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  1. PantherKing1983

    AFI's Top 100 Movies of All Time

    26 for me , most after 60
  2. PantherKing1983

    Frank could come off the books after this year.. How?

    there is some team out there that I believe will pay him 12-14 million , if we were not strapped already we would be that team we have proven that
  3. PantherKing1983

    Trade Idea!

    If we are trying to win now Love would be the guy to go for in a deal with Cleveland, he would fit it well with what we were wanting Frank to be.
  4. PantherKing1983

    Tony Parker To Charlotte

    This sounds a lot like " not tanking"
  5. PantherKing1983

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    on WFNZ they were tossing around a deal with Kemba going to LA in exchange for Lonzo Ball. The deal would not work straight up but personally I would be willing to take on the headache of daddy Lavar if they were to add Kuzma to the deal to make the salaries work or maybe even Hart. Lonzo is the bigger guard that would pair with Monk I do believe and there is the Laker connection with Kupchak. Anyways this would all hinge on Paul George and Lebron also heading to LA , but what say the rest of you would you be interested in a deal for Lonzo. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23878485/kevin-pelton-weekly-mailbag-how-lakers-add-kemba-walker-superteam
  6. PantherKing1983

    Westworld Season 2

    So after that post credit scene how many more timelines will be revealed in the third season?
  7. PantherKing1983

    Westworld Season 2

    Would Delos of been subject 001 ?
  8. The only way I want to trade Kemba is if they can tag some of those contracts along with him and have a shot again at free agents in 2 years. Hornets get : 8 pick Kevin Love Jordan Clarkson Larry Nance Jr. Cedi Osman Cavs get: Kemba Walker Nic Batum Marvin Williams Julyan Stone I dont think this does enough for the cavs and leaves them stuck pretty far in the future but I would be in on this. I dont want to pick back up Smith / Thompson / Hill because if we were gonna do that we might as well just keep the current squad. With a just Love trade if he plays well he can be moved at the trade deadline for more assests if he plays well which i think he would as the focus like in Minnesota.
  9. PantherKing1983

    Westworld Season 2

    Something for sure going on deeper with the Indians . There is just so many dots that still need to be connected for the entire show at this point its no telling where its going and I guess that whole suspense of what the end game is makes it a good show.
  10. PantherKing1983


    Was not terrible. Sets up aother film with the actual big bad "Darth Maul" the leader of the gang. Like was mentioned above the new droid was annoying but for me it was the whole black feminist thing it had going on.
  11. PantherKing1983

    Black Panther

    Got around to watching this the other day after watching Avengers before hand. Man I just could not make it through this snore fest made it about 40 minutes and just could not keep interested.
  12. PantherKing1983

    Happytime Murders

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lpAdoEXUBcE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Raunchy puppet humor , im interested
  13. PantherKing1983

    Deadpool 2

    Didnt realize that was Matt Damon in the scene talking about how to wipe your ass.
  14. PantherKing1983

    I hate Frank Kaminsky

    Just curious but what would you of done with those picks that would have been so game changing for this franchise ? 2015 - 15 and 16 2016 - 3 and 16 We might of been able to get a backup pg , backup sg , and a starting sg/sf in brown but i dont see anything like OMG game changing for this organization . None the less it probably would have been better than where we sit with Frank "for all the wrong reasons TANK" Kaminsky
  15. PantherKing1983

    What color is this shoe?

    shoe for sure looks pink and white to me i dont see any teal or grey what does it mean that im seeing the pink shoe?