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  1. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    First off, what I am about to say, is ONLY my opinion. I am not staring this as fact! Just what I feel) ok... I totally agree with the OP here. I don't think Gettleman has a great handle yet on how other teams or GM's value certain players. I think he may be giving them too much credit, to be honest! There are only a handful of other GM's that are as good as Gettleman at evaluation of talent. (IMO)I think Gettleman might be the best at evaluation of "potential" or evaluating what a player "can-be" after coaching. Seems to me like a good bit of the teams tend to follow closer to the "Mel Kiper's" of the world, where they are grading the player at where they are right now. They tend to pick players that are more polished or had a big college career, or name.etc..(REMEMBER, Just my opinion) Someone this weekend was talking about how Ozzie Newsome and how he trades back till he gets to the spot where he feels like he's getting the most value for the player he wants to draft. One example, in our history where we did that ,was when we traded back and picked Jon Beason (at 24 or 25 wherever he was drafted)...but Gettleman has not done any of that. Only traded up. So that will come with time. He talks about a "rookie mistake" and tells the story about his first draft and wanting to select AJ Klein in the 4th round because he had a 3rd round grade on him, but went against it and drafted Kug. He says he was lucky that AJ was still there in round 5, so he snatched him up there. NOW, that is good drafting to me. IF Kug turned out to be a great player and not a dud, we would have AJ AND the other player. Maybe others didn't have the same Grade on AJ Klein and maybe 5th round was the perfect place to draft him. I think you guys know what I am saying.. I learned not to question Gettleman's choices of players. I have had to eat crow way too many times. I trust him totally on that. I just think he might not be quite there yet in this one area. BUT, I know he will get there too. I am a HUGE Gettleman fan and thank him so much for making us competitive! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Panthers in my life. More than just a football team. Its OUR football team and represents the Carolinas! I am proud as hell of both! Mr. Gettleman is one New Yorker that I am glad moved south!!! lol Thanks guys for letting me share my thoughts. I hadn't posted in a while, usually just enjoy reading your thoughts and LOVE this place! Curt
  2. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    YES.. Ginn does need to go up and fair catch it.. Why is he not? Maybe that is why its been a problem..
  3. Official Panthers - Giants Gameday Thread

    This is the third time this has happened this season! at least 3.. How can we be so dumb and not fix this????
  4. I love it.." I just wanted them to huddle"
  5. Kenjon Barner Rising

    I know this isn't how he does on the field, but he did pretty well! I like him a lot! I think he will play a lot in the next few years... Curt