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  1. I remember it well, and there were good reasons for the hot seat. Having said that, he has driven a culture change here that was desperately needed. I'm glad there was patience... This franchise may just reap the rewards and be called a dynasty 
  2. 2015 Carolina Panthers Offensive Stats

    Ted Ginn clocked the fastest speed on the field in the league this year.
  3. Final season stats

    Crazy good numbers right there 
  4. It's a boy!!

    Thanks for breaking the news on the Huddle Gazi .... Great work! 
  5. Two games and a bye....hit the gas.....roll with the one game at a time strategy....don't stop
  6. Caption This Official...

    I wasn't ready 
  7. I think Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer could be useful here 
  8. Underdogs this week?

    I tend to enjoy the "media climate" as it is right now.... At least what I pay attention to. There is something very satisfying with being confident in your disagreement with sports media about the Panthers as they proceed with this undefeated season. This is rare air. Bring on the Giants.... Keep Pounding 
  9. This is fantastic stuff right here 
  10. Carolina crossed over a line of arrogance?

    Coverage Map will be released on Tuesday or Wednesday here:   http://506sports.com/nfl.php?yr=2015&wk=15
  11. Kurt Coleman

    Coleman is the perfect player for the McDermott system..... Smart player that understands his piece of the puzzle. He's right where he's supposed to be for those interceptions..... What a great pick up 
  12. Kevin Durant showing Carolina love

    This means him and Steph are coming to Charlotte!