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  1. Okafor or Noel, anyone?

    we dont have enough to trade for anyone , no one is giving us anything for zeller , mkg , or any of our draft picks any time soon philly is trying to land a proven veteran for one of these if not both and we just dont have that available we are going to have some money and our best shot is to resign our current guys and land a guy like Howard and hey it cant get any worse than it already is right
  2. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure
  3. What happened to Netflix?

    Netflix for me is pretty much just a 2 month of a year purchase , every 6 months its good for 1 month of viewing to find something decent to watch no need to keep any of these services for a full year as im finding its better to get a different one every month and also take advantage of the deals that come with resubscribing.
  4. 2016 NBA LOTTERY 8PM ET

    For all the people that were wanting to do the trade who would we have taken last year at 16 and 28 that would have had a chance of playing ?? The only pick worth a damn in the deal would have been the new jersey unprotected pick in the chance that it got top 2 well it did not and is the 3rd . Then if we got the mavs and celts pick this year they are pretty much worthless as well so by the way im looking at it we dont get a somewhat useful player to use for last season and we end up with what a guy this year like Bender or Hield and have to hope Cliff finds a spot for em. And a bunch of fodder that we would never develop and have hardly any trade value, no one would have taken that Celtics deal had it their pick been around 11 or 12 then yeah but 16 there was nothing left.
  5. POLL: With the #22 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft...

    pick has no value on the trade market whoever picked up will likely never see the floor best option probably take a guy that will not be ready for a few years that can develop overseas or on our new dleague team
  6. Game 6 vs. Heat

    purple shirt guy getting annoying to look at
  7. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    This win is the definition of STEALING a win at the other teams arena.
  8. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    missed the goal tend
  9. Game 5 - Hornets @ Miami

    Hes a good role player not the super star he thinks he is. He would be ok at a reasonable contract but no where near worth max money.
  10. Heat vs Hornets Game 3 Thread

    wake up ? were not doing much different on the offensive side about on course for the same result of the first 2 games the difference is the heat are not shooting 60 plus percent from the field , no ones going to lose a game with shooting like they were knocking down the first 2 games
  11. Heat vs Hornets Game 3 Thread

    So embarassing showing the clip of Kemba begging fans to do what every other teams fans do and put the freaking playoff shirts on
  12. So you want to sign 3 guys to max contracts . Sounds very unrealistic
  13. Best case (realistic) scenario for the remaining games

    Of course all the games start at 8 est tonight. So hard to play this , I would take miami winning and us losing for that matchup but if we both win and celtics lose that puts us vs Atlanta at 4/5 and I dont want that matchup at all , wish we were not in this poistion but it is what it is.
  14. Best case (realistic) scenario for the remaining games

    eASTERN Miami will be seeded: #3 if Heat win OR if Hawks lose #5 if Hawks win and Heat and Hornets lose #6 if Hawks and Hornets win and Heat loses Atlanta will be seeded: #3 if Hawks win and Heat lose #4 if Heat win OR if Hawks lose Boston will be seeded: #4 if Celtics and Hawks win #5 if Celtics and Hornets lose OR if Celtics win and Hawks lose #6 if Hornets win and Celtics lose Charlotte will be seeded: #5 if Heat and Hornets win OR if Hornets, Celtics and Hawks win #6 if Hornets lose OR if Hornets and Celtics win and Hawks lose
  15. Charlotte's Achilles

    Not just the Wizards but the Wizards minus Wall and Beal.