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  1. it was his father's brother's cousin's nephew's former roommate. what's that make us? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. 
  2. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    it would have been a lot bigger of a narrative if we were playing them again this week. I mean I agree with him for obvious reasons, but it doesn't change anything unfortunately. Forget it, Hoov. It's Chinatown.  (very old movie reference) 
  3. Have you lost focus at work?

    me at work trying to check the Huddle and BBR while still pretending to work. 
  4. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    my dad is actually this way. I live in Tennessee and my whole family came up for the first playoff game. It was the first time that I've had a house full of Panthers fans outside of North Carolina, and my dad basically ruined all the fun with his anti-Cam remarks. When Seattle starting making their comeback he was almost giddy with delight. Some "fan" huh?  I give him somewhat of a pass though....he used to be a Dolphins fan (how the hell a Dolphins fan ends up in Forest City I have no clue) so I guess he's used to being a bit salty :) 
  5. I'm going for full Ewok celebration with original John Williams score (not the special edition poo.) At least that's how it will be going down in my drunken, euphoric mind that night.  
  6. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    I remember the day the new logo came out, The Onion introduced it as: "Nation Horrified By Carolina Panthers' Disturbingly Graphic Logo Redesign"  (sorry if NSFW but it's too funny to resist....)
  7. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

      truth. my bad...and I'm as white as white gets. it's unfortunately a vocal minority. (and I love the Golden Calf of Bristol autocorrect)
  8. Did Cam just terrify/call out white America?

    I think the rest of his quote is just as important: " because my skill set isn't like anybody else." fact. He's the total package. He's what old school white america wishes The Golden Calf of Bristol could be in the NFL. I love it. He's got his money. His team is 100% behind him. Now he's gonna get his ring. And he's going to be speaking an awful lot of truth along the way.

  10. not much of a NASCAR fan but that's cool.... has Ric Flair jumped back on the bandwagon yet? I'm still irked about his 49ers heel turn from two years back. 
  11. Shaq Thompson's video message for Seahawks (NSFW)

    after the 12th man flag letter....I approve of Shaq's message.