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  1. King added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    Too much intellectual dishonesty out there surrounding discussions about mass shootings. Let me be clear about a few things in very general terms. I would like to explain how guns are not the problem. You reading this are the problem. Americans are the problem. These mass shootings usually occur because the perpetrator has been bullied, feels like an outcast, has resentment in their heart, and wants to lash out against the culture that has failed them. They feel that they have no one to talk to who will understand their struggle and anguish. These persons (by default) were born to a mother and a father, have siblings, family, teachers, mentors, coworkers, and possibly friends, and many other members of the society that they feel alone and outside of. Every one of these people had an opportunity to prevent the mass killing. And not a single one of these potential saviors has noticed or cared that the individual is suffering from a lifetime of hatred and resentment. They have simply written the individual off as a loser or non-person-of-interest. No one has reached out and showed that they care. For this reason, the individual feels that the only way someone will care is when they use their passive-aggression to make everyone listen to the pain in their hearts with the sound of gunshots and the cries of their innocent victims. This is the endgame for those who no one cares about. Writing them off as crazy, or a recluse, or suffering from mental illness is intellectually lazy. It is a cop-out. Blaming guns is a manipulation of the feelings of those who are suffering from the devastating result of what happens when nobody gives a poo about their fellow man. Blaming background checks is an outright lie. Blaming the mental health institutions for not placing the depressed on a watch list is like blaming police for not placing blacks in jail just because they might commit a crime. My heart goes out to the families of the perpetrators for the loss of their baby who was innocent when they entered this world, and the families of those who died or were wounded to become secondary victims of the cultural phenomenon that persists in America of not giving a fug about your fellow man. As far as guns go, I value the lives of the dead over my guns. However, I value my Constitutional rights (all 10 of them) over the lives of the victims. I value these "inalienable rights" of 300+ million Americans and those of my children and future generations who stand to be guaranteed rights that are bestowed on so very few nations in the history of man. I urge you to consider that this country would not exist today if three-fourths of the states had not refused to ratify a Constitution that did not include every single one of these 10 Amendments to the United States Constitution as it was written in 1787. Our liberties are perpetually under assault, so long as we hold them. Assault weapons are not the issue. All guns are the issue. No one privately owned assault rifles or even 12 round magazines in 1928 or 1938 as the Weimar Republic in Germany progressively restricted gun ownership inch by inch, leading to a unstoppable wave of Fascism, Dictatorship, Genocide, and the fall of a nation. Once again, no one gave a fug about their fellow man - the Jew. The world went to war to protect the idea of individual liberty and the end result was a spread of American ideals and Democracy around the globe. At least these are better than the alternatives. Currently, I can think of no other nations that who are the remaining outspoken stalwarts of these ideals. Certainly not America and our elected leaders. Thank your for the two minutes you gave to read this, and please consider the value you place on your own rights, and the value you place on your fellow man.
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  2. King added a post in a topic 87 of 91 ex-NFL players had brain disease linked to concussions and head trauma   

    No poo, Sherlock.
    Most fascinating study I've seen since scientists determined there's no benefits from a gluten free diet for people with autism.
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  3. King added a post in a topic The Terrorists Have Already Won   

    I love when you dipshits try to see who in the circle jerk has the strongest grip.
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  4. King added a post in a topic Donald Trump now leads every GOP AND Democratic Candidate   

    Hail to the king, baby.
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  5. King added a post in a topic Bernie Sanders draws 9,000 in Greensboro, is now up 10% in Iowa and 22% in New Hampshire   

    can't wait to see this fine young male crash and burn
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  6. King added a post in a topic Far-fetched Scenario: Sanders v. Walker v. Trump   

    How in the blue fug do people still believe this poo in the year 2015? The government can legally imprison me and ruin my life if I refuse to agree to be a government slave for 30% of my working hours. But I guess it's Google and the Coca-Cola Company that are the parasites.
    Abolish the income tax for everyone. Stop passing the most oppressive business taxes in the world and driving manufacturing out of the United States. Eliminate public schooling and all forms of government assistance. Reduce military spending by 25% and start weaning the rest of the free world off subsidizing their own military with ours. Stop allowing unions to extort businesses.
    Then improve your own fuging life with your own newfound money and stop forcing others to give their money to you.
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  7. King added a post in a topic More from the "G5 and friends are wrong about everything" department   

    Obamacare sucks flaccid cock.  Get over it.
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  8. King added a post in a topic Poll: Bernie Sanders now leading in New Hampshire   

    Can't wait to see this fine young male fade back into obscurity as the 40-year mediocre fascist apologist he is.
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  9. King added a post in a topic you know what? all lives matter   

    Should be "all votes matter."
    Also, this comic is lamer than a Bernie Sanders rally.
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  10. King added a post in a topic Far-fetched Scenario: Sanders v. Walker v. Trump   

    Trump by a country mile.
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  11. King added a post in a topic Vote in the 2016 election in this thread   

    Trump by a country mile.
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  12. King added a post in a topic Cecil the lion   

    Anyway, the moral superiority you get from animal lovers on this nonsense is revolting.  We've reached the point as a species that most people can live off the hard, dirty, and morally questionable acts of others without having to lift a dubious finger themselves.  Even if you go Galt and stick to eating grass-feds, you're subjecting an animal to death so that you can feel full.  I don't think it cares how it died after it's dead.
    Same goes for every historical issue.  You're only alive because, at some point in your family line, your forefather captured a woman from an enemy tribe and raped her into motherhood.  You only get to live in America because a few ships full of convicts came here and brutalized the colored natives.
    Benefiting from the amoral acts that it takes to build a civilization while condemning those same acts makes you worse than a child molester.  A child molester is at least honest with himself.  He knows what he is and what he does.  But now we have a whole population of higher-than-thou morons who don't remind themselves every day that they're reaping the benefits of slavery, rape, mass slaughter, and politicized deceit every time that they buy a Whopper at Burger King.
    fug that.  Own who you are: a child of violence and suffering.  If you refuse to own it, or if it makes you uncomfortable, then pay reparations.  If you're not going to pay reparations, then shut the hell up and get off your fuging high horse.
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  13. King added a post in a topic Cecil the lion   

    Chimpanzees are, as a whole, psychotic gang bangers.
    Dolphins kill and rape the dead bodies of other dolphins for no reason other than pleasure.
    Animals get more violent as they get more intelligent.
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