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  1. Hornets vs Magic

    Why are they out there winning games? We have no direction as an organization we could of easily lost this game but oh no the french man decides to make a 3 pointer late in the 4th. The magic are in direct competition for us for lottery seed and we take em out like there is some sort of hope that the 9th or 10th seed makes the playoffs like they dont understand how this crap works either win the next 80 percent of the games or lose the next 90 percent but no we are just losers who will go .500 the rest of the stretch well just because thats how we roll.
  2. Sobering Reality

    Clifford has to go he is supposed to be a defensive coach but that is not what the NBA is anymore only 2 teams dont give up 100 points a game Boston and SA. We need a coach and a GM thats going to focus on the new NBA and get some scorers on the team and then a coach thats going to put them on the floor.
  3. Got this at Walmart today

    Could you share the upc or sku so I can look it up on brickseek to see if there are any more of these floating around on clearance
  4. Offseason...

    Dont know what the exact number will be it will depend where the cap will be that year but hes gonna want a max deal and they keep going up.
  5. Offseason...

    Kemba is gonna want a max deal which will be more than dwights number coming off the books , Lamb is gonna be looking for a deal doubling his salary at least.
  6. Offseason...

    Bring in a new coaching staff and GM thats the best hope see if they can milk these guys for what they should be a 4-5 seed thats the best hope I believe.
  7. Offseason...

    We dont have any money to go after anyone we are all tied up in the current roster. The only way to make some changes will be through trade. We just have to many bad contracts in MKG 13 million, Marvin 14 million, Zeller 14 million, and of course Batum 24 million. Kemba and Lamb are on their last years at 12 million for Kemba and 7 for Lamb. Dwight will come off the books after next year that frees up 24 but Kemba will be wanting in the 25 million range for a contract extension and Lamb will be looking for the 15 range so we will only be able to keep one of them. We are just in a bad spot as a franchise due to over paying our own guys because no free agents want to come to Charlotte. Its all been down hill free agent wise ever since Hayward got our offer matched by Utah a few years ago that was the only major free agent we have even sniffed at since then.
  8. If they trade Kemba..

    The way things have been going there is no way they are trying to tank they are shooting for that 8th seed .
  9. Cleveland get's its PG - not Kemba

    out -Isaiah Thomas -Dwyane Wade-Derrick Rose-Jae Crowder-Iman Shumpert-Channing Frye-2018 own 1st in -Jordan Clarkson-Larry Nance Jr-George Hill-Rodney Hood-Heavily-protected future 2nd they overhauled their roster
  10. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    This guy wanted out of New York for some playing time and he should of been in line to get some with KP going down so they ship him here but I dont see where hes gonna get minutes with Dwight , Zeller , Frank , Marvin in his way unless we got a deal lined up to move one or more of them.
  11. Hornets vs Nuggets

    18-30 from 3 through 3 thats just rediculous gonna take one heck of a 4th quarter to pull a win out
  12. Hornets vs Nuggets

    nuggets 7-12 from 3 in the first quarter gonna be hard to keep that up but if they do not gonna be good
  13. If Andrews is still around in the second I am all for trading up with one of our 3rds and snagging him.
  14. Hornets vs Nuggets

    Well this is the final game before the trade deadline we have played our way out of a top 5 pick with a win tonight . Denver is a borderline playoff team right now coming off two big wins vs OKC and the GSW so they are gonna be a tough win on the back side of a back to back. At Phoenix we had some great bench play but cant afford to be down 20 plus points in this game and pull out another win. They are clearly trying to win and make a push for the 8th seed and with some rumblings about Monk being available I would not seriously not doubt if we moved him and a first looking for a piece for this year by Thursday. Jordan just does not seem to be the owner that will let a tank happen under his watch for some reason I dont know if its his competitive drive or what but he wants us in the playoffs at all costs even if its barely getting in as an 8th seed which is seriously still a long shot at this point without a great final run.
  15. Hornets vs Suns

    booker took a big knee from zeller that had to hurt