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  1. Competency Trumps Continuity

    CRA, You are right. That's why I said that everyone knew what Shula was. Everyone knew what kind of offense he was going to run. Gettleman gave him the bare minimum to succeed and when he and ultimately the team and Rivera fail, Gettleman gets what he wants.....the opportunity to hire the HC that he wants instead of the one he was given.
  2. Competency Trumps Continuity

    The argument that hiring a new OC would result in the offense not being prepared early on in the season is BS. Cam and the rest of the offense learned Chud's scheme in a shortened and irregular offseason due to the lockout. Can even made the transition from a college spread option to a more pro style offense during this time. Give them a true offseason and there shouldn't have been problems. The real reason for the Shula hire, as xerxes mentioned, is what quality OC wanted to take a one year deal to coach under what is essentially a head coach on a one year deal? Gettleman and JR were only interested in hiring an OC to a one year contract. What kind of message does that send? Hiring Shula was the only move left and the continuity aspect was given to try to ease the fears of the fan base. Everyone knows Shula's trackrecord as an OC. Most hoped he learned from Chud and had grown while fearing he was the same coach he has always been. Now I'm the last person to blame coaches as I spent 8 years as one myself (HS) but this isn't just on the coaching. Shula is who we feared he would be and management is ultimately to blame. They handcuffed Rivera and this is the result. Gettleman will get his wish and hire the coach that he wants.