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  1. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Your issue is simple, you can’t accept the fact that life and laws don’t treat everyone equally. No one here has justified the stealing or downplayed it. However these kids having avoided “punishment” (some may say the embarrassment they’ve undergone is punishment enough for a non violent crime) isn’t something that should get you all worked up like you are in this thread AND certainly not the president of the fricking USA.
  2. Which was stupid plain and simple.
  3. Trump: I should have left the basketball players in jail

    Awww, what does Nanunq have to say now? This is the poo you’re willing to support just because you think those “poor” athletes had preferential treatment.
  4. You need to quit this whole lib shtick. I consider myself a liberal from time to time and I agree with you on this issue. Can’t have people’s livelihood cut off due to vendetta inspired untruths. I’m sure Rodeo and Philly sure won’t want to languish in jail due to some false accusations just so sexual harassment will end.
  5. No one has ever said false accusations is a real problem, I don’t. However to suggest that men have no recourse to due process in order to right a wrong is a threat to everyone everywhere. Rememebr when you could just call someone a witch and that meant their certain death? Her argument was stupid and is stupid still period end of story.
  6. Well she backtracked so...
  7. This is one of the most stupid things I’ve read when in a while. Can’t take this nutjob seriously.

    And the person he bought it from was never arrested? And he decided to throw a laptop he legimately bought out of the window when officers began to investigate? I’ve got a bridge to sell to you.

    I don’t see why everyone is going gaga. I’d be more impressed if he actually admitted to stealing the laptop as opposed to saying he was arrested for being in possession of a stolen one. To think he actually wrote his name on it
  10. Welp looks like we got another one

    I was having this discussion with another colleague female of mine at work. It is crazy. How else are you going to know if you can hit it without making a move? No one ever asks for sex and even if you do, it appears now it is sexual assault. It's almost as if you have to wait for the woman to make the first move (hypocritical), which rarely happens. I dunno. I gotta be careful for when I become a billionaire.
  11. Jeremy WTF?

    Yes tinderbox is tinderbox but there should be limits. I’m neither muslim not gay but for you guys to pretend that the tag “Islam is for fags” is simply being edgy and not offensive is hypocritical. This is nothing about policing thought otherwise we would also allow generous use of the n word.
  12. Jeremy WTF?

    How have you or any of the mods for that matter allowed the offensive tags on the gun control thread to stand? It is honestly very disgusting. Do something about it.
  13. Flake and Corker have already “lost” their re-election battles. It’ll take people who are up for re-election with viable prospects speaking up before I crown any republican as standing up to Trump.
  14. Respect my flag

    Hello moron, the flag code against its use as wearing apparel doesn’t have any temporal exemptions. Maybe you should educate yourself instead of continually exposing your lack of intelligence.
  15. Utah office fired for handcuffing nurse

    This is the same PD that shot and killed Patrick Harmon. The officers in that case were cleared by the DA.