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  1. Here's what REALLY scares me

    Gentlemen! Please! Rest your sphincters! 
  2. Huddle United

    hmmmmm. nah. Vinny and Pizza are here to stay.  If I get rid of them, there's a high probability that I will somehow get locked in my own stretch limo, and eat myself to death. 
  3. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    right now the Panthers are playing with "house money." Even in my wildest dreams I never would have thought that the Panthers would be in the position they are right now (especially after losing KB). I'm not worried. Ron knows a thing about winning and expectations (85 Bears) and the guys seem to be playing loose and not looking too far ahead of the next game. Right now I've got the Panthers and new Star Wars movies. life is pretty effing sweet :D 
  4. Panthers color rush uniforms leaked...

    beat me to it! kudos.
  5. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    3 pelvic thrusts?!? Who does she think Cam is, Ravishing Rick Rude? 
  6. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    I've got a feeling we will complain no matter who is calling the plays. The OC is just too easy of a target.  However I will not miss the long bomb attempts on 3rd and 1. 
  7.      Getting pretty tired of these guys walking around in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. You ever see these jack-offs? can't we kill some of these mothereffers? Walking around in an effing cowboy hat.      Grown men. It's not even Halloween for Christ-sakes. I say "hey Tex! Grow up and get yourself a wardrobe consistent with thecentury you're living in".  Why do certain men feel the need to dress up as mythic figures?You don't see anyone walking around in a pirate costume do you?When was the last guy you ran into who had on a viking outfit?   Make-believe cowboys...the closest they ever got to a cow, is when they stopped to take a piss at an Arby's.
  8. Keep Pounding Pie!!!!

  9. New Star Wars Trailer...

    wow there are some debbie downers on here!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I get to introduce NEW Star Wars material, SIX movies, to my own kids for the first time and share the joy and excitement along with them. New toys? Take my money. New movies? Take my money. Star Wars Disney Theme Park? TAKE MY MONEY.  Some of you guys could suck the joy out of anything. Go back to bitching about more Greg Hardy threads and leave us Star Wars fanboys/girls alone.   
  10. Malcontents: To sign or not to sign?

    It's nice to not have the locker room distractions. To get nothing but positive press and MVP talk. Let the Cowgirls talk and try to wiggle their way out of this PR nightmare. They are already WWE-style heels.  We win with class and style. The "feel good" Panthers. We're on too much of a roll right now to have to worry about dealing with antics and nonsense. Keep pounding, boys. Pound your way into everyone's hearts and souls. Babyfacin' it to 7-0.   
  11. King Kong vs Godzilla

    Kong would be lit on fire by Zilla's "atomic breath" just about immediately. Unless he has special fire-retardant fur, of course. which is pretty retardant. Anyways, if this is anything like the new Godzilla movie, you would get to see teaser shots of both guys for 85 minutes, complete with unnecessary human drama that no one cares about (but maybe Bryan Cranston!) followed by an 8 minute CGI fight/orgy that ends in a draw :( and I would still shell out big bucks to see it on IMAX. 
  12. Ash vs Evil Dead

    I will give it love because of Bruce Campbell. I smiled a lot. Didn't laugh much, but I thought it was a worthy tribute. I just hope they didn't blow their entire load on the first episode. I don't know how much "staying power" this can have, even with "The Chin" at the helm.