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  1. Carolina Panthers Training Camp Update

    we are not going beat da bucs or any other teams with good defensive lines if are online cant block.
  2. After reading this article I don't understand so much hate for cam, we are in the hardest division in the nfl with 2 superbowl type QB's and a QB who went 10-6 one season. Luck has only one team he is worry about and that's the Texans and RG3 is in a division that change division champions every year. They said cam is a drama queen, I would be 2 if my team was losing almost every game and Jordan was that same type of player, who was putting a towel over his head. But its funny how they not talking about RG3, who keeps bringing up his knee once a week, or how luck threw 20 int in his first year. You can say whatever you want about cam but he's a winner he won in joco college and he won @ auburn and the other 2 couldn't do that.