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  1. My nudes are being PMed to the lucky winner as we speak.
  2. Jase

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Other people are welcome to chime in, but my wife has worked for a few national companies and it’s the same with them. I’ve never heard of anyone getting an 18% match, or anything north of 6% really
  3. Jase

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    Congrats, it looks like you have a fantastic job. Most people are lucky to get 3 to 4 percent.
  4. Jase

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    I just did a quick exercise: what if I had been a teacher for the last 12 years instead of an engineer? per NC’s website, I could expect to be making an average of $46674 per year after 12 years of experience. Per their formula, this entitles me to $850 per month for life when I retire as a pension benefit. what has my 401(k) match netted me in that time? Including growth, about $25000 to date. Assuming a 7% growth rate, that money will be worth $203,627 at retirement. Using the 4% rule, that means I can take out $678 per month at retirement age if I don’t want to outlive my money. So even though I make considerably more than a teacher of my experience, their retirement benefits are roughly 25% more than mine. NC teachers’ pension wins.
  5. Jase

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    The worst of all pensions are more lucrative than the best of all 401(k) matches, based on what I’ve seen. There’s a reason why private employers have almost completely moved away from one and into the other.
  6. I’m white and this happened to me 3 times last year when I was having trouble getting my car to pass inspection. Cops are skittish, man.
  7. Jase

    NC teacher march Wed. 5/16

    The teachers at my kids’ elementary school didn’t even tell them why school was canceled. Are they embarrassed?
  8. I don’t know what a non-bullshitting real billionaire is, but ok.
  9. It’s too late, we’ve already commissioned his bronze statue for outside the stadium.
  10. Jase

    How Slavery in the US is a Misconception.

    All I have to say about this thread is that I’m glad that we live in a post-racial society.
  11. Arms mean nothing. Need full pic showing his quads and glutes.
  12. Where are you going to put the key?
  13. I can’t believe I was tricked into thinking the president’s white blood count was “luxurious”.
  14. Jase

    What color is this shoe?

    Not this poo again.