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  1. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    I mean seeking out logical positions that you refute as invalid in other contexts isn't quite confirmation bias per se, but it is a new month and I have a quota to fill.
  2. Somebody alert the authorities, people are being mean on the Internet
  3. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    I don't know how many people would do that. The cuts of steak that benefit the most are the naturally less tender cuts.
  4. you can't just astroturf a pun thread. these things have to be organic.
  5. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    yeah, you're supposed to sear it at the end
  6. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    It's the only way I cook steak, but I do it the poverty way. Either in a cooler or on the stove top while watching a thermometer like a hawk.
  7. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    congratulations, you've uncovered a new concept here in the tinderbox known as "confirmation bias"
  8. Who wins in a fight - Cam Newton or Goku?

    goku isn't real, so cam 11/10 times.
  9. Premiere league? Is that some kind of nascar series?
  10. how do i change my user name

    I can do it, but I prefer to have the fellatio up front.
  11. Gettleman eating

    "I shall grant you each a favor on this, my daughter's wedding day"
  12. next year's first for derrick henry. do it, hurney!
  13. Beating the Heat

    Miami still hasn't figured out how to match up against the Kemba + Lin + 2 bigs lineup that we like so much