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  1. I'll never forget the time that eagles fan wore a dress at the 08 panthers -bucs MNF tailgate. And his Andre Rison Jersey. And his sambuca.
  2. I would say that knowing what a lineman is supposed to do on a given play is really important to being able to judge their success, and not knowing that is a really big fugin' piece of information to be missing.
  3. PFF grades mean little, and mean even less for o-linemen.
  4. Sounds like he doesn't have any more success with the ladies now than when he was in Charlotte.
  5. I'm pretty worried about Brian Dawkins and Duce Staley, seems like it could be a long night for the panthers.
  6. Hey Panther fans

    It's almost worse to have a nice opposing fan come in, because it feels like we're being mocked.
  7. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    So the NFL players are protesting legally and peacefully, and you are protesting them by breaking federal laws.
  8. Yeah, but how many of those people are just @Johnny Rockets in various disguises?
  9. Yeah, but let's not pretend the other reporters are asking better questions.
  10. Cam Newton NO LOVE & APPRECIATION Thread

    I too have been a fan of the panthers since it was just a glimmer in a hardees manager's eye. :-D
  11. Beat New England

    Call it even for beating the falcons.
  12. I could be lady for a free ticket ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. So I guess the answer wasn't on our roster?
  14. Weekly Power Rankings

    ESPN's rankings never make sense. Buffalo beat Atlanta and didn't move up?