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  1. Glad to see Funch get a lot of snaps. Hurts imagining how the game might've ended if Stewart was in on the play where Tolbert fumbled after a 10-yard gain.
  2. It was a great run...

    The '05 Panthers failed because of bad offensive design and placing everything on getting Steve Smith the ball.  The '15 Panthers failed because someone walked under a ladder.
  3. It was a great run...

    This is the first time after a great season by the Panthers that I haven't felt like the window closed. I'll be shocked if the Panthers aren't in the Super Bowl next season.
  4. Exactly. The Panthers failed to execute a game plan that would've easily beaten the Denver Broncos. We had one of the worst offensive games by a Panthers team of all time and still stayed in it until the final minutes. It doesn't help that there are a sizable number of fans uncomfortable with criticizing Newton. It's worse than the Delhomme apologizing that went on in early 2009.
  5. What encourages me going forward is that the Broncos' game plan would've failed were it not for the worst execution of the year by a country mile for the 2015 Panthers. -They had four turnovers -They allowed seven sacks -They had six pre-snap penalties -They had at least three drops -They dropped at least three interceptions -They gave up the longest punt return in Super Bowl history -They missed a field goal If there were ever a team that could say "we beat ourselves," it's this one.
  6. My heart of hearts told me that it was still anyone's game until Denver got their final touchdown to make it a two touchdown game. Then I knew the season was finished.
  7. This is a false narrative that needs to die. Our game plan wasn't the problem. Even with the most mistakes I've ever seen made by a Panthers offense, we were burning Denver for huge gains every other drive. Then, like clockwork, we'd stall in Denver territory, and Cam would miss a wide open receiver, or the receivers would get butter hands, or Tolbert would hand the ball off to Denver. All. Night. Long. What was Shula going to do? Throw out the playbook that got us to 17-1 against multiple top 5 defenses? Build a dump off offense in two weeks after New England lost to Denver using that exact style of offense?  The players had to not make mistakes for us to win, regardless of the game plan, and holy fuging hell did they poo the bed. Blame the hostile crowd or the lack of focus or whatever helps you rationalize it, but this loss was as much a failure of the players as it was of the coaches.
  8. I heard that they were only putting "Make some noise!" on the Jumbotron when Carolina was on offense. Apparently, it was deafening whenever the Panthers had the ball. C/D?
  9. I can't really begrudge Talib for the trash talking because Josh Norman and Cortland Finnegan would've been just as rude if we won. But fug him for the dirty as fug facemask.
  10. Kony Ealy

    Greg wants to be a Panther.  His old teammates want him to be a Panther.  It's a shitty situation for everyone. Let it be a lesson to other young players to be careful about the women they surround themselves with.
  11. Kony Ealy

    Kony is CJ's replacement.  Kony, Star, and KK give us a defensive line that's reminiscent of 2013. If we can get some depth at cornerback and safety, our defense will remain dominant for a few good years.
  12. The media seems to get it

    No one actually cares except for people who already didn't like Cam Newton and love trolling about it. This is a non story to anyone who has a life.
  13. Said "he'll be back in [the Super Bowl]...I can promise you" and that he knows what it's like to be on the losing side. Empty platitude, but I'm glad that Peyton has refused to feed the media's appetite when it comes to Cam having a character problem.
  14. Jeebus...

    It costs money to post here now? Glad I got in on the ground floor.
  15. Cam was let down by his offense

    Quarterbacks have well under 2.5 seconds on average to throw in the NFL.  The O-line put up a decent fight against ridiculous defensive pressure (other than Remmers).  Cam's gotten away with close to 3 seconds all season long. We expected to be able to treat Denver like any other team.  We failed. Shula wasn't going to throw out the offensive playbook that got us to 17-1 and build a dump off New England style offense in two weeks that puts Cam in situations where he's much less accurate (short passing downs).  Especially when New England just got beat using that exact offense the game prior. The only way we won today was by the players not making stupid mistakes.  And boy fuging howdy did they make a lot of stupid mistakes.  Cam included. Shula calling run plays through the A gap every 1st down was predictable and bad.  But so was Cam's accuracy, the WRs' hands, and Tolbert's ball control. It also would've been nice if the D wrangled one of those three near interceptions, but I can't blame the defense for last night's poo show.