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  1. So obviously you haven't paid attention to the meat of the protests. It's not about them. They're using their platform for those who don't have a voice (can't be heard) because they're poor or whatever. Just like the breast cancer awareness, no NFL player has breast cancer but they're bringing awareness to the issue because of the platform they have. So no NFL player has said they're protesting because they're oppressed.
  2. How did you even get that from my post? No one hates white people so calm down. Oh and maybe if Martin Luther King had gotten out like you're suggesting blacks will still be without rights. You can love something and criticize it at the same time. If you're going to respond, be civil about it otherwise don't bother.
  3. I immediately turned off the game. Might try support a team where some of the players will not pretend that all is well in our society but I am done with the Panthers until Richardson is gone.
  4. Couldn't be more ashamed of the Panthers than today.
  5. I saw TD react to Trump calling NFL players who want to use their platform to protest injustice sons of bitches. Following that, owners of the Packers (in this case the President since its a public company), 49ers, Giants, Dolphins and Falcons have come out with strong statements in support of their players. Will the Panthers do same?
  6. Irma

    1. Never fly spirit. They canceled my Tuesday flight (hurricane came Wednesday) when Delta and AA were still flying people out. 2. Never seen anything like this. The beautiful island of st Thomas was devastated. 3. Since there were no flights from st Thomas, I had to get on a speed boat on the sea( I'm never doing that again) to get to st croix for my delta flight. 4. Landed in Atlanta on Monday (pilot did a very good job in those crazy winds) only to realize no train services and uber was suspended. Had to use lyft for the first time. 5. I'm glad I survived but it was a really perilous experience. I don't know the process but I might sign up for the national guard. They do a really great job after natural disasters.
  7. Irma

    I'm stuck in the Virgin Islands. Storm hits tonight and the peak is tomorrow afternoon. Living in the hills. First time ever in a hurricane.
  8. Sobering Cam Newton stat...

    Cam Newton has attempted 689 rushes in his career. If they're including every time he's been contacted when running it does exaggerate that 307 number. If he wants to be a passer long term then it'll be smart to take out those qb runs in the playbook. Hopefully playing with CMac will help him transition to a full passer.
  9. The enigma that is Jameis Winston

    He did his in his fourth year. Remember that game against the Seahawks we lost 13-9. He was chased out the pocket and was being tackled down and attempted a forward shovel pass or whatever in Olsen's general area. That ball was intercepted. And we had the lead too before that.
  10. Preseason Week 3 , Sunday Thread

    We had the same superior linebackers last season. Our only hope will be Hoyer shitting the bed.
  11. Preseason Week 3 , Sunday Thread

    Playing zone against Kyle's scheme is a no no. He is just too brilliant. You have to play a lot of man on man assignments and hope your players understand their assignments.
  12. Preseason Week 3 , Sunday Thread

    The falcons will miss Kyle and also our game against SF will not be an easy game.
  13. Time to consider Kaepernick

    How many have killed officers and lived to tell the story or get acquitted? The issue here is when justice can't be obtained by families of victims who are killed by police officers.
  14. Time to consider Kaepernick

    NYPD rallies behind Kap http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/20388650/frank-serpico-others-nypd-rally-support-quarterback-colin-kaepernick
  15. Kyle Shanahan will shred our zone defense. Dude is legit. Another season and 49ers are going to be very good. Their defense looks good too. Our first game is not going to be easy.