Line

    Van Rotten is the MVP of this game, with Turner coming back this OL is going to be top 10!
  12. Can Rotten is MVP of the game!
  13. What? the offense been scoring points , it’s not gonna stop!
  14. Ian Thomas was open wide deep on that play, come on CAM!
  15. Ian Thomas was wide open deep, CAM needs to get Jim more involved!