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  1. Revenge Tour isnt Finished

    I would figure the Vikings would be a great candidate.... They were our last regular season loss and a really low point for us. 
  2. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    Who is the Ford Pinto in the OP's analogy? 
  3. Johnson and Hardy

    OK, so everyone agrees, this brings the closure needed to move on. 
  4. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Turner #1 in Pro Bowl voting at his position....yeah, that's right
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving Jangler....I'm riding the wave with you, but I won't cut you off
  6. The only 2 stats that really matter

    I don't think we've seen the best this team can offer yet... That's crazy to be considering 
  7. Jonathan Stewart

    He's basically the personification of Keep Pounding 
  8. Watching the home field advantage and division lead in the coming weeks could make for some interesting use of playing time 
  9. http://espn.go.com/blog/washington-redskins/post/_/id/21582
  10. DeAngelo Hall switched to free safety

    Between Tolbert, Cam, and Stewie, he's gonna get trucked.... Hopefully multiple times 
  11. Haven't really heard anything negative about Sunday's celebration outside the talking head poo stirring or salty Titan fans. Dab on, Dab on
  12. Need a gif of Cam's TD dance pronto

    Where did the full version go? 
  13. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    I want, no, I NEED the Spanish radio call of that entire play and exchange.... 
  14. Cam's celebration was not excessive

    Didn't they toss the ball away on either that score or another one?