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  1. From each according to his ability, to each according to frito-lay’s marketing department. Google Jim bob cooter’s posts today brought to you by amazon.com. cant wait to try google Jim bob cooter prime IMO
  2. Oh please, I didn’t say they were any different than the rest of us, I was referring to your refreshing support of consumerism in the working poor. ;-)
  3. Believe me, I want the working poor to be as hopelessly addicted to consumerist indiscretion like loading up on junk food as you do. But when people come into these threads and say things that are objectively false like “oh but healthy food is so expensive” and “oh but hot pockets are more satisfying than real food at a fraction of the cost” it makes me think that they haven’t spent much time in the produce department.
  4. You can always tell who the fat people are in these threads.
  5. Big push to rename UNCC

    The real academic institutions in the state want to distance themselves from UNC’s now-poor academic integrity and reputation.
  6. Mansplaining

  7. Reparations

    I am reading your chart. It says there aren’t enough black millionaires and billionaires, while the poorest 1/3 of every race are on virtually equal footing. reparations are needed for the black upper middle class and upper class, and they’re needed now. Won’t somebody think of the black families who own the smallest houses fronting the golf course?
  8. Reparations

    The wealth gap is primarily from rich whites being richer than rich blacks. So therefore, all reparations should be paid to rich blacks to even the Floyd mayweathers of the world with the bill gates of the world. Let’s do it. Pay up, Warren Buffett.
  9. The economy

    Sorry guys, I’ve been slacking off at work lately. Nose is back to the grindstone.
  10. There’s the other side that says the saints lost their game because they got too ballsy and cute. It’s almost as if the play calling only carries you so far, and 90% of your success is dependent on whether the players make the plays or not.
  11. The Last Jedi *Spoilers*

    I haven’t changed my opinion. It is far superior to TFA and opinions that It missed the high bar that TFA set for it leave me scratching my head.
  12. Trump wants your 5G cell service!!

    Disliking this liking net neutrality pick one
  13. The economy

    Never... we’re in a hockey stick economy mostly thanks to me TBQH
  14. It means your post is frothy and full of artificial flavors.