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  1. dude just can NOT leave the ganja alone.
  2. Spread Update

    More like, the game is already fixed for the Cowboys and they wanted to bait the public into pouring money in on the panthers side.
  3. Panthers panthers panthers panthers panthers
  4. Beginner Guitar and Amp

    You son of a bitch 
  5. [thread title redacted]

    Thanks for insulting everyone's intelligence.
  6. [thread title redacted]

    Drop the romo, get with a Camsexual
  7. Romo's mobility <<< a Galopagos tortoise's mobility 
  8. Bye bye Jeb!

  9. Shula didn't come from no dang ol' monkey
  10. this happens in the same year that gettleman starts trading away late round picks (j. allen, norwood).  Gettlemagic, gettlepsychic.
  11. Oh USAToday...

    Let's give him the Adam Schein treatment.
  12. So let's see, we've turned Peter King and Adam Schein.  Even Prisco. Who is left for panther fans to hate?

    I could be your girlfriend for one of those tickets.  Yes, I put out.