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  1. todays practice tweets

    Jam Fitz when he's in the slot. Let a LB do that. Then let Cortland play deep enough with a LB beneath at all times. That'll ask for Palmer to throw over the lb but make sure the ball drops before Cortland. That should take that throw away. Get safety help up top for McClain and leave Norman one on one. TD can man match their RB or TE on pass plays.  I know it's easier said than done but this can effectively neutralize their passing game. 
  2. Gotta love Earl Thomas

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/inside-the-nfl/0ap3000000626456/Inside-the-NFL-Comparing-Palmer-and-Newton   At about 00:12 Cam meets him to shake his hand after the game and his first words to Cam were; "about time" and Cam was like; "ya'll can't be greedy I gotta to get mine too". Whether you agree or not there is something to be said about being a good sport when you lose.
  3. http://www.nfl.com/videos/inside-the-nfl/0ap3000000626390/Inside-the-NFL-NFC-Championship-preview It's a show that I enjoy. In the end the whole panel likes Arizona to win.
  4. A quick look into Seahawks improved Pass defense

        I rewatched our game last night. To say we won due to Cary being in the line up is an overstatement. Cam hardly picked on him. Jesus our offense left a lot of points on the board due to the lack of execution. Cam Newton underthrows Greg on a naked bootleg on 4th and 1. It could have gone for a TD like that against the giants. Can Newton underthrows Olsen again when he had beat the linebacker. Would have been a TD had he led Olsen with the ball. Newton was completing passes to Philly Brown when he was matched up with Sherman. Funchess had three BIG drops with some coming on passes where he beat Sherman. I think the seahawks will be blown out tomorrow. Our offense has come a long way was the main thing I came out with after having watched the game.  
  5. Some think it can play a role and that there hasn't been enough time yet for SEA to fully recover. Here is a picture of the foot of the kicker from SEA which he posted on his instagram less that 24hrs ago.   How fresh will SEA be coming into CAR?
  6. #Thieves Ave.

      Secondary about to go shopping. Whose DVOA is that?
  7. You go home and see this on your couch

    this is so wrong. I tried not to laugh but couldn't help it. #blacklivesstillmatter
  8. Seattle winning is a blessing for the Panthers

    Identifying where to throw the ball to is what defines cerebral. Overthrowing your target has nothing to do with being cerebral. Cam will have more than his 10 INTs on the season if he couldn't read where the ball needed to go.  Also since when does passer rating and completion % win games? Reminds me of the luck debate here the last few years.  Kirk Cousins had a higher completion % than Rodgers on Sunday. The redskins lost. Teddy Bedwetter had a higher rating and completion % than Wilson on Sunday and they still lost.  Seahawk fans used to be knowledgable and could think outside the box a few years back. Not anymore. 
  9. The only reason I believe this is because people are beginning to pick the seahawks saying they are a team of destiny etc. Our players must be pissed at this. They will come out firing on all cylinders at home. Bloodbath.
  10. White Jerseys and Pants on Sunday!????

    I tried to validate the argument by pointing to you that easier to see doesn't mean u can't score TDs?  All I did was to try to tell u that posting a gif of a TD in black uniforms doesn't in anyway disprove the notion that's it's easier to see in white. I made no arguments in support of white uniforms. Maybe you're confusing me with someone else. 
  11. White Jerseys and Pants on Sunday!????

    At which point did I argue in favor of either? This is exactly why you prove you're not exactly the brightest bulb in the room. Can't think critically. 
  12. White Jerseys and Pants on Sunday!????

    Evidently critical thinking isn't your strong suit. 
  13. White Jerseys and Pants on Sunday!????

    Easier to see cannot be interpreted as can never see. Some of you lack any intellectual honesty. 
  14. Cam stiff arm....

    WTF u mean by hope for a better result? Listen to Cam speak, he always says he doesn't hope for things, he goes for them.  I heard Chosen requested Seahawk soup so daddy about to go hunting. 
  15. THIS. IS. OUR. TIME.

    A discussion about who is the NFC favorite. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-gameday/0ap3000000620846/Which-team-is-the-best-in-the-NFC They all said Carolina. There's currently a poll on NFL.com asking who represents the NFC in the NFCCG. It's Car vs Ari by 60% of the votes. I don't understand why you guys are scared. We have the number one scoring offense in the league and we accomplished that by not being a flashy passing team (we know running wins in the post season). We have a solid defense. I don't get all the fear around here. We have dawgs on our team who are also hungry and NOT ready to be second fiddle to seattle Watch Ron Rivera answer Mick Mixon when he asked him if he is concerned about who we face, that answer alone should tell you how prepared the coaches and the team is. Oh and one more thing THIS. IS. OUR. TIME