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  1. PantherKing1983

    Miles Bridges

    Maybe we can package some of those second rounders with like Marvin and be able to move him.
  2. PantherKing1983

    Miles Bridges

    As I stated in the Porter Jr. trade this pick of Bridges looks to me as we are not going the tanking route and we are gonna shoot for that 8th seed this year. 'We need to move someone else still to lock up Kemba and I just dont know who its gonna be yet but we gotta make a trade because of moving Howard still dont free up enough money to give kemba the deal its gonna take to keep him.
  3. PantherKing1983

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    This pick tells me we are not blowing things up and moving Howard freeing up that 6 million or so is gonna be for a backup PG and we are gonna try for the 8th seed next year.
  4. PantherKing1983

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    hes more of a undersized PF ...............
  5. PantherKing1983

    Carolina-Chuck’s Mock Draft

    you forgot to add that he was ...... White ....... for the icing on the cake.
  6. PantherKing1983

    Carolina-Chuck’s Mock Draft

    Memphis wants to move back a few spots and rid themselves of the Parsons contract , if we can get our hands on the 8 we can facilitate that move.
  7. PantherKing1983

    We are rebuilding and Kemba will be traded

    Im all for trading Kemba for the number 8 if we can use the 8 to package up for 4 by taking on the Chandler Parsons contract. If we are going to be bad and have hopes to try and be competitive in 3 years we should be all for it. Or make it a 3 way deal but this is the deal that will make this off season a success and have us at least set in a direction.
  8. PantherKing1983

    Kemba will be traded. What do y’all want?

    im barely 5'10 and me and Kemba looked eye to eye when i met him.
  9. PantherKing1983

    Westworld Season 2

    Would Delos of been subject 001 ?
  10. The only way I want to trade Kemba is if they can tag some of those contracts along with him and have a shot again at free agents in 2 years. Hornets get : 8 pick Kevin Love Jordan Clarkson Larry Nance Jr. Cedi Osman Cavs get: Kemba Walker Nic Batum Marvin Williams Julyan Stone I dont think this does enough for the cavs and leaves them stuck pretty far in the future but I would be in on this. I dont want to pick back up Smith / Thompson / Hill because if we were gonna do that we might as well just keep the current squad. With a just Love trade if he plays well he can be moved at the trade deadline for more assests if he plays well which i think he would as the focus like in Minnesota.
  11. PantherKing1983

    Westworld Season 2

    Something for sure going on deeper with the Indians . There is just so many dots that still need to be connected for the entire show at this point its no telling where its going and I guess that whole suspense of what the end game is makes it a good show.
  12. PantherKing1983


    Was not terrible. Sets up aother film with the actual big bad "Darth Maul" the leader of the gang. Like was mentioned above the new droid was annoying but for me it was the whole black feminist thing it had going on.
  13. PantherKing1983

    Black Panther

    Got around to watching this the other day after watching Avengers before hand. Man I just could not make it through this snore fest made it about 40 minutes and just could not keep interested.
  14. PantherKing1983

    Happytime Murders

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lpAdoEXUBcE" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> Raunchy puppet humor , im interested
  15. PantherKing1983

    Deadpool 2

    Didnt realize that was Matt Damon in the scene talking about how to wipe your ass.