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  1. The Revenant

    It was just ok to me , i fell asleep half way through but i was at the house watching it not at the theater but thats never a good thing for a movie 
  2. Star Wars TFA Discussion <Spoilers>

    I would enjoy the twist of Rey being the one to go full dark side and Ren being pulled back to the Light. 
  3. worse Xmas present ever.

    Oh see i thought this thread was going to be actual gifts recieved.  Not only did i get 1 boot leg terrible panthers jersey i got 2 , bah hum bug fml. 
  4. Fallout 4

    I got it sitting right here but cant fire it up til this weekend , trying to change shifts at work this week to 3 am to 2 pm is gonna be tough but ill have something to do early mornings all by myself now.
  5. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    There is nothing wrong with the head to head leagues as that is traditional fantasy style and they offer it on a week to week basis. The big issue is with the large tournaments and these not being regulated enough, these are 100 percent gambling and no different than a lottery ticket / bingo / keno style game where the top 1 percent are the ones who usually are winning due to the high number of entries and some advanced analytic s.  
  6. Walking Dead Season 6

    I was wondering about it to , did her son kill himself and that was his blood running down  ?  
  7. Anyone getting Black Ops 3?

    yeah i bought it but im gonna trade it in , just not a fun semi realistic game like it used to be.    will give star wars a try at least if im gonna do future gadgets and what not its gonna be all the way space fantasy not some mish mosh. 
  8. thanks for bumping this i almost forgot to use mine , picked up a nike tshirt for 3.20 cant beat that.
  9. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    remember he also has history with the wyatt family as well as they did some of the same stuff with him 
  10. Official Hornets at Heat Thread

    fox sports south east 
  11. Official Hornets at Heat Thread

    anyone else getting an annoying ass buzzing sound on the fox sports southeast feed 
  12. The h2h leagues are definetly weekly fantasy and i think when its all said and done these companies will get to continue to offer this in every state. The problem is with the large big money tournaments which are no more than lottery tickets or keno/bingo cards and this is where they are making the majority of their money and when it goes away eventually they wont be able to make these large profits and probably run themselves out of business. 
  13. Can we talk Ticket prices, scalpers and the ticket market?

    The packers fans will gladly pay the super high prices , gonna be a lot of green in the stadium that week. 
  14. Another school shooting, this time in Oregon

    Now post the one with mexico and south american countries and then do the math why Donald Trump has supporters when he spouts off on building walls and what.