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  1. The Walking Dead season 8

    but they were "TOXIC" zombies !!! nothing like trudging through toxic sludge with those open wounds like that was no big deal either
  2. The Walking Dead season 8

    those high speed 15 mph chase scenes just mind boggling
  3. The Walking Dead season 8

    It seems that they are struggling to make 1 episode stretch into 3.
  4. I'm in a PPR and this trade ( am i crazy)

    Hes been out the past 2 games but should be back for tonight but hes shown to be fragile and when hes not the qb Walker takes a big hit in value.
  5. I'm in a PPR and this trade ( am i crazy)

    The problem is Walker is not much value if Mariota is not playing . Martin for Ertz is close but needs an extra piece other than walker . I would consider adding in Duke Johnson as you say he needs help at RB .
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    My season 8 theory everyone dies and the show comes around full circle with the story starting off about Jon Arryn's death but in the end his son Lord Robin of the Eyrie is the last man standing and rides into King's Landing to take the Iron Throne to no opposition now stronger than ever because of his prolonged tit suckling into such a high age the true prince who was promised. Im just playing but still its gonna end up something non traditional none of us see coming.
  7. Jail Broke Firesticks and/or Kodi Boxes

    I would recommend getting the box over the firestick so that you can hardwire it to reduce the hiccups with wifi.
  8. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These are not really "scary" movies but I enjoy cheesey 80's movies like The Gate and Monster Squad.
  9. The NFL Is Seriously Concerned With Empty Stadiums

    We are at the point now that no new NFL stadium should be being built that is not a dome with a retractable roof. If its to hot close up the dome, if its bad weather close up the dome, if its nice open her up.
  10. Hornets Unveil Jordan Brand Throwbacks!

    These are more in line with what our regular jerseys should look like.
  11. just the numbers from draftkings but its gonna be pricey because we play the 49ers week one Cam is the number 2 qb at $7100 Olsen is the number 1 te at $6200 McCaffery $5400 Stewart $5000 Benjamin $5900 At those prices probably gonna see a lot of lineups with McCaffery week 1.
  12. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Yeah it did not look like fire to me either more like an ice lazer blast or something cutting into the wall.
  13. McCaffery PPR value

    Did my 12 team auction draft today and he went for 38 dollars which is to much for me , I wanted to get in at around 23 range .
  14. Anyone have a firestick?

    Like myself and others had said the live stuff can be inconsistent I had to keep switching between links til about the 7th round when I finally got on a stable one. Movies and TV shows that have already aired however give no problem its just the live stuff that can be hit or miss.
  15. Anyone have a firestick?

    Just be prepared to possibly miss some of the action , the streams are not always consistent and you have to know how to find them i would suggest finding 10 of them on different channels ahead of time so you dont have to do searching if and when one goes out.