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  1. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    We will likely keep Johnson on a restructre deal, with Ealy starting as the RE.  Draft  a rookie DE and put in him in rotation. Likey canditate for  2 or 3 round is Nassib, he is similar to Joey Bosa Carl Nassib | Penn State   6'-7" -273 lbs  
  3. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Better tackles would have gave up a play or two but they would have not gotten beat consistently like our Tackles did. Ex. Joe Staley, Tyron Smith, Joe Thomas..etc  The tackle we draft may not be ready day one but we need to start developing  top end talent for the long term not after Cam hits his prime. We are gonna face elite pass rusher everytime where gonna be in the supberbowl and that will require elite Tackle to counterplay. I want the team to be the Winner, the dominator and , the side thats doing the punching & kock out.  Keep Pounding!   P.S. They dont need to contain the elite pass rusher we just need that extra second for cam to throw or WR to get open in his route. 
  4. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    We need to have speed and all hands team next year. Ball catching skills should be a high proirty in practice this offseason. 
  5. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Its mostly Special teams and Offense that stunk up this game and it does come down to OL play whether you like to admit it or not. The panther offense is based on timing and when you don't have that extra half second WR could have been in better position to catch the ball and cam could set his feet. No its not gonna take a top 5 pick to get the left tackle that fits the system. We got KK in the 2nd round and there will be a OT that fits the mold for the Panthers. The way Kony played DE is not a big of issue we just need depth more than anything else. You talk about chemistry but it cant cover up lack of talent and that showed up in last years Seattle game and in SB this year. We have a whole off season to create chemistry and most of OL personnel will stay the same, This is just another excuse by huddlers who let IT  get in the way. 
  6. Over two million page loads yesterday.

    and 2 million in profits , next year coverage of SB should be free :) 
  7. Positions we need to upgrade

    Stew needs to get majoirty of the carries but Cap or Wegher can be change of pace guys. 
  8. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    There are prospect that fits Panthers system that could be picked towards end of 1st round or early 2nd. It happend with KK in 2nd round and it will happend with a OT. We still have Oher, so the prospect can be eased in.   
  9. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Stewart is the best pass protection back and when he went down everything went with it. I have seen so many plays where Olsen or Tolbert  whiffs on their blocks, they should have used them in passing situation and bring in dickson for blocking.
  10. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    I believe WR will be a strength with the return of KB. That will also open up the Run game even more.
  11. We will sign/extend Norman, KK, Star, Tolbert,etc.  Where gonna keep the core first then worry about filling the voids with FA.
  12. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Panthers offense relies on timing and when there is pressure  its affects the whole offense. whether if its cam throwing earlier than he has 2, not able set his feet properly or that extra second  for WR to get pass  his man for better catching oppurtinity it matters. OT was the biggest issue. 
  13. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    The OTs doesnt have to start day one but your only good as your depth and that increases your chances of winning. Just look at how investment in LB corp paid off. 
  14. Offensive Tackles cost us the game.

    Wrong Daryl Wiliams, The key is finding the guy for your SYSTEM.