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  1. Facebook is the creepiest legal spy tool ever created. They steal so much of your information and sell it. I don’t know how they’re still allowed to operate. Hopefully a good competitor comes along soon enough. I’m glad most of the youth aren’t on there.
  2. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    China is only doing this because it planned to and not because of the pressure and campaign rhetoric from Trump. You cant be that naive.
  3. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/09/news/economy/china-xi-jinping-economy-trade/index.html Good job Trump!
  4. There are lots of posts on several blogs and websites all over the world including several Facebook groups and even Instagram. No one is touching them why?
  5. They’re trying to hold websites responsible for what people post? Why don’t they shut down Facebook and YouTube too? The shutdown is stupid and hypocritical. Let women do what they want with their bodies. Legislate their safety rather than force them into the shadows.
  6. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    Also Iowa and Ohio are the only states in the top ten US soy production. The rest are mostly reliably republican apart from MN. Had Clinton won Iowa and Ohio she still wouldn’t have been president.
  7. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    Again why I said they’re being naive. In 2012, Obama won all those states you have listed. Clinton was a bad candidate and a reason why he lost all those states that Obama had won. In fact Obama in 2012 had more votes in all those states (excluding Florida where maybe the Cuban issue played a role?) than Trump or Clinton had in 2016. Yeah maybe they think it’ll hasten Trump’s departure out of office but the truth is any good dem candidate would easily have Trump out of office in 2020. Remember that Trump has the support of Chuck Schumer (at least initially) so this may be something any incoming prez might support albeit with a different approach.
  8. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    I think you’re giving the Chinese too much credit. 1. The soy bean map just happens to overlap with the election maps 2. There has been some level of “competition” from South America with soy bean production. The strong dollar is thought to be making the soy bean imports from Argentina cheaper. 3. According to the USDA, China has increased its domestic soy production and that obviously will affect imports (though they are expected to increase somewhat). Its easy to see why China targeted soy beans, because they may be able to satisfy local demand with the above factors.
  9. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    I’m usually a YouTube guy and came across this video and obviously the recommended videos after that. Also read the comments.
  10. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    The situation is nuanced, and due to the hate he professed for black women, I would personally not fault them for not wanting to continue to support him. However they have to realize that his self hate and ignorance is separate from issues of police brutality.
  11. ACAB is the only rhyme scheme

    Some black women are now not supporting Clark because he said he didn't want anything to do with black women and co-signed his Asian girlfriend's use of the n-word. Thoughts?
  12. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    We have already been over this earlier in this thread. If you have a point to say do say.
  13. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    And I know some of the “deficit” isn’t really a deficit considering they are imports of goods produced in China for American companies. That’ll make it a little more than the $375bn but I still think taking that into account, China will still have the biggest trade deficit with the US.
  14. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    No deficits are not inherently bad because there are certain imports that America is not competitive at, eg luxury vehicles, which causes a decent deficit of around $65bn with Germany. Google operates in Germany, Facebook does too. But when China has a $375bn deficit with America and restricts certain companies from operating in their country whiles enjoying unequal access to America then there is a problem. For example, my work colleague is always on wechat, China’s clone of WhatsApp, meanwhile WhatsApp is banned in China.
  15. Trump slaps China with $50bn in tariffs

    I still think Trump is right on this issue. First of all there is a deficit worth hundreds of billions. China has more to lose than the US. Secondly I'm sure over time these US companies can find cheaper manufacturing destinations like they found China. Third, who is going to buy all those knockoff goods China sells if they cannot get into the US market? They would have to look for a new market to dump those items