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  1. Proud to be the first one to give this post the D.
  2. What is Pie?

    My apologies! I was so distraught about things like Oreo and peanut butter pie being talked about that I must have blacked out.
  3. What is Pie?

    For a thread about pie, a real pie hasn't been mentioned yet. Pecan Pie FTW
  4. What is Pie?

    I think the better question is, what isn't pie?
  5. Great news!

    So to get the site re-blocked, we need to talk a lot about Lingerie and bikinis? Lingerie? Bikinis? Lingerie bikinis? Bikinis with lingerie?
  6. Boldin, done!

    Boldin to realtor: show me the nicest apartment in Buffalo *Realtor shows boldin the nicest apartment in Buffalo* Boldin: what have I done?
  7. That Bengals game in 99 was my first game also. Cheers
  8. I would’ve thought that Boston would be the perfect place to hold a white supremacist rally. Black people are prohibited by law from living there.
  9. Should have caved cassel’s chest in. Not good.
  10. Came in expecting editorializing Leaving satisfied
  11. Just a reminder that posting links to streaming sites or instructing others specifically how to access illegal streams is against teh rules. If you want to learn to be a pirate, use Google.
  12. Can we get the @Mrs Pantherfan emoji back? You know the one.
  13. If panthers united is all-in anti-trump, I'm starting to wonder if trump is actually a good president and he has us all fooled?