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  1. I've only had very isolated incidences as far as reliability is concerned. Before vue, I had sling, which wasn't nearly as good, as far as picture quality or reliability. I use a firetv, but vue's website says PS3 is supported. Web browser, roku, android tv, Apple TV also supported.
  2. Vue is great. I've had it for a year and a half. It works just like digital cable or satellite. It has a guide and select what you want to watch. You can add a show to your favorites and they'll put it on your DVD in the cloud to view whenever you want.
  3. 10 weeks to go. Still need $1366 to pay off the balance by 7/11. Still doable but a lot of work left.
  4. I will personally come to your house and spank your bottom. and then after I'm done with the fun stuff, then you'll be punished.
  5. Prostitution
  6. Thought this would be about Atlanta blowing a 25 point lead.
  7. It wasn't completely nude, I was holding a baseball bat. between my buttcheeks.
  8. Dwayne johnson clapping .gif
  9. Not sure about the fit either. I see 8 carries a game in his future.
  10. Can't wait to ban some folks. I'm under quota this quarter
  11. I think this is manufactured for media hype. I suspect he'll go anywhere between 15 and 60.
  12. But can Voth play LT?
  13. This is all part of his plan to look as small and sickly as drew brees, so he gets the same roughing the passer calls.
  14. Think of what the message would be if we kept him. You thought it was a country club atmosphere under Fox? Other players would be sipping margaritas during practice. I have a hunch the decision to release Bene came from the big cat himself.