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  1. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    For real? lol! We must have came back after that play. It's been a while and I was like 12...
  2. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I remember going 1-15 the first year I really followed it. All I can remember now is Minter reaching for the ball, and it bounced off his hand into a Vikings receiver's hands resulting in a TD. (And one of the 15 losses) I also remember Ricky Williams running in a late goal line TD causing us to fall to the Saints. So, I've been a fan for some time.
  3. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    Nope, it's all over Facebook! This almost killed me. 
  4. Adding insult to injury

    He is a coworker. I work directly with him. So I have been told all last week how bad my week would be if we lost. He text me himself before the second half saying Romo was killing his team and that we still sucked. I haven't done anything but post about it since I haven't been back to work yet. But gonna be great. 
  5. Romo

    Agreed. I said the same thing a few minutes before it started. 
  6. Skip Bayless

    It's really hard not to assume Dallas would have a much better record if Romo and Dez were healthy. They could quite possibly 7-3 or even better. If he would have said Cowboys 31-14, he should've been slapped. I don't think his prediction is outrageous. However, he seems a little cocky about Dallas winning this there's that. He is a fan. If I had his job I would still say WE are 10-0!!!!
  7. HTTCP (Hail To The Carolina Panthers)

    Only this occasion for me, believe me. It was used merely for mocking purposes only. It did well. Plus, I didn't even say it, just posted it to his door. Sad thing is, it's still there. He agreed he deserved it and will be leaving it up all day. KEEP POUNDING!!!
  8. We Have Officially Made It

    Redskin fans here at work are PULLING FOR THE COWBOYS!!!! Lol! Oh yeah.....we have made it bro. Haha! 
  9. The week before our game against Washington all I heard was, "Hail to the Redskins!" "That O has gotta go!" And many more annoying Redskin faked confidence. One particular Redskin fan here at work told me that he would rag me all year if they won. I guess it was their Super Bowl or something. So this whole week, which has only been three days, so I'm letting him off easy. I have dabbed, and Supermaned, and first downed too many times to count. Today being the last day I decided to leave him a nice sign on his door. It's a NEWton rivERA! Anybody else get some notable trash talking done on this short week?
  10. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    Favorite quote was actually from a Redskin. "You ain't no passer!" LOL! Hahahaha! 5TDs......yep. 
  11. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    Also wanna add that our last touchdown will be an interception return by Davis on national tv!
  12. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    I'd say: 27-13 Panthers However, I do think it's 20-13 for most of the fourth quarter. We put it away with a TD late. I don't see this being a blowout from start to finish. Refs will make it interesting. Plus, It's Thanksgiving, Romo is back, and they are desperate. Don't see it being enough tho. 
  13. That's because he doesn't score near as often. Lol!
  14. I don't think their defense matches up well against what we do. They haven't defended the run well against RBs. So I don't see them doing well against the read option. As far as their offense against our defense, they absolutely have weapons. Jackson, Garçon, Crowder, Reed, Morris, and Jones are all legitimate threats. I don't think they get many deep passes. I'm expecting our pass rush to get to Cousins often. I do worry about Crowder turning short passes into long gains though. I think this game is closer than most think. Panthers: 28 Skins: 20