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  1. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Are you going to stick to one point? You’re all over the place and now in Europe.
  2. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    There is no outrage to be had since 1. Automobiles are essential to our way of life and were not created to kill 2. Due to continually setting higher safety standards, automobile deaths are decreasing. These two are a far cry from the attitude towards gun violence where congress is not interested in enacting laws to prevent such mass murders. I honestly don’t get your point.
  3. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Cars are not to be blamed that is why congress hasn’t enacted several safety standards or regulations for car manufacturers. In fact because cars are so safe Congress didn’t bother passing The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act.
  4. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    Oh, so just another right wing inspired act of terrorism? Fine people...
  5. Multiple Fatalities Reported at Florida School Shooting

    My solution is simple. 1. This is not a country at war and we shouldn’t let citizens own assault rifles (if you disagree with this point then you don’t really care about the mass murders) 2. Sure we can’t collect back all these assault rifles but just ban the production of ammunition needed for those type rifles. 3. If we don’t want to outlaw handguns (because self protection etc), mandate that their magazines have a maximum 5 rounds. Optionally we could mandate a sensor be paired with each handgun that allows it to be functional only in the premises the gun is registered to be. 4. To own a handgun you must undergo training and pass a shooting test. (This will ensure that if you do in fact get attacked you can hit your target). Thus 5 rounds should be good enough to neutralize any threat you might face in your house. 5. Same thing with hunting rifles, limit the capacity to not more than two rounds at a time. If you desire more that discharges rapid fire, they are to be rented out by whatever agency and returned to said agency after extermination of whatever animal pests.
  6. Butler issues a statement denying everything and Brady gives him his support. Lots of drama in NE these days
  7. Reparations

    My $.02 1. Yes if you’re white and didn’t own slaves you still benefited from slavery since the economic benefits were only available to white people. 2. It’s way past time for reparations. 3. Not denying there’s racism but some of these racial issues can easily be conflated with poverty issues. It’s time we as black people took more responsibility.
  8. Reparations

    Never said you were. Just dispelling this notion of something “special” being done for dreamers financially. Without that illegal status they’re just any other American kid and there has been no preferential investment in them
  9. Reparations

    The amount of investment that has gone into dreamers is no different than that that has gone to AA or any other young American for that matter. These dreamers have also contributed their fare share of taxes too.
  10. Reparations

    Then your argument should factor in cost. You need to care about cost and not argue for arguing sake.
  11. Reparations

    The solution for dreamers cost the tax payers nothing. In fact they will probably have to pay fees for their immigration processing which costs thousands of dollars. So can you two stop using the dreamers as an argument unless you have a solution for AA that costs the US nothing.
  12. Trump on Immigration

    There’s a lot of ignorance in his posts about immigration. Being a minority doesn’t excuse that in any way. I’m also a minority like him and though I know slavery had very negative consequences, people need to understand that the government doesn’t owe any minority much than is already being provided to most Americans. An acre and a mule won’t help (see what happened in Zimbabwe after Mugabe confiscated white owned farms). What will help is dedication to education. Saying that the US government should train engineers right here at home is the funniest things I’ve heard. Basic education is free here. If these kids decide to gangbang instead of staying in school, how can you blame the government. Most of these schools though have their issues are far better than some in African countries. So just like the disgruntled white voters who voted for Trump, Matthias should know that immigrants are not the cause of the woes of African Americans in the US.
  13. FCC to repeal Net Neutrality

    How is this a Trump thing? This is a republican policy. Maybe you need to read more about your own party and chill on your man crush with Trump.
  14. Roy Moore LOSES

    This only reinforces to me how bad of a candidate Hillary was.
  15. All these men and the same one woman? I’d be willing to bet that it’s because it was mutual. One of them hit and told the rest she was very “generous”.