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  1. I've never spent less since I cut out meat most meals.
  2. Did somebody say docking? Male docking?
  3. When people argue and degrade others about science when their top scientific qualifications are finishing high school, and following Neil degrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on Facebook.
  4. Impatience has set in. I'm cutting the budget by $2500 so we can make the trip in August instead of summer 2018. I've made the deposit, so now the pressure is on to make $2000 extra dollars to pay off the balance before July 11.
  5. Requires too much thinking to be effective on Falcons fans.
  6. They have those big containers of jack's at Costco also.
  7. I love living in a society of willful ignorance. It really makes me look good by comparison.
  8. I have had jack's a lot over the years but I prefer HT's fresh cantina style if I'm buying from there. Never buy unrefrigerated salsa. Also, I will ban anyone who comes in here saying they like salsa with fruit (mango, peach, etc).
  9. If they've loaded obviously pirate stuff on it, then it might not be safe. to be safe, delete it.
  10. I use kodi legally. It's a good tool. Sounds like they may have preloaded some of the pirate repositories? A bare version of kodi doesn't have any of that. Go into settings-applications and delete it if it makes you uncomfortable.
  11. One of the few huddle high holidays.
  12. What a coincidence, I've been busting my hump to save and still need $6k to take my family on a Disney vacation. Can I have it?
  13. You lucked out brotato chip. kodi can do anything... legal... illegal...especially illegal. installing kodi on a firetv is a piece of cake. Long ago, I digitized all of my DVDs and can stream them to my TV from my home network through kodi on my my firetv. Of course if you know where to look, you can use kodi' repositories to stream whatever you want. Kodi itself is not illegal, though.