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    my johnson is fully erect at the thought of this
  2. This is a R3volution!!!!!

    you want a war on pie, you've got it.
  3. Should Dex be banned?

    I don't know what any of this statement is
  4. Should Dex be banned?

    Look at this barren wasteland. Basically the digital equivalent of soviet siberia. Imagine if this was the only huddle you could see.
  5. Should Dex be banned?

    He deserves a fate worse than banning Restriction to the NASCAR/Soccer forum.
  6. he calls himself "captain" not because of military rank, but rather his fondness of the song stylings of captain & tenille.
  7. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    ^it's true. If you get roasted bites, cajun pintos and unsweetened tea, you almost have a healthy meal on your hands.
  8. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I agree that places like bojangles tend to put way too much sugar in. Got to go with 3/4 unsweetend, 1/4 sweet.
  9. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I think you mean bo-size you Wendy's-going traitor
  10. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Banned for lacking taste buds
  11. It's easy to prove drunk driving and the law has made its enforcement very objective. Distracted driving is much more difficult, both in proving that a driver is actually distracted, and in proving that the distracted driver was being negligent. Should I go to jail if my son throws a cup at my head from his car seat and I flinch and hit someone?
  12. apparently he's been eating at a pro-bowl level for quite some time.
  13. upon further research, there is also a wet substance called "water" that can help improve not dying in the heat by 38%
  14. probably used lasers to do it originally TBQH. Over time, though, due to normal wear and repeated re-sodding, the playing surface becomes irregular and areas of ruts form.