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  1. Carolina has #3 best D in NFL

    My favorite Stalker
  2. Layered Routes

    Yes get some variation so there is more space for guys to get YACs ! They want be able to stack the box for ever!
  3. Says the guy falsely accusing me previously and getting proven wrong. Stop lying you fug asshole
  4. Are Panthers still trying to fix the run game? Is the offense still having problem protecting cam? Do the oversized WRs get overwhelmed by physical CBs? This offense runs through the TE position & offense want be back until that area is solved aka when Olsen is back or get Dickson more involved. I also post more than just 2 diagrams but those are my favorites! Why don't you take a break from Goodell Academy Masters of Huddle Douchery Degree and maybe put some time & learn some real football.
  5. Carolina has #3 best D in NFL

    He is letting Shula go off the hook, that trash needs to be taken out!
  6. Sure buddy, I know more than you. You might wanna enroll at Roger Goodell Academy and get you a Masters in Huddle Douchery
  7. Carolina has #3 best D in NFL

    Thanks to Ron Rivera.
  8. Layered Routes

  9. Yes but the explosive plays are lacking since there is no other real threat on field that demands respect all the damn time to draw defenders , Olsen is sorely missed!
  10. if you give me a pie!
  11. Layered Routes

  12. PFT Refocused: Game grades

    I rather see him at Center but you never know with injuries.
  13. He was a good pick, when Olsen returns his production will be 3x better. We need a dual threat TE that can block and pull LBs /Safetys away from line of scrimmage. This will opens up the running lanes and underneath stuff for CMC.
  14. PFT Refocused: Game grades

    I told y'all Daryl Wiliams would be a good RT. I would try Moton at center , his run blocking would help open some room for J-Stew, CAP & CMC.
  15. Calm down people!!!!!!!!

    @Jeremy Igo with multi-personailty powers